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Burney Falls Northern California – Visit McArthur-Burney Falls State Park

Burney falls northern California is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Located in the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park near the small town of Burney Ca. Burney Falls is so…

Burney falls northern California is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Located in the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park near the small town of Burney Ca. Burney Falls is so amazing to see up close.

burney falls northern california from lookout

It was even said to be called “the Eight Wonder of the World” by President Theodore Roosevelt. Burney falls is easily accessible and only takes a couple of minutes to get down the falls from the parking lot. It gets busy in the summer months so make sure you get there early.

visiting burney falls northern california

Seeing this waterfall up close was amazing and definitely worth the trip. Here is all the information.

Burney Falls Details

  • 0.3 miles to the base of the falls
  • Falls Loop (if you want to hike around the falls) 1.2 miles 
  • $10 for parking 
  • Dogs are NOT allowed on the trail down to the falls (they are allowed in the park itself)

Burney Falls Northern California Video

Check out the Burney Falls Northern California Video that I made:

Getting To Burney Falls Northern California

The park is northeast of Redding, six miles north of Highway 200 on Highway 89 near Burney. 

burney ca sign

From Redding you will take the CA-299 exit E toward Burney/Alturas. From here you will drive for about 55 miles up into the mountains until you pass through the town of Burney. After Burney, CA you will turn left onto State Highway 89/Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway/CA-89 continue for 5 miles until you see the entrance to the park on the left.

mcarthur-burney falls state park

On your way into the park you will pay $10 for day parking. 

burney falls norther california park entrance

Keep driving straight after the pay station and you will see the main parking lot on your left. If it is full, drive down the road next to the main parking area and there is additional parking.

Make sure you get there early because if all the parking fills up they do close down the park temporary. We got there at about 11:00 am and there was still quite a bit of parking spots left. 

parking at burney falls

The Trail at Burney Falls

hiking burney falls state park

Right next to the parking area is the trail head. If you go to the left you can go to the falls look out area which is about 150 feet away. From here you can see the falls and its a great spot for photos.

burney falls

To hike down to the base of the falls you will go the right. The hike down is more of a paved pathway with sections of stairs and railing almost all the way down. It is a very easy walk down and is only .3 miles so it just takes a couple minutes. 

trail down to burney falls water fall

Once about halfway down there is a small seating area and then you continue on the trail.

burney falls hike

From here on the rest of the trail you can start to see Burney Falls through the trees. 

burney falls northern california

There is another small seating area before reaching the bottom section of the trail.

burney falls trail

Once at the bottom there are dirt and rock sections that you can hike down to get right down to the water. They are a bit steep so make sure you bring some good shoes. 

burney falls flows into lake britton

Once you get down near the water it is just amazing how clear and blue the water looks. I almost felt like I was somewhere tropical.

We talked to a park ranger and he said that the water is so clean since it flows through the underground springs it doesn’t really get dirty or muddy and comes out the falls pristine and clear.  

clear blue water at burney falls

You can even feel a mist of water in the air down near the falls which was amazing since it was a warm summer day when we went. 

made it to burney falls

If you continue to the very end of the trail there is a nice viewing spot of the falls and creek below. Another perfect spot for photos. 

burney falls at the end of the trail

This is also where the 1.3 mile loop trail begins that wraps along the outer edge of the falls. We didn’t have enough time to go on the loop trail but we will be going back again soon. 

burney falls loop trail

More About Burney Falls 

The waterfall itself is 129 feet and comes from underground springs above the falls formed by ancient lava flow, then the water flows out into nearby Lake Britton.

This waterfall has a constant flow even in the summer months since it is fed by the underground springs.  The falls are a sacred place for the Pit River Indian Tribe, who have held ceremonial rituals here for thousands of years. 

