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6 Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls and Teenagers

6 Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls and Teenagers

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Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail. This is why the perfect gift idea for a teen or tween is a subscription box. 

The gift of giving a subscription box to a teen is that they have something to look forward too each month.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for a teenager.

You want to get them something that they will love but don’t know where to start or whats cool.

Subscription boxes make it easy to get them something they will love and be excited to receive all year long. 

It would be fun to give the boxes as a gift or just because.

I also thought that it would be a great idea to give for a birthday or Christmas gift. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls

I did some research on all the best subscription boxes for tween girls and found the top 12 most loved teen boxes and listed them below. 

The great news is that many of them are very affordable and just too cute! 

I hope that this helps you to choose the perfect box for the teen in your life. 

1. Pura Vida Monthly Club

I just love Pure Vida and most teens do. That is why it is one of my top recommendations for a teen subscription gift box. 

If you have never heard of Pura Vida, they are a company that makes the cutest bracelets, bags and jewelry. 

Their subscription service is called The Pura Vida Monthly Bracelet Club and you get 3 exclusive bracelets ($50 value) each month. 

The bracelets come in a little bag and they also include cute monthly sticker. 

Here is a video of a teen unboxing one of the monthly bags so that you get a better idea of what is included in the Pura Vida monthly.

You can pay per month, every three months, or for a full year. 

Depending on the subscription option you choose the cost is $11 – 14.95 per month + free shipping. 

Thats a great deal! I am going to be gifting this to my teen daughter this year for Christmas since she loves these bracelets. 

Click here to go to the Pura Vida website and learn more about the Monthly Club or to sign up. 

2. Ipsy Glam Bag

The Ipsy bag is also a monthly subscription that contains 5 personalized deluxe-sized beauty samples. 

The beauty products are a mix of makeup, hair, nail and skincare products. All things that teens will love! 

The best part about the Ipsy bag is that each month the samples come in stylish zippered bags that can be reused to store makeup in, or anything else. 

The cute bag is the reason that it is #2 on my list of the best subscription boxes for tween girls.

Teenage girls just love cute bags!

Here is a video of someone unboxing one of the monthly bags so that you can get an idea of what is normally included.

The Ipsy bag is about $11-12 per month depending on if you sign up for a monthly or annual membership. 

This is also a great deal since the bags are a $50+ value each month. 

While teens will love this, it can be for any age. 

I love this, because it lets me sample new products each month for a fraction of the price that I would pay in the stores. 

Click here to go to the Ipsy website and get the glam bag. 

3. Allure Beauty Box

This box comes with a mix of 5+ beauty and skincare products. 

The best thing about The Allure Beauty Box is that the products are “the best of allure” which means that they are all top rated products. 

Allure tests more than 50,000 products a year and only their favorites are the ones that they will include in the box. 

So you can be sure that your teen isn’t just getting any products, but the best products.

The website says that the monthly products included in the subscription box are a $70+ value. You get this for only $15. 

Click here to learn more about the Allure Beauty Box or to sign up. 

3. Birtchbox

This is another monthly beauty subscription box for teens or adults that comes with 5 sample beauty products. 

You can sign up for the monthly, 6 month plan, or the annual subscription. 

Depending on the option you choose the cost is $13 – 15 dollars per month. 

The Birtchbox products come packaged in a cute little box each month. 

To learn more or sign up for this subscription box click here

4. Doodle Crate

If you are looking for a subscription box for a teen that is more into crafting or art then Doodle Crate would be a perfect option. 

These are fun art and science projects that are for kids ages 9-16. Each month your teen will get a new art or craft project. 

You can sign up for monthly, 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscription. The prices range from $16.95 – 19.95 per month. 

I really love this because it is fun for teens to try new projects and they are learning something new each month at the same time. 

Click here to go the the website to learn more or to sign up. 

5. Facetory

I don’t know about your teen, but my teen and her friends love face masks. 

That is why I added this to the list of teen subscription boxes. Factory is delivered monthly and comes with 7 sheet masks. 

This one is a bit more expensive than the other beauty boxes, but seems to have good reviews. 

Monthly subscription prices start out at $19.90. I am sure your teen would have fun trying out all these face masks every month. 

If you want to learn more or sign up then click here to go the the Facetory website. 

If I were going to choose just one or two options for the best subscription boxes for teen girls then I would choose Pura Vida Monthly and Ipsy Glam Bag

These are the perfect options for teens because they are cute and really things that teen girls would love to get in the mail every month. 

I hope that list helps you and that you find the best subscription boxes for tween girls.