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8 Best Sunflower Fields in California for Taking Incredible Photos

Sunflowers up close in a field.

Nothing says summertime like bright yellow rows of beautiful Sunflower fields.

Each year when the Sunflowers are in bloom it’s the perfect opportunity to get some incredible pictures.

While sunflower fields are the perfect place for taking unique Instagram photos, they can be hard to find.

To help you find the perfect place to take some photos or just to see some beautiful sunflowers, I put together this list of the best sunflower fields in California.

1. Muller Ranch (M3 Ranches), Woodland 

Sunflower fields in California in full bloom.

This is one of the best places in all of California to see Sunflower fields. It is located in Woodland which is about a 20 minutes from Sacramento. Muller Ranch is also called M3 Ranches. 

This spot is not as close to the freeway as some of the other Sunflower fields in the area so it doesn’t get as crowded.

Before heading out to this Sunflower Field make sure that you contact them on their Instagram for permission. They will let you know the exact location where you can take photos legally. 

  • Location: 35472 Co Rd 18A, Woodland, CA 95695
  • Bloom Season: Mid-June to Mid-July
  • Details: For more information visit their website or facebook page. To see some photos of visitors view the google maps page.

2. Collins and Cloverdale Farms, Davis

Close up of sunflowers in a California field near Davis.

The fields of Sunflowers in Northern California at the Collins and Cloverdale Farms are located in Davis, CA a 40-minute drive from Sacramento

The fields of Sunflowers are easy to spot right off the interstate. They are a beautiful sea of yellow blooms. Since these Sunflower fields are so close to the freeway, they can get really crowded. 

The farm is private property. However, they do hold U-pick events for other harvests, and also certain events and parties throughout the year that are open to the public. 

If you were to pay and attend one of these events you might be able to ask them about taking photos with the Sunflowers. Visit their facebook page to see their scheduled events. 

  • Location: 9055 Olmo Lane, Davis, CA
  • Peak Bloom: Mid-June to Mid-July
  • Details: For more information and to see photos and reviews visit their Google Maps page

3. Currey Road Sunflower Fields, Dixon

Looking down on a field of sunflowers in Dixon California.

This is another great location to see Sunflower fields. It is located in Dixon which is about a 30 minute drive from Sacramento. You can easily spot this field right next to the road. 

There are also many other fields of Sunflowers along Currey road. If you continue driving you will see more Sunflowers. 

Please remember that this is a private field and you are not allowed to enter the field or touch the flowers. If you enter the field it is considered trespassing and it is strictly enforced. 

It is a popular sport for seeing the Sunflower Fields and can get really crowded on the weekends. Just remember to go early and just take pictures from the side of the road. It is still beautiful, even from the road! 

  • Location: 8747, Currey Rd, Dixon 95620
  • Peak Season: Mid-June to Mid-July
  • Details: To see some photos of this sunflower field you can look in the reviews on the Google Maps page

4. Sunflower Fields in Winters, California

Sunflowers blooming in a field.

There is no specific location for the Sunflower fields, but they are located near Winters a 35-minute drive from Sacramento

Just drive around and do some exploring. You will pass tons of fields in the areas surrounding the town of Winters. Try driving down County Road 89 until you find a Sunflower field that you like. 

  • Location: County Road 89 in Winters, CA (and surrounding areas)
  • Bloom Season: Mid-June to Mid-July

5. Swank Farms, Hollister

This family farm features their Festive Fall Days annually from the last weekend in September to the first weekend of November.

During this time you can purchase a ticket that will give you access to all the fall days activities and for a chance to stroll through the Swank Farms Sunflower fields. 

Swank Farms is located in Hollister, CA an hour’s drive south of San Jose. Admission to the Fall Days at the farm includes fun activities for the entire family. Including a giant corn maze, pumpkin patch, a jumping pillow, and more. 

  • Location: 4751 Pacheco Highway, Hollister, CA 95023
  • Bloom Season: October
  • Details: For more information visit their website.

6. Andreotti Family Farms, Half Moon Bay

This is the perfect spot in California where you can see late-blooming sunflowers since their peak bloom season is Mid-September to the beginning of October. This is also the closest spot near the Bay area to see a field of Sunflowers.

Andreotti Family Farms is located in Half Moon Bay, CA about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. The farm is a family operation that is over three generations old. 

This is also a great location for seeing Sunflowers, as you don’t have to worry about trespassing, and you can enter the fields and take photos. You do have to pay a small fee to enter, but the fee includes cutting five sunflowers to take home with you. 

Pro Tip: If you cut Sunflowers early in the morning they will last longer. 

Note: Sometimes advanced ticket reservations are required. I would check first before visiting. 

  • Location: 800 Cabrillo HWY North, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
  • Peak Season: Mid-Sep to Beginning of October
  • Details: For more information visit their website.

7. Tanaka Farms, Irvine

Close up of bright yellow sunflowers in a field.

