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7 Best Campsites Northern California – Perfect for Families

7 Best Campsites Northern California – Perfect for Families

Looking for the best campsites northern California?

There is nothing quite like the fun that you have when camping.

I have so many great memories of camping trips.

From camping on the beach, under the redwoods, or by the lake, each of these campsite have their own great adventure to offer.

Best Campsites Northern California

Camping is fun for adults and kids love it too! Check out these 9 campsites that are perfect for families.

1. Lake Siskiyou – Mt. Shasta, CA

This is a popular camping spot for families each summer.

Located in Mt. Shasta, CA Lake Siskiyou offers a little bit of everything.

There are many different camping spots in the area around the lake.

The lake is also quite large and is perfect for swimming or renting some lake toys. 

Lake siskiyou offers kayaks, paddle boards, and even party barges to rent. They also have blow up water slides for the kids (or adults).

There is also trails including Lake Siskiyou Trail that circles the lake.

One of the most popular camping spots is the Lake Siskiyou Resort.

They offer cabin rentals, tent sites and RV sites.

They also have a general store, a restaurant, and a marina. 

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2. Patricks Point State Park – Trinidad, CA

If you want to camp near the ocean and right inside the redwoods then Patricks Point is the perfect camping spot in northern California.

The state park offers plenty for families to do. 

There is a recreated native American village, trails that wind through the redwoods and along the beach.

There are also amazing rock formations, tide pools, and a popular beach called Agate Beach.

You will also find wild life including sea lions, bears, bird and even whales at a certain time of year. 

Patricks point is an area where it’s normally foggy and cold, so you can’t really swim in the ocean, but there are plenty of other things to do in the area.

The national park offers many amazing views, endless redwoods to explore, and about an hours drive is the popular destination of Fern Canyon. 

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3. Burney Falls Campground – Burney, CA

You might have heard of one of California’s most amazing waterfalls called Burney Falls, but you may not know that they have a great campground right next to the falls.

The campground offers tent camping, RV’s, and they even have cabins. 

In the campground they also have a visitor center, and general store. The hike from the campground to the base of Burney falls is only short distance.

The park also offers many other hiking trails, fishing, and a nearby lake called Lake Britton. 

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4. Whiskeytown – Redding, CA

Located right outside Redding, CA Whiskeytown National Recreation area is the perfect destination for camping.

The recreation area offers a large lake that is popular for all water activities including boating.

You can bring your own boat, or you can rent a boat, kayak, or SUP at one of the marinas. 

The Whiskeytown area also offers hiking, trails, fishing, wildlife, and even a few waterfalls to explore.

There is so much to do in this beautiful area.

One of the main camp ground, Oak Bottom, is located right on the water.

They have a boat launch, a small store, and sites for RV’s and tents. 

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5. D.L. Bliss State Park Campground – South Lake Tahoe

On the west shore of Lake Tahoe this campground will have a little bit of everything to offer, including amazing views.

This state park is also adjoined with Emerald Bay State Park. So you can visit both state parks while camping here. 

D.L. Bliss state park campground offers three different sections of camping, a pine section, ridge and beach.

There are beautiful trails in the area and amazing swim spots on right on the lake.

The lake has a nice sandy beach area, so its perfect for kids. 

6. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – Crescent City, CA

If you are wanting to camp under some of the tallest and biggest redwoods in all of California then you should plan a camping trip here.

Jedediah campground is located in the Jedediah Smith State Park which offers majestic hikes throughout the ancient redwoods. 

There is also a nearby river where you can swim.

The ocean in Crescent City is just a short drive from the campground, about 15 minutes. The campground offers tent sites, cabins, and rv sites. 

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7. Northshore Campground – Chester, CA

Located right on the shore of Lake Almanor right outside the town of Chester Ca.

This campground has a little bit of everything, plus its next to Lassen National Park.

Lake Almanor is a large lake, so you can bring your boat or rent one at the marina. 

The Northshore campground offers nearby restaurants right on the lake, boat, sup, and kayak rentals. Cabins, rv sites and tent camping.

They also have a general store, boat dock, playground, and book lending library. 

I hope that these best campsites northern California help you to plan an amazing adventure with your family.

You might even want to try camping at them all!

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