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110 Adorable Disney Captions for Instagram To Make Your Photos Magical

110 Adorable Disney Captions for Instagram To Make Your Photos Magical

Grab your camera and your Mickey ears, because there is just so magical about Disney photos! There is a reason that they call Disneyland and Disney World the happiest and most magical places on earth. I am going to help you to add a little bit of the dreamy magic to all your photos with these Disney Captions for Instagram. 

mickey balloon and castle

Disney is where kids go to feel like all their dreams can come true. They become a part of their favorite Disney movies and get to meet all the characters they have only seen on TV in person. I still remember the times that I visited Disney when I was a kid. They are memories that will last a lifetime. 

It is also one of the few places that adults can go and feel like a child again. You can really just put on your ears and spend the day wandering the park, riding all your favorite rides and remembering the songs and characters that you loved watching as a kid. 

The only thing better than going back to Disney as an adult, is getting to watch the magic in your child’s eyes as they spot all their favorite characters for the first time. There is just something so fun about days at Disney. 

mickey and Minnie Mouse

If you are visiting Disney World or Disneyland, one thing is certain, you are going to be taking a ton of photos. There are just so many cute things to see at Disney, and of course memories that you will want to save for a lifetime. When sharing all your magical photos, it can be hard to think of creative Disney captions for Instagram to use before you hit post. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this complete list of captions for all things Disney. 

goofy and kids at Disneyland

There is something so aesthetic and fun about photos from Disney, and you want to make sure that you have an equally fun caption to go with all your adorable photos. From photos of characters and rides, to ones of Mickey shaped treats, you will know just what to say on all your photos by using the BEST Disney Captions for Instagram below. 

These Disney related captions will be perfect for Disneyland or Disney World. You can even use them just for Disney in general. I have put this list together for you, so that you will never have to worry about searching for the perfect Disney captions, and instead you can focus on all things Disney and make the most of your time at the most magical places on earth! 

disney parade

Disney Captions 

  • There is nothing more magical than this
  • Everything tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey
  • Life is better at Disney
  • Happiness is a State of Mind -Walt Disney
  • Everyday is a good day for Disney
  • I’m never leaving….
  • No one is too old for fairytales
  • Take me to Neverland
  • My heart belongs to Mickey
  • Disney brings out the kid in all of us!
  • I am home at Disney
  • You are never too old to wish upon a star
  • If you can dream it, you can do it -Walt Disney
disney princess blowing a kiss

Disneyland Captions for Instagram

  • The happiest place on Earth
  • Find me on Main Street
  • It’s a small world after all
  • The place where dreams come true
  • Polka dots never go out of style
  • You had me at Disneyland!
  • The monorail is my happy place
  • I don’t trust people who don’t love Disneyland
  • A day spent at Disneyland is my favorite day
  • The mountains are calling (Splash, Thunder, and space to be exact)
  • Feeling the Disneyland vibes
  • In a galaxy far, far away…. -Star Wars
  • To all who come to this happy place, welcome -Walt Disney
mickey and minnie mouse at disneyland

Disney World Quotes

  • Making memories at the best place on earth
  • The most Magical place on Earth
  • Going to Disney World, be back never
  • Everything is better at Disney World
  • Disney World, a place where dreams come true!
  • Everyday is a good day for Disney World
  • Disney-world travelers
  • The place that proves magic is definitely real
  • Disney World mode: activated!
  • Why travel the world when you can go to Disney World?
goofy at disneyland

Cinderella Castle Quotes

  • Meet me at the Castle
  • Run like it’s midnight
  • Live like there’s no midnight
  • You had me at Castle
  • A dream is a wish your heart makes -Cinderella
  • When you see that castle and know your home…
  • Has anyone seen my glass slipper?
  • Can I just live here? 
  • It’s not easy being a princess… but hey, if the slipper fits!
  • Meet me under the fireworks
Cinderellas castle

Vacation Captions for Disney

  • This is our Disney Adventure! 
  • With my favorite people at the best place on earth
  • Dreams really do come true
  • Our happily ever after
  • Ready to make some magic while we are here
  • You are the Mickey to my Minnie
  • And they lived happily ever after….
  • In my favorite place with my favorite people
  • Buckle up we are going to Disney
  • See what a little wishing can do?
  • Just a small-town girl, living in a Disney World
  • I’m never leaving
  • I am either at Disneyland, or I’m missing Disneyland 
  • This is where the magic happens
  • Disney is our greatest adventure
  • When you wish upon a star…. You go to Disney!
Donald Duck at disney world

Simple Disney Captions

  • Eat. Sleep. Disney. Repeat
  • I believe in Magic
  • Disney makes me happy… very happy
  • I love Disney
  • Have a magical day
  • It’s a small world after all
  • The Disney life
  • Disney obsessed
  • Best day ever! 
  • Future cast member
  • Capture the Magic
  • Good Morning Disney
  • A Disney life for me
  • You had me at Disney! 
  • Don’t stop believin’
  • Wanderlust and fairy dust
  • It all started with a mouse -Walt Disney
balloons and castle at disney world

Funny Disney Captions

  • Disney calories don’t count
  • Some girls were just born with Disney in their veins
  • Never too old for a photo with Mickey
  • Ready for some Disney therapy
  • I’m ready for some churros
  • Do you like my ears? Thank you! I just bought them….
  • If the question is about Disney, my answer is yes!
  • I am done adulting…. Let’s go to Disney
  • Disney diet: churros, pretzels, and anything Mickey-shaped
  • Talk Disney to me
  • I am running away to Disney
  • Disney wife, happy life
  • I am just here for the snacks
  • Smiling from ear to ear
  • Just add pixie dust
  • This girl runs on Coffee and Disney
disney world castle
  • Does this ice cream go with my ears? 
  • My favorite Disney Princess is my Wife
  • Are there fast passes to churros?
  • If lost, return to Disney
  • Look at my ears…. I’m a mouse
  • There is nothing a little coffee and Disney can’t fix
  • I work to support my Disney addiction
  • Who needs a tiara when you have mouse ears? 
  • Some people are worth melting (in the California/Florida heat) for

I hope that these Disney captions for Instagram help you to find the perfect photo captions to make all your photos even more magical and fun.