If you are looking for a place in Southern California to see Sunflowers then you should check out Tanaka Farms in Irvine. It is located 45 minutes south of Los Angeles

This little farm offers the chance to walk through and explore the Sunflower Fields during the Fall. They also have other activities including a corn maze, pumpkin cannon, wagon rides, and barnyard animals. 

In the fall you can see the Sunflowers and they have U-pick your own Sunflower and pumpkin events. During other months they feature U-pick strawberries and watermelons.

  • Location: 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612
  • Peak Bloom:  Mid-Sep to Early October
  • Details: For more information visit their website.

8. Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm, Escondido

Sunflowers in bloom in a field with blue sky in the background.

Another Southern California Sunflower location is the Rancho Bernardo Farm, in Escondido. It is also called Pumpkin Station and it is located about 30 miles north of San Diego. This is a great location in Southern California to see some Sunflowers in the Fall. 

They have a Sunflower field that you can pay to walk through and you are free to explore and take pictures. There are also places where you can pay to pick Sunflowers for a $2 donation. 

They have a few different varieties of Sunflowers, a huge pumpkin patch, hay rides, corn maze, giant slides, and rides. 

  • Location: 13421 Highland Valley Rd Escondido, CA 92025
  • Peak Bloom: October
  • Details: For more information visit their website.

When to See Sunflowers? 

Time of Year: The best time of the year to see Sunflowers in California is from mid-June to mid-July. Some fields bloom earlier or later, but normally most of the sunflower fields will be in full bloom during the beginning of July. 

Note: If it is past July, don’t worry, there are still opportunities to see Sunflowers in California as many of the fields in Southern California don’t reach their peak bloom until October. I have included peak bloom times for each of the Sunflower field locations below. 

Time of Day: The best time of the day to visit the sunflower fields is early in the morning at sunrise to avoid the crowds, heat, and bees. Try to arrive just before the sun comes up during the “golden hour” as it provides the best lighting to take photos of the Sunflowers. 

Tips for Visiting the California Sunflower Fields

Call Ahead: If you have questions about a specific farm or location then you should always call before visiting. Some of the Sunflower farm owners are very nice and will even permit you to photograph the fields. 

Private Property: All of the Sunflower fields are located on private property. The owners of these fields rely on these Sunflowers to produce income for their farms. It is best to view the Sunflowers right from the side of the road so that you don’t accidentally damage the flowers.

FAQ and More Info about the Sunflower Fields

Are there Bees in the fields? 

Yes. Sunflower fields are full of bees, they play a major role in pollinating Sunflowers and of course, they are attracted to the yellow colors of the Sunflower blooms.

If you plan to visit the Sunflower fields be prepared to see bees. Since bees are more active during the mid-morning to early afternoon, try to visit early in the morning to avoid the bees. 

A large sunflower in a field with a bee on it.
How do you take good pictures of Sunflowers? 

To get the best pictures of Sunflowers you should visit the fields later in the summer when the flowers are in their best bloom. You will also want to plan to take your pictures when it’s “golden hour” since this will provide the best soft light conditions. 

Your photos will turn out perfect early in the morning right after sunrise or right before sunset. If you want to get the pretty pink sunset colors in the background of your pictures then plan to go just before sunset and stay awhile to capture the best shots as the sun is setting and the sky turns colors. 

Try and get some up-close shots of the Sunflowers and take some pictures from different sides and angles.

What should I wear to take photos with Sunflowers? 

You should wear clothing that will complement the Sunflowers and not take away from them. A tan or light-colored shirt with denim jeans would make for some great photos that will make the sunflowers look amazing around you. 

Northern vs Southern California Sunflower Fields

Northern California Sunflower Fields

The fields that you will visit to see Sunflowers in Northern California and Southern California have some distinct differences.

The Northern California Sunflower Fields are much larger and mostly grown as crops by farmers in the open farmlands outside of Sacramento. These are the fields where you can see Sunflowers for miles and miles. 

While they are incredible to see, you are not able to walk within the fields because you would be trespassing onto private land. Since the flower fields go right up to the road you can still get photos from the roadside. 

You will also find that the Sunflower season bloom times in Northern California are from Mid-June to Mid-July

A large field of yellow sunflowers.
Southern California Sunflower Fields

The Southern California Sunflower Fields are generally much smaller and are normally part of pumpkin patches and small produce farms. These fields all require a fee to enter since there are other activities available.

The Sunflower field bloom times in Southern California are closer to the fall months of late September and during October. There are also options to walk through and take photos from within the fields and pick your own flowers at the Southern California Sunflower fields.  

Both the southern and northern California fields have differences, but anytime you can see sunflowers is always fun! 

Final Thoughts

From Northern to Southern California these Sunflower Fields are the best places to stop, explore the flowers, and take some incredible photos. There is just something so magical about Sunflowers.

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