Are you wondering what exactly is an affiliate link is and why I say that I have them on my website in certain posts? Let me explain:

I have signed up to partner with certain companies such as Amazon. This allows me to place affiliate links on my website to these companies.

When a potential buyer or visitor from my site clicks on my links and makes a purchase I earn a small percentage

If you click on one of my affiliate links and purchase something it will be no extra cost to you. Sometimes you might even get a discount depending on the link. But it will never ever cost you extra.

I also want you to know that I never recommend products that I don’t believe in. Everything that I recommend and link to from my site is because I love it and have researched it and I only refer my readers to these products because I know that they might love them too.

Also, choosing to click through my link to purchase is up to you. I would never make false statements just to manipulate you into buying something. 

If you do purchase from my links then I want to thank you! I hope that you love my blog and thank you for being a reader. If you have any questions at all about affiliate links then please feel free to contact me. 

-Amber (Ask for adventure)

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