Back up in the parking lot there is a visitor center, bathrooms, campground area, and even a general store with a full gift shop. 

gift shop in burney park

I bought the Burney Falls wild huckleberry taffy and I was so good. I would recommend trying it if you love taffy. 

wild huckleberry taffy

Burney Falls Camping

If you want to stay the night, Burney Falls has a excellent campground with 128 sites, restrooms and showers.

burney falls camping

You can even book one of their 1 or 2 bedroom cabins nestled in the trees. Just make sure you bring lights and your own bedding since there is no electricity. 

cabin at the mcarthur-burney state park

If you decide to stay you can also rent lake toys to enjoy lake Britton which is right below the campground. 

burney marina boat rentals

We took a quick drive around lake Britton and even spotted some kayaks and it was so pretty.

lake britton burney ca

Other spots to check out in Burney CA

Right before you get to Burney there is a really pretty vista point. You can see it right from the road so you don’t have to stop be we stopped to take some quick photos.

burney outlook

We also found some cool paintings when driving through Burney Ca on our way to Burney Falls. This one below was right when you are coming into town on the right hand side.

burney ca mural

This one below was in the middle of town on the right hand side. Parts of the Pacific Crest Trail actually go through Mcarthur-Burney Falls state park.

pacific crest trail painting burney ca

This one below was on the side of the bowling alley that we took when leaving town.

train painting burney ca

Visiting Burney Falls is something that I would recommend to anyone. It is even one of the top California Bucket List ideas.

burney falls photo from trail

Young or old it is the perfect easy hike to view a stunning waterfall. Just make sure you get there early and leave plenty of time to check out all the park has to offer.  

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Pacific Coast Highway Stops: 14 Incredible Stops Along Highway 1

Ready to experience the ultimate California Adventure? The Pacific Coast Highway road trip is one of the most popular drives in the US. Pack you bags and get ready to…

Ready to experience the ultimate California Adventure? The Pacific Coast Highway road trip is one of the most popular drives in the US. Pack you bags and get ready to experience why so many love the golden state of California and what the best Pacific Coast Highway stops are.

The pacific coast highway also called highway 1 runs almost the entire state of California from above San Francisco in a tiny little town called Leggett to San Diego along the coast line. The entire highway is about 900 miles and would take about 10 hours to drive with no stops along the way. But what fun is not stoping!

From towering trees, beautiful wineres, sunny beaches to small surf towns the best way to enjoy this route is to plan for it to take at least 3 days to a week so that you can explore everything the true California coastline has to offer. 

Pacific Coast Highway 1 Stops

pacific coast highway stops point reyes

#1 – Point Reyes National Seashore

This 71,028-acre park preserve is located about 30 miles south of San Fransisco and includes 80 miles of coast line. It is rich in history and there are walking trails, a waterfall the goes right down onto the beach, a historic lighthouse and the icon row of trees that you must see in your visit to Point Reyes

pacific coast highway stops san francisco

#2 San Fransisco 

Everyone know about this popular city. If you haven’t visited before then be sure to check out all this city has to offer. The Pacific Coast highway will take you right over the Golden Gate Bride. Popular attractions in the City by the Bay include Fishermans Warf, Golden Gate Park, and Alcatraz. Take some time to tour around the city and maybe even ride a historic cable car.

#3 Half Moon Bay 

While there is no major attraction in this small costal town it is a must see on your road trip. Make sure you take in the amazing ocean views from Half Moon Bay state park. Stroll down main street and get lost in the seaside restaurants and shops of Pillar Point Harbor. The city of Half Moon Bay really is one of California’s seaside gems. 

pacific coast highway stops santa cruz

#4 Santa Cruz 

This well know beach town is a must stop on your Pacific Coast Highway trip. Best know for the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and one of the best destinations for surfing. In addition to the boardwalk don’t miss out on the Santa Cruz surfing museum and Natural bridges State Park. Spend some time exploring down town since there a tons of breweries, distillers, shopping and restaurants that you don’t want to miss. 

#5 Monerey Bay Aquarium 

No road trip on PCH is complete without a visit to the one of the best aquariums in the world, Monterey Bay Aquarium. From Fish, Sharks, to Sea Otters make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about marine wildlife and see some of the sea animals up close. 

pacific coast highway stops pfeiffer burns state park

#6 Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

The rocky rugged coast along the Big Sur coastline is a must see stop. While you wont be able to go directly down onto the beach at places like the iconic McWay Falls you will not want to miss the view and capture some photos. Also one of the most photographed bridges you see when referring to the Pacific Coast Highway is Bixby Creek Bridge which you will be driving over when traveling through the Big Sur Coastline. 

