150 Beach Captions That You Will Actually Want to Use!

If you are reading this post then you must be looking for the perfect beach captions!

Just put your toes in the sand and relax, because I’ve got you covered with this list of captions that will make your Instagram photos really stand out. 

These captions will make your followers want to take a trip to the beach! 

1. Am I tan yet?

2. Dreams are made of sun and sand.

3. Stay salty. 

4. If I could live here.

5. Saltwater heals.

6. Just add water.

7. Summer preview.

8. Child of the ocean.

9. This is my happy place.

10. Rise with the tides.

11. What day is it?

12. Sandy, salty and obsessed with the sea.

13. The ocean has my heart.

14. Live in the sunshine.

15. Let the waves set you free.

16. You can never have too much beach.

17. Happiness is a day at the beach.

18. This fixes everything.

19. Let’s be beach bums.

20. The Beach is my favorite accessory.

21. It’s a good day for a beach day.

22. So much water, so little time.

23. The best memories are made in flip flops.

24. You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

25. Happiness comes in waves.

woman in hammock at the beach

26. Beach more, worry less.

27. Feeling stressed? There’s a beach for that!

28. Beach you to it!

29. I need vitamin Sea.

30. On beach time.

31. My birthstone is a sea shell.

32. It’s a shore thing.

33. The ocean made me salty.

34. Forget snowflakes, I want seashells.

35. The only BS I need is Beach and Sandals!

36. Girls just wanna have sun.

37. Never get tide down.

38. It’s always happy hour at the beach.

39. A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.

40. Aloha beaches.

41. Tropic like it’s hot.

42. The ocean is calling.

43. Sea breeze, yes please.

44. Always thinking of the beach.

45. All you need are palm trees.

46. Seas the day!

47. I’ve got sunshine on my mind.

48. There’s no place like home, except the beach.

49. Dear beach, I think about you all the time.

50. Time at the beach is well spent.

beach quotes that says "Always thinking of the beach"

51. Ocean air, salty hair.

52. Live in the sunshine.

53. Find me under the palms.

54. You, me and the sea.

55. High tides, good vibes.

56. Wild and free like the sea.

57. Endless shades of blue.

58. Beach vibes for days.

59. Saltwater heals everything.

60. Chasing the sun.

61. Make a wish upon a starfish.

62. Beach therapy.

63. Sunshine state of mind.

64. Life is better in flip flops.

65. Tropical state of mind.

66. Feed your soul with water.

67. Ocean child.

68. Palm trees. Salty breeze. Wild seas.

69. Good times and tan lines. 

70. This is my paradise. 

71. Beach days = best days.

72. Paradise found.

73. Beach. The answer is always beach.

74. Sun of a beach.

75. Saltwater in my veins.

beach captions that says "feed your soul with water"

76. Making waves.

77. Sea, sun, and smiles.

78. Beach bum.

79. Quick dip.

80. Beach day, everyday.

81. Waves and memories.

82. Flip flops required.

83. Sandy but sweet.

84. Beach mode: activated. 

85. In my element.

86. Currently living in a bikini.

87. Swimmin’

88. POV: Living my best life.

89. Always happy at the beach.

90. Beach and sunshine.

91. Pretending it’s still summer.

92. Off the grid.

93. Working on my tan.

94. Lost at the beach.

95. Sandy adventures.

96. Living that beach life.

97. Where dreams come true.

98. See you at the beach.

99. Palm trees and sunsets.

100. Does it get better than this?

quote that says "life is better at the beach"

101. White sand is my favorite color.

102. Cocktails + Beach = two of my favorite things.

103. Feelin’ the beach vibes.

104. A beautiful day in a beautiful place.

105. Dear Beach, I love you.

106. Sunsets are better at the beach.

107. On beach time.

108. The beach is always a good idea.

109. Let the adventures begin.

110. Once upon a time at the beach.

111. Living that dream life.

112. Seagulls and seashells.

113. My vibe is the beach. 

114. Surprise, I’m back at the beach.

115. On a beach somewhere.

116. White sand makes me happy.

117. Always say yes to the beach.

118. I wouldn’t mind if I got lost here.

119. Saltwater and sunshine.

120. I am obsessed with the beach.

121. Dreaming of blue waters.

122. Enjoy life one beach at a time.

123. Welcome to paradise.

124. Sun, sand, saltwater.

125. There are no Mondays at the beach.

beach quote that says "blue is my favorite color"

126. Endless summer.

127. The land of sunshine and blue water.

128. Sunny vibes only.

129. Dress code: Bikinis

130. Salty seas.

131. Kissed by the sun.

132. Carefree.

133. What a day.

134. Find yourself in the sand.

135. Making a splash.

136. Beach soul.

137. Beach days are my favorite.

138. Make your own sunshine.

139. Escape the ordinary.

140. Dear paradise, I think about you all the time.

141. My heart is made of sand.

142. Sandy, but in a good way.

143. No filter needed.

144. Ocean blessed. 

145. The only place I feel alive.

146. Chase the waves. 

147. Sandy toes and sun-kissed nose.

148. Endless clear waters.

149. My favorite color is turquoise blue. 

150. The beach is my adventure.

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