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13 Best OHV Parks in California You Need to Visit

California has some of the best mountains, deserts, and off-road areas to explore. If you are looking for desert or sandy areas, or rocky 4×4 trails, you will find it all in California. Here are the best OHV parks in California. 

California has many great places for off-roading. You will find some of the best locations in northern and southern California. There are options for all experience levels. Also, you will find some of the most amazing views from these off road trails.

Any of these OHV parks would make for a great off-road adventure. Get out there and experience CA from a different point of view. I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

13 Best OHV Parks in California

  1. Hollister Hills State Vehicular Park
  2. Rowhler Flat OHV
  3. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area
  4. Prairie City SVRA
  5. Frank Raines OHV Park
  6. La Grange OHV Regional Park
  7. Chappie-Shasta Off-Highway Vehicle Area
  8. Summit OHV
  9. Cactus Flat OHV
  10. Rock Front OHV Area
  11. Stoneyford Off-Highway Vehicle Park
  12. Millwood OHV Area
  13. Dumont Dunes OHV

Here is what you need to know about each of these great locations. They are all perfect for any type of off-road riding. Perfect places for riding dirt bikes, ATVs, UTV, or 4×4 vehicles. 

1. Hollister Hills State Vehicular Park 

The Hollister Hills SVRA is operated by the state of California. It is designed for OHV use and includes over 4,00 acres of off-road trails. It is located in the beautiful Gabilan mountains right outside the town of Hollister. It is about a 1-hour drive from San Jose.

The area is very popular for dirt bikes, UTVs, and 4×4 vehicles. There are also many special off-road events that are held here every year. The Hollister Hills have two off-road areas known as the upper and lower ranch. 

The upper ranch is designated for 4×4 vehicles and special motorcycle events. It has a total of 24 miles of trails and is about 800 acres.

Lower ranch is for motorcycle and ATV use only and is about 3300 acres and 128 miles of trails. It also has a couple of motocross tracks. 

There are some dry camping spots available, but it’s first come first serve. Also, there is a small store on-site that sells snacks and parts.

The Hollister hills SVRA is a great place for some off-road fun, and it has some beautiful views of the mountains.

The day use cost for parking is $5 per vehicle. It is easy to see why this is one of the best OHV Parks in California. 

For more information visit the Hollister Hills SVRA website.

2. Rowhler Flat OHV 

This is another one of the best OHV parks in California. It is part of the Los Angeles National Forest and is about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. You will find a mix of beginner and advanced trails. There are over 60 miles of off-road trails. 

There are flat areas, as well as some pretty big hill climbs. Some of the trails are rocky, and you will even find a few creek crossings. 

The area has some great riding and off-road, but it also has some amazing views. From the top of the ridge, you can even see views of a lake below.

The Rowhler Flat OHV staging area even has a small mini track for the kids and a 4×4 training track for beginners. This would be a great place for an off-road adventure. 

For more information here is a flyer about Rowhler Flat OHV.

3. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area 

This OHV area is operated by the California State Parks and it is located about 1.5 hours from San Diego, CA. There are over 80,000 acres in this OHV area.

You can dry camp wherever you find a spot. The Ocotillo Wells SVRA is located in the desert, and there is a lot of wide open desert styling riding. You will also find some washes, hills, and trails. 

There are some fun historic points of interest to visit in the OHV area. You will find “17 palms” where there is a little palm oasis right in the desert. “Blow Sand” which is a dune hill that was formed by sand storms. “Devil’s Slide” a 200 foot high granite and sand island.

“Shell reef”, a hill that was once covered in water where you can find fossilized ancient shells. “Gas Stones” where you will find a bubbling puddle of mud. “Pumpkin Patch” where sand has been formed to look like an actual pumpkin patch. 

The off-road area at Ocotillo Wells is perfect for all skill levels. There are also a couple little tracks, some coin operated showers, and places to rent quads. This is a great place for off-roading in southern CA. 

For more information visit the Ocotillo Wells SVRA website.

4. Prairie City SVRA

Prairie City is a popular place to ride some great mx tracks and also take your 4×4. It is located right outside Sacramento and features rolling hills, open fields, mx tracks, and a 4×4 vehicle section. 

While it’s not as big as some of the other OHV areas on this list, Prairie City does have some well groomed tracks, and over 10 miles of trails in this 826 acres off-road area. Most of the time it is just open to the public, but they do have special motocross events. 

It’s only $5 to ride for the day and have shaded parking, picnic tables, bathrooms and a little store. This area doesn’t have any closed trails, it’s more of a large open area with tracks to ride on. 

For more information visit the Prairie City SVRA website.

5. Frank Raines OHV Park 

This OHV area has over 800 acres of off-highway trails. It is a great area to ride if you are wanting to camp as there is a RV park with full hookups that has direct access to the trails. 

There are showers, restrooms, recreational facilities, and a playground.

In the Frank Raines OHV area there is a variety of terrain for beginners and more experienced drivers. You will find rugged hill climbs, washouts and rocky creek beds. For day use only it only cost $5 for a pass.

This OHV area does have a seasonal closure from June to the end of October for fire season, but for winter and spring this would be a great destination for UTV’s, dirt bikes, or 4×4 vehicles. 

For more information visit the Frank Raines OHV website.

6. La Grange OHV Regional Park

The La Grange OHV Regional Park is located in La Grange, CA about 45 minutes for the city of Modesto. This area actually used to be used as a gold dredge and it is now a 147 acre off-highway vehicle area. 