#7 Hearst Castle

Located right off highway 1 in San Simeon you must visit this historic Hearst Castle. Build by William Randolph in 1919 it is now a national historic landmark. Once only available by the elites now you can tour the castle for yourself.

best places to stop on the pacific coast highway

#8 Morrow Bay 

From discovering the nature preserve to viewing wild sea lions and sea otters you must stop and explore Morrow Bay. One of the few places where you can actually see wild sea otters playing right in the bay. Don’t forget to visit Morro rock an ancient volcanic mount at the end of Morrow Rock beach

pacific coast highway stops

#9 Pismo Beach

Know as the Clam capital of the world Pismo Beach is the perfect place to stop for some seafood. Make sure you check out Splash Cafe this popular downtown restaurant is the spot that locals and tourist go to get the best clam chowder in bread bowls. Perfect place for lunch. Also, don’t forget to checkout the Pismo Beach Sand Dunes and watch the sunset from the pier. The perfect spot for a day full of fun. 

#10 Solvang

Don’t miss out on the historic Danish village of Solvang. This tiny town is a little inland from Santa Barbara but worth the small detour. It was founded in 1911 by Danish Immigrants and still today looks like a little Danish town. It even has a windmill. Explore downtown Solvang’s eateries, wine tasting, and shopping. This little town is also surrounded by wineries. Take a walk back in time. 

#11 Santa Barbara

There is so much to do in the popular town of Santa Barbara. Know for its warm weather and beautiful beaches it is filled with mediterranean style architecture and historic sites. Make sure check out the Santa Barbara harbor and Sterns Warf at the end of State street

pacific coast highway stops santa monica

#12 Santa Monica 

You wont want to miss the Santa Monica pier, especially at night when it is lit up with over 160,000 lights. It even has a ferris wheel to ride on overlooking the ocean. Pacific park is the West Coasts only amusement park on a pier. Don’t miss out on third street promenade a walking only street that includes some of the top stores for shoppers. There is a whimsical touch and you can see an experience street musicians as you take a stroll. 

#13  Laguna Beach

Know for its perfect climate and beautiful beaches it is the perfect place to enjoy some surfing or paddle boarding. You might just want to explore the beach and tide pools. Laguna beach is the perfect picnic spot check out Heisler park for a relaxing afternoon and some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean. 

#14 San Diego

You will want to spend at least a day visiting the popular city of San Diego. Don’t miss Balboa Park full of botanical gardens, art museums, theaters, restaurants and even the San Diego Zoo. Also, make sure you take some time to see Sea World, Coronado Island, and nearby La Jolla Cove. There is so much to see and do in San Diego. 

I hope that this list of Pacific Coast Highway stops helps you to plan your perfect road tip adventure. From northern California all the way down to the very Southern part of California along beaches and coastlines it will be an adventure to remember. 

Looking for the perfect instagram captions? Checkout our list of California Instgram Captions to inspire your all highway 1 stop photos.

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California Bucket List Ideas: Top 15 Things You Must Do!

Looking to plan some fun adventures in California. Here are some of my favorite California Bucket list ideas to plan your next adventure in California. California Bucket List Ideas 1….

Looking to plan some fun adventures in California. Here are some of my favorite California Bucket list ideas to plan your next adventure in California.

California Bucket List Ideas

1. Visit Burney Falls

burney falls

Nicked name the “eight wonder of the world” Burney Falls is a must for your California bucket list. This 126ft tall waterfall falls down the fern covered face.

Located about 60 miles northeast of Redding, CA, the icy snow melt water is too cold to swim, but you will not be disappointed. It is only a short hike down a trail and some stair to the viewing deck. Don’t forget to take pictures, it is a sight you will want to remember.

2. Hike to The Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign

The iconic Hollywood sign can be viewed from areas all over the LA area. Its even more amazing to hike up to it and see it up close. Only a short hike from LA there are a few different trail options.

The trail is about 3 miles and takes about 2-3 hours to hike. Once you get to the top you will not be disappointed when you are looking over the hollywood sign with the LA city area in the back ground.

3. Drive Big Sur Coastline

big sur coast line

One of the most popular coastline drives in the world. If you are in California this is one road trip that you will not want to miss. Stretching 90 miles south of Carmel to Point Lobos.

You will enjoy weaving along costal cliffside with the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Make sure you check out pacific coast highway stops to plan your perfect highway 1 road trip.

