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53 Best California Captions for Instagram To Make Your Posts Perfect!

Looking for the perfect captions for all your California photos? These are the best California Captions for Instagram. 

Who doesn’t love a trip to California! The Golden State is one of the most visited states in America. 

A chance to relax, go to the beach, and enjoy the California sun might be what draws in millions of visitors each year. 

I think that we can all agree that a vacation to California is time well spent. 

Whether you are relaxing on some of the best beaches, or visiting popular cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, you are sure to have a good time! 

Here are the best California Captions for posting all your adventures in this fun state! 

hollywood boulevard sign

California Captions

  • A golden state of mind.
  • California is where my heart is.
  • Palm trees and ocean breeze.
  • I love you to the pier and back.
  • My favorite color is sunset.
  • The West Coast is the best coast! 
  • California dreamin’
  • California is always a good idea. 
  • Salt air, cool breeze, and adventure in my soul.
  • California vibes.
  • Something beautiful is on the horizon. 
  • Nothing comes close to the Golden coast. 
  • I left my heart in California.
  • I want a little bit of California. 
  • There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west. 
  • If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to California. 
  • Stay golden.
view of ocean in ca
  • Find me where the waves are. 
  • Maybe I just need to go to California. 
  • All I need are palm trees and a little bit of paradise.
  • California on my mind.
  • California love.
  • Dear California, I love you.
  • There is no place like California. 
  • Happiness comes in waves.
  • California state of mind.
  • West Coast, best coast. 
  • California knows how to party.
  • Follow your heart even if it takes you all the way to California.
  • California is calling, I must go.
  • California dreams.
  • At home in California.
  • Living that California life. 
  • California vibes. 
trolley and the bay in San Francisco california
  • Find me on the beach in California.
  • Making memories in California.
  • If you can’t go to heaven, California is the next best thing. 
  • But first, let’s go to California.
  • I should probably move here right?
  • Alexa, take me to California. 
  • Palm trees and 80 degrees.
  • Sunsets are better in California
  • Waking up in California is the best!
  • Happiness is a week in California.
  • My soul lives in California.
  • Just here for the movie stars. 
  • You had me at California.
  • California is my happy place.
  • This is paradise.
  • Always say yes to California. 
  • This place makes me feel most alive. 
  • Endless adventures in California. 

I hope that these California Captions for Instagram are just what you need for posting all your photos of the Golden State!