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Free Printable Candy Cane Templates to Cut Out or Color

Free Printable Candy Cane Templates to Cut Out or Color

These printable candy cane templates are just what you need for some Christmas fun or decorating. I have made the candy cane outlines below so that you can use them for a craft project, just to color, or cut them out for decorating.

There are so many fun ideas that you could use these templates for this Holiday season. What makes them even better, is that they are free! They are my gift to you. 

Below you will find all the different styles of free pdf printable candy cane templates. All you have to do is print them out, grab some crayons, scissors and craft supplies and get to decorating. They are perfect to just print out and use them as they are, for Christmas crafts, or for fun Holiday kids activities. 

There are so many different thighs that you could use them for. Some great ideas that I had were to have the kids paint them and then hang them up around the house. They would also be perfect just to use as a candy cane coloring pages.

Candy Cane Templates

I made these templates because I know that everyone is always getting crafty during the holidays. From making ornaments to decorating the house or searching for the perfect holiday crafts for the kids, these Candy Cane templates will be perfect. 

Since they are such a simple shape and you really only need one color (red) to make them look cute, this makes them the perfect quick and easy printable. 

Some popular shapes for Christmas include snowflakes, wreaths, stars, ornaments, and Christmas trees, but Candy Canes are a must-have for crafting and decorating. 

Free Printable Candy Canes

Below you will find over 10 different styles of downloadable pdf candy cane templates. They are designed to be printed on regular 8.5” x 11” printer paper. I have included different designs of the candy cane outlines in black and white and also in color. 

The black and white outlines are perfect to use as templates, for crafting, or just to color. I also included the colored ones because I thought that they would be perfect for a quick decor idea. All you have to do is print them out on a colored printer, cut them out, and hang them up. 

You will find different sizes and styles of the candy cane printables. I have included one large candy cane, medium sizes, and also small ones. Most of the candy cane outlines have lines, but I also included a few with no lines. Some of the candy cane printables have a cute bow on them too.

Since there are so many different styles, make sure that you check out all the designs before choosing what one works best for you! 

How to Print

To get your free candy cane printables, just click on the link above each of the templates below. You can also click on the images. When you click the link or image, the pdf printable version of the templates will open for you to print. 

Feel free to download these as many times as you would like. You can even share them with your friends. Please note that these printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. Now let’s see all the adorable candy cane templates!

#1 Candy Cane Outline

I know that for some craft projects you need just the candy cane outline, without the actual lines inside. For this reason, I made sure that I included these extra large candy cane outlines in both the right and left facing styles. 

Candy Cane Outline (Left Facing)

candy cane outline

Candy Cane Outline With (Right Facing)

candy cane outline

#2 Extra Large Candy Cane Template

This is the largest of the candy cane outlines to print. It is just a basic outline, and it takes up most of the paper. 

If you are looking for a candy cane coloring page, then this would be perfect. I also have another extra large candy cane printable that includes a bow down below. 

Extra Large Candy Cane Template (Left Facing)

candy cane template

Extra Large Candy Cane Template (Right Facing)

candy cane template

#3 Two Large Candy Cane Templates

The printables below include two large candy canes that are on one standard size paper. I have also included this template with right and left facing candy canes. 

Left Facing Candy Canes

two candy canes to print

Right Facing Candy Canes

two candy canes to print

#4 Three Medium Candy Canes Printables

On this template I included three medium candy cane outlines. One sheet has the right facing candy canes, and the other is left facing. 

Left Facing Medium Candy Canes 

three candy cane printable

Right Facing Medium Candy Canes

three printable candy canes

#5 Six Small Candy Canes 

This one is perfect if you are looking to print out a bunch of smaller candy canes. I made sure to design this printable to fit as many small candy canes on one sheet of paper as possible, so that you are not wasting paper. 

Since I know for decorating, sometimes you need the candy canes to face the opposite directions, I made sure that I included both left and right facing ones on this printable. 

Six Small Candy Canes to Print 

six printable candy canes

#6 Extra Large Colored Candy Canes

If you are looking for candy canes to cut out and use for holiday decorating, then these next candy cane printables will be perfect. Here is the extra large colored candy cane included in both right and left facing styles. 

Extra Large Colored Candy Cane (Left Facing)

red candy cane

Extra Large Colored Candy Cane (Right Facing)

red candy cane

#7 Two Large Colored Candy Canes to Print

These colored candy canes come in large sizes, and they include two candy canes per page.

Large Colored Candy Canes

two red candy canes

#8 Three Medium Colored Candy Cane Outlines 

Here are the medium size candy canes that are colored and ready to be printed.

Three Medium Colored Candy Canes

three red candy canes

#9 Six Small Colored Candy Canes 

This printable includes six small candy canes that are already colored. The top three candy canes are left facing, and the bottom ones are right facing. 

Six Small Colored Candy Canes 

six red candy canes

#10 Extra Large Candy Cane Printable With Bow

I just love how cute this colored candy cane printable with the bow turned out. These would be so adorable to use as Christmas decorations. Included is the extra large candy cane in the options of the right or left facing design. 

Extra Large Candy Cane With Bow

candy cane with bow

#11 Two Medium Candy Cane With Bow

This printable has one left and one right facing medium sized colored candy cane with a cute green bow on each one. 

Two Medium Candy Cane With Bow

two candy canes with bows

#12 Six Small Candy Cane Printables With Bows

If you are looking to print out a bunch of small colored candy canes with bows, then this printable is just what you need. It includes three left facing and right facing candy cane designs. 

Six Small Candy Canes With Bows to Print

six candy canes with bows

Tips for Printing the Candy Cane Templates

  • Be sure that you don’t print from the image files that are on this post. You should first click the images or each link to access the pdf printable file. 
  • Printing from the pdf printable file will give you the best print quality. The lines will be nice and sharp and not blurry like the jpg files. 
  • These designs were made to be printed on a standard 8.5” x 11” size paper. 
  • You might want to consider getting a decent quality printer paper as this will make for better coloring or printing. 
  • Any printer paper will work, but if it’s really cheap and thin copy paper it makes it much harder to color with markers, because the ink will just bleed right through. 
  • For decorating, you can even print these out onto a card stock so that they will be more durable and last longer. 
  • Please remember that these candy cane printables are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use, and cannot be resold. 

I hope that these printables are just what you are looking for and that you have the best holiday season this year!