4. Explore Fern Canyon

fern canyon

Another must add to your California Bucket List ideas. The Fern canyon hike in the northern California redwoods. is like no other destination. Located in Humboldt county.

Once you reach the narrow canyon you will enjoy the walls around you completely covered in ferns and mosses.

5. See the Rocks Move at Death Valley

death valley

Rocks moving by themselves! Is this really possible? Yes… located in Death Valley National park these rock are unlike any other.

The rare phenomenon causes these rocks to move across the dry lakebed leaving a trail behind. Each rock can move up to 100 feet in a day!

6. See the Golden Gate Bridge from Vista Point

golden gate bridge vista point

If you have never been to the Golden Gate, you are in for a treat. The massive size and beauty of the bridge is breathtaking. Its an even more amazing view from Vista Point.

Just a short walk from a nearby parking lot, you will get a view of the Golden Gate like no other. It would be even more amazing to watch the sunset.

7. Go Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

california bucket list ideas napa valley

If you haven’t gone wine tasting in Napa Valley you need plan a trip. There is over 400 wineries in Napa Valley so you can pick and choose what wineries to visit, or take a guided wine tasting tour to multiple locations.

Napa valley not only has the best wines, you will be surrounded by beautiful view of the wine county and cute hotels. This just might be the most relaxing adventure you add to your CA bucket list ideas.

8. Walk the Cypress Tree Tunnel at Point Reyes

cypress tree tunnel point reyes

Cypress Tree Tunnel of Point Reyes is located in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The row of cypress trees has literally grown over the road to create a tunnel.

You will want to go very early in the morning to get good pictures since it gets busy. It is also so beautiful at sunset. Its such a cool and unique spot that you might want to go both times.

9. Ski or Snowboard Tahoe

ski or snowboard lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most famed ski and snowboard destinations in the world. About 90 minutes from Sacramento Tahoe is known for beautiful scenic views of the lake.

There are many ski & snowboard resorts sprinkled around the Tahoe area. You can’t beat an adventured filled day plus a beautiful scenic view.

10. View Where Trash has Turned to Treasure at Glass Beach

california bucket list ideas glass beach

Glass beach located in Fort Bragg is one of the most popular seaside attractions in the small little beach town. There are actually three glass beaches.

Each one of them were former dump sites where people pushed trashed over the cliff onto the beach. Through the years the beaches formed a beautiful sea glass now know as glass beach.

11. See The Largest Tree in The World

california bucket list ideas general sherman tree

In the Sequoia National Park stands that tallest tree in the world. The tree, called General Sherman, stands 275 feet tall, and is over 36 feet in diameter at the base.

It is only about a half mile walk from the parking lot to the tree. While the trail is short and easy you will be amazed at the massive size of this tree. Getting to visit the tallest tree in the world, that is pretty cool!

12. Eat Seafood at Fishermans Warf

california bucket list ideas fishermans warf

Right in the heart of San Fransisco, you can really enjoy the sea side experience and taste some of the best seafood around all while enjoying the beautiful view of the bay.

Locate within walking distance to pier 39 and other popular San Francisco attractions. You don’t want to leave the San Fransisco experience off your California bucket list.

13. Walk Up Salvation Mountain

salvation mountain

Get inspired at Salvation Mountain. Located in southern California about an hour from palm springs. Created from the imagination of one man wanting to pass on the message of gods love.

It has been 28 years  in the making and is a colorfull sight to see. There is a parking lot right next to the mountain, so it is very easily accessible.

14. Watch the sun set at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

sunset cliffs

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park area is a 68-acre park on the western edge of Point Loma. The cliffs overlook the pacific creating the perfect backdrop to watch the sunset.

Sunset cliffs is an amazing point that really makes you stop and think while enjoying the rugged cliffside views at sunset.

15. Visit Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier california

To really enjoy the California vibe you will not want to miss out on a trip to the Santa Monica Pier. Located right on the pacific ocean you can walk out onto the pier that offers, restaurants, an arcade, events, and a even an amusement park.

Whats better than riding your favorite rides right on the pacific! You can also explore the fun town of Santa Monica a popular beachside town.

I hope that this California bucket list give you inspiration to plan your next California adventure. Check out CA Instagram Captions to get ideas for all your California photos.

California Bucket List ideas

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