While this isn’t the biggest place to ride, it is a great family friendly place to have some fun out in the dirt. You will find open riding areas, hill climbs, and some short trail loops. There are also a few motocross tracks. 

There are places for dry camping, and they have restrooms, and picnic tables. The only thing that they don’t have is shade. The day use fee is only $5.

For more information visit the La Grange OHV website.

7. Chappie-Shasta Off-Highway Vehicle Area

Chappie-Shasta OHV has some amazing views of the valley. It is located in Northern California about 20 minutes from Redding, CA. The off-road area has over 250 miles of trails.

Many of the trails are wide open roads. Perfect for UTVs or 4×4 vehicles. There are also narrow trails that will only fit quads and dirt bikes. 

The trails are dry and rocky and there are a lot of manzanita trees. At Chappie-Shasta you will find trails perfect for beginners and more advanced riders. There are many creek crossings, hill climbs, and tight rocky trails. 

There are a few different staging areas and one of them has a campground. They also have bathrooms, and a small mx track. You have to cross the Shasta Dam to access the camping and staging area. This is a great place for some off-road fun, but it does get really hot in the summer. 

For more information visit the Chappie-Shasta OHV website.

8. Summit OHV

Summit OHV area is where you can park to go on the Cleghorn OHV trail. It is located in the mountains about a half hour drive from San Bernardino, CA. The Summit OHV staging area has a bathroom and picnic tables. The entire OHV is about 3200 acres. 

You can drive any type of off-road vehicles on the Cleghorn trail, but it is popular with Jeeps and 4×4 vehicles because it is a wide 15 mile long trail.

At the top of the mountain you will get to see some pretty views of the San Bernardino mountains and Silverwood Lake. 

For more information visit the Summit OHV website.

9. Cactus Flat OHV

The Cactus Flat OHV area is a 25 mile off-road loop trail right outside Big Bear, CA. The trail is fairly wide which makes it popular for 4×4 vehicles. It’s only $5 per day for an adventure pass, which is required to ride the trail.

There are three trailheads that lead out from the Cactus Flat Staging area. There is a nearby campground called Round Valley group camp. Where they have restrooms and dispersed camping. This area does get really hot in the summer so you might want to visit during winter or spring. 

For more information visit the Cactus Flat OHV website.

10. Rock Front OHV Area

Rock Front OHV is an off-road area in the Los Padres National forest. It is about a 30 minute drive from Santa Maria, CA. There is a variety of terrain and the area is over 15,000 acres. There are 41 miles of trails that vary from rock covered canyons to high ridgeline trails. 

There are easy roads for beginners and more difficult terrain for experienced riders. From the top of the riding area you will get to see beautiful views of the Valley.

An adventure pass is required to ride Rock Front OHV for the day, and the cost is $5. This is a great OHV area for some exploring and off-road adventures. 

For more information visit the Rock Front OHV website.

11. Stoneyford Off-Highway Vehicle Park

In the Mendocino National Forest is the Stoneyford Off-Highway Vehicle Park. It is about a two hour drive from Sacramento.

There are over 200 miles of OHV trails and campgrounds that connect into the trails. This off-road area is a large area, so you will want to ride with a gps so that you don’t get lost. 

There are so many places to explore here in Stoneyford, and you will find single track and larger roads. There is riding here for all levels of experience. Also, there are some cool swimming holes and creek crossings. 

For more information visit the Stoneyford OHV Park website.

12. Millwood OHV  

Millwood OHV Area is over 25 miles of trails that go through some of the tallest trees in California. This off-road area is located in the Sequoia National Forest and is about a one hour drive from Fresno California. 

The off-road trails consist of many open fire roads, which makes this a popular destination for 4×4 vehicles. There are also smaller trails as well.

There is a mix of terrain from fast open trails to slow rocky ones. There are a few dispersed campsites and vault toilets available at the staging area. They are on a first come first serve basis. 

For more information visit the Millwood OHV website.

13. Dumont Dunes OHV Area 

The Dumont Dunes OHV area is located in Southern California about 3 hours from LA. Here you will find about 7,620 acres of sand dunes for driving your 4×4 vehicle, sand rail, buggy, dirt bike, ATV or UTV.

This is actually a really popular Off-Road area and people from all over the country travel here every year for a chance to ride the Dumont Dunes. 

There is dry camping but not hookups, and you must purchase a weekly pass to enter the off-road area. The cost of the pass is $30 for a non-holiday week and $40 for a holiday week.

There are two main riding areas, Little Dumont, and the regular Dumont Dunes. Little Dumont is a great area for kids or less experienced riders. 

There are many places to ride the sand dunes in California, but Dumont Dunes is one of the top locations for riding in the dunes.

There are some really massive dunes at Dumont, and you will find everything from steep hill climbs to flowing transitions. This is a great place to have an adventure on the sand. 

For more information visit the Dumont Dunes OHV website.

Final Thoughts

These really are some of the best OHV parks in California. Everything from desert riding, to mountain adventures, and even riding through a forest of huge trees. California is such a beautiful state, and these off-road trails will give you some amazing views. 

Just make sure that you check the weather and the websites before visiting these OHV parks in California. Some of them do close during certain seasons. Also, many of them are located in the dessert, where it just gets too hot to ride during the summer. 

If you are looking for great places to ride your dirt bike, ATV, UTV, or even to drive your 4×4 vehicle you should really take some time and visit all these great OHV areas that California has to offer.

Many of them are very affordable and only cost about $5 per day. There is no better adventure in California than getting to have some off-road fun.

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