50 Costa Rica Captions for Sharing Your Instagram Photos

volcano in Costa Rica

Need some Costco Rica Captions for posting your adventures? It’s easy to see why Costa Rica is one of the most visited destinations for adventure. Jungles, volcanos, and some of the most beautiful beaches make this place the perfect place to relax and have some fun. 

Not only is it beautiful, it is also known as one of the happiest countries on earth. Costa Rica is a place of “Pura Vida” which means pure life or the idea of living life to the fullest. The people here live their life by “Pura Vida” and live each day relaxed, free of worry and not focusing on the negative. This happiness and way of life is contagious to all who visit. 

In addition to the great people of Costa Rica, there are also endless adventures and things to do. From hiking through lush jungles to the most amazing waterfalls, to enjoying the tropical scenery while surrounded by exotic wildlife. 

If you are looking for the perfect paradise that is unlike any other place, then you will find it in Costa Rica! 

You will also want to share all your fun photos to Instagram. When you are ready to share your adventures you will need the perfect Costa Rica Captions. Feel free to use any from the list below!

Costa Rica Captions

1. Pura Vida

2. Life is short. Visit Costa Rica! 

3. Costa Rica = Pure Happiness. 

4. Let me introduce you to my new favorite place to be. 

5. Volcanos, tropical jungles, and incredible hikes. 

6. You had me a Costa Rica.

7. Happiness is a week in Costa Rica. 

8. All good adventures start in Costa Rica.

9. Gone to Costa Rica, be back never. 

10. P.S. I love you Costa Rica. 

11. Sloths and hikes.

12. Waterfalls and endless Pura Vida vibes. 

13. This is my happy place.

14. Just another day in Paradise. 

15. Life is better in the Jungle. 

16. Waking up in Costa Rica is the best feeling! 

17. Things to do today: 1. Hike in the jungle. 2. Go to the beach. 

18. Today’s good mood is sponsored by Costa Rica. 

19. I could get used to it here. 

20. I know exactly where my heart is: Costa Rica.

21. Dear Costa Rica, I love you.

22. Costa Rica….. already looking forward to next time. 

23. Once upon a time in Costa Rica. 

24. Work. Save. Costa Rica. Repeat….

25. Costa Rica is always a good idea.

26. Paradise found.

27. Find me in the rainforest.

28. Costa Rica state of mind.

29. Feeling the Pura Vida vibes. 

30. Find me at the beach. 

31. Pura vida and endless adventures! 

32. I am feeling…. tropical! 

33. Living Pura Vida in Costa Rica. 

34. ou can’t buy happiness, but I found it right here. 

35. Life is about building memories.

36. Photo dump of my Costa Rica vacation.

37. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Costa Rica.

38. I am just here for the sloths. 

39. Always say yes to Costa Rica.

40. Vacation mode: ON.

41. Just a girl who loves Costa Rica.

42. Does it get more tropical than this?

43. The hikes are just greener in Costa Rica. 

44. Leaving my heart in Costa Rica.

45. Dear Costa Rica, you’re my favorite.

46. Feeling all the Costa Rica vibes!

47. Costa Rica is my favorite place.

48. Take me back to Costa Rica. 

49. Costa Rica has my heart.

50. This is the place that dreams are made of.

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