About Ask for Adventure

Launched in July 2018 Ask for Adventure was started to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and really start living.

It has changed a bit (more on that below) over the past couple years and is quickly growing but continues to inspire others to reach for the adventure in their lives. 

If you crave more for your life, if you are looking for adventure, or just want to experience new things then this is the place for you. 

Adventure isn’t just traveling or doing something scary like jumping from a plane. Adventure is different for all of us. To me I am “asking for adventure” every time I try something new that I am excited about. 

I love to write about anything that inspires others to do something that they have been wanting to try but just haven’t.

Traveling, hiking, starting a business or blog, photography, making a new crafts, getting in shape, decorating, new cleaning or home organization tips. 

I don’t believe in writing on just one topic. I want to write on all things that sound fun or that can help others. So you will find a little bit of everything on this adventure blog!

So start by asking yourself “what your adventure is” and then check out some of my posts. I am sure you will find something to get you inspired. 

I am not perfect or an expert at any of these topics, but I am here to help, learn, grow, and reach for more in my life.

It’s time to stop accepting life for what it is and start to ASK FOR ADVENTURE! I hope you will join me in creating your own adventure. 

About me and why I started Ask for Adventure

Hi, I’m Amber!

If there is one thing that I have learned in life it’s that everything doesn’t go as planned. A few years back I had an idea or image of what my life was going to look like.

What it actually ended up looking like was far from the picture in my head. 

While I was not unhappy by any means it just felt like something was missing.

My days were filled with lots of cleaning, rushing here and there for the kids, running my full time Etsy shop, errands and working a second job. 

I had no time to even think about myself let alone chase my dreams or do the things that got me excited. I watched so many other bloggers doing fun things, traveling, making incomes I could only dream of, and doing what they love in life. 

I love to do things like going new places, hiking, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, taking pictures, designing anything pretty, making crafts, and just exploring.

I just never had the time with such a busy life. 

I thought to myself, if they can do it maybe I could too…. or at least I could have fun trying.

I looked at my blog as an excuse to check out some new places, try some new things and share them with others along the way. I just hoped to have fun and inspire others to do the same. 

I already knew how to build websites since I had spent 5 years working on building my online wall decal business.

I thought that my blog would be a fun adventure for me and my family so I registered my domain name in July of 2018 and got started writing my first blog posts. 

It was really fun at first I researched and wrote about 10 posts and I loved it. Then, like always, life seemed to happened and the blog took the back burner.

At the time when I stared my blog I lived in northern CA in a little town called Paradise, CA. 

Three months later. I lost my home, Etsy business, job and everything that we owned in a wild fire.

It was called the Camp Fire, and in one morning of November of 2018 it burned down the entire town. We lost alot that day and had to move to a new town about an hour away. 

A few months later I got to thinking about my new changed life and remembered my blog. I got excited that my blog was one of the things I had left in my life.

I got inspired again and decided to keep working on it. Fast forward a year later, I have wrote a ton of posts, had a lot of fun, and found some adventures. 

It’s has been fun to focus on this blog and chasing my dreams. It has also been amazing watching my blog grow. Thank you to everyone of my visitors!

It is now my new adventure and gets me excited every day. If you are feeling like I did and maybe your life is just not what you pictured, then maybe you just need to find your adventure. Feel free to join me.

“Always find time for the things that make you happy to be alive” 

 Have more questions? Contact me anytime!