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California Destinations and Trending Topics on Ask For Adventure

California Destinations and Trending Topics on Ask For Adventure

In the past year we have been lucky enough to discover and explore new places where we live in Northern California. 

It has been so fun getting to go on adventures and writing about them on Ask for Adventure.

I hope that it has inspired some of my readers to check out some new places!

While it is my very favorite thing to explore new places and share them with my readers, I also love writing about other topics too. 

I thought that it would be fun to put together all my favorite California destinations that we have explored and the trending topics on my blog and tell you a bit more about them. 

First, I wanted to say thank you to all my readers and youtube subscribers! You are all the best and I hope that this helps you to discover new places to explore.

Now for the trending content and the best places to visit in California. 

1. Travel Quotes

Sometimes we just don’t feel like traveling or finding adventure. Other times, we might want to travel but can’t. 

For times like this, the next best thing we can do is dream about and plan our future adventures. 

Visiting new places starts with deciding that you want to go then making it happen.

To help inspire others (and myself) I gathered all my favorite travel quotes. 

You can check them out here: 500 + Travel Quotes for Inspiration (with photos)

2. Burney Falls

After starting my blog, this was one of the very first adventures that we went on. We visited Burney Falls in the summer and it was breathtaking. 

Compared to other waterfalls we have visited it was very easy to get to.

Burney Falls is located in Burney-McAurther State Park and there is so many cool things to do there. 

In addition to the waterfall itself, they had a beautiful campground nestled under the pine trees, cabins, hiking trails, and a nearby lake. 

We plan on returning again soon hopefully.

We might even camp next time we go. If you have never been and you are in Northern California, I highly recommend it. 

You can learn more here: Burney Falls Northern California – Visit Burney McArthur State Park

3. McCloud Falls

This one is actually not far from Burney Falls. Only about an hour away. You could easily visit McCloud Falls and Burney Falls in one day. 

The fun thing about visiting McCloud Falls is that you actually get to see three waterfalls. There is upper, middle and lower falls. 

All three tiers of McCloud Falls are beautiful. We drove by car to each tier of the waterfalls, but there is a nice hiking trail if you would rather hike. 

Near the lower falls was a really nice campground called Fowlers Campground and we plan on returning soon. 

If you are near McCloud, CA then you should make the short drive and check out all three tiers of the falls. 

You can find out more here: McCloud Falls – Visiting Upper, Middle and Lower Falls

4. Crystal Creek Falls

Located in one of our favorite places to visit, Whiskeytown National Recreation area.

Crystal Creek Falls is near Whiskeytown Lake. 

The best part of visiting Crystal Creek falls is that it is a very short walk on a paved path.

It is ADA accessible and only take a couple minutes from the parking area to arrive at the falls. 

While the walk to the falls was easy and quick, it is still a very beautiful waterfall that we loved. 

Here are the details: Crystal Creek Falls – Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

5. Northern California Beach Towns

There is something so refreshing about taking a vacation or spending some time in a California Beach town. 

The fresh air, small town feel, and beautiful beaches make these Northern California Beach Towns the perfect place to plan your next adventure. 

Learn more about my favorite beach towns: 9 Best Northern California Beach Towns

6. Instagram Captions 

If you are like me, you might take a ton of photos when you visit new places. It’s nice to have memories and share our adventures with others. 

It’s just not always easy to think of the best captions to add to our pictures.

That is why I thought it would be helpful to my readers to gather all my favorite Instagram Captions and put them into one spot. 

I hope it helps, and that you never again have to worry about what to caption your photos. 

Captions to help you with your photos: 500+ Instagram Captions and Cute Quotes

I feel so incredibly lucky for getting to to explore these amazing places and make new memories. 

I hope that these quotes, captions, and California Destinations help you to visit some new places.

Even if you can’t visit California, I am sure there are some amazing places to explore right near where you live.

I always like to inspire others by reminding them that we don’t have to travel far for adventure. If we look for it we can always find it. 

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