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Free Printable Candy Corn Templates for Crafts or Coloring

These fun printable candy corn templates will be perfect for Halloween. I have made the candy corn outlines below that are just what you need for coloring or crafts. There are just so many fun things that you can use these for, and best of all, they are free! 

Below are eight different styles of free pdf printable candy corn templates. All you have to do is print them out, grab your craft supplies, and start making cute things. These are perfect for making kids Halloween crafts, or you could even use them for decorating around the house or classroom. 

The ideas are endless, you could color them with markers or crayons, paint them, use them for tracing, cut them out and write things on them or use them for decorations. 

candy corn templates

Candy Corn Templates

I made these templates because candy corn really only comes out in fall, and there is just something that is so fun about this candy. If there was ever an official “candy of Halloween” it might just be candy corn! 

Since they are such an easy shape, it makes them a quick and easy craft project for kids because they can be cut out easily and if you are painting or coloring them, you only have to have the colors orange and yellow. It is just the perfect simple but cute project for Halloween. 

You also don’t see too much candy corn themed stuff in the stores for Halloween. Most of the time there are pumpkins, bats, and spiders. While they are all fun too, there is just something adorable about candy corn! 

candy corn cut out

Free Printable Candy Corns 

Below, you will find a total of eight downloadable pdf candy corn templates. They are designed to be printed on a regular 8.5” x 11” printer paper. Most of the candy corn outlines are just black and white, so they are perfect if you only have black ink. 

I also included a one at the bottom that is already colored in. It would be perfect to print and quickly already have a cute colored candy corn to use for decorating. Make sure that you check them all out because I have included a few different styles of templates.

You will find classic candy corn outlines in large, medium, small, and extra small. There are also some printable candy corn templates that I made with cute little faces. Who doesn’t love a smiling candy corn! 

candy corn coloring

How to print

To get your free candy corn printables, just click on the link above each of the templates below. You can also click on the images. When you click the link or image, the pdf printable version of the templates will open for you to print. 

Feel free to download these as many times as you would like. You could even share them with your friends. Please note that these printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. Now lets see all the cute candy corn templates! 

candy corn templates

#1 Extra Large Candy Corn Template

This is the largest candy corn outline to print. It is just a basic black outline, and it almost takes up an entire standard size printer paper. 

If you are looking for a candy corn to use as a coloring page, this would be a great option as it can work as a template or coloring page. 

Extra Large Candy Corn Template

candy corn template

#2 Two Large Printable Candy Corns 

The printable below features two large candy corns that are on one standard size sheet of paper. 

Two Large Candy Corn Templates

2 large candy corn templates

#3 Six Medium Candy Corns Printable

On this template I included six medium candy corn outlines. These are perfect if you want to print out a bunch of candy corns, but don’t want to use too much paper. 

Six Medium Candy Corn Printable

candy corn printable

#4 Twelve Small Candy Corns

I wanted to make a few of them with a bunch of small candy corns, because sometimes we have ideas that need smaller candy corns. I made sure to design this printable to fit them all onto one page, so that you are not wasting paper. 

Twelve Small Candy Corns

small candy corn outlines

#5 Twenty Extra Small Candy Corns

If you are looking for really small candy corns, then you will want this template because they are the smallest out of all the options that I made. There are a total of twenty candy corns that can be printed out on one sheet of paper. 

Twenty Extra Small Candy Corns 

extra small candy corns to print

#6 Large Candy Corn With a Smile

Look at how cute this candy corn template is! I wanted to make sure to include some options with smiling candy corns, because we all need more cute stuff in our lives. This one would also be perfect to print and use as a candy corn coloring page. 

Large Candy Corn With a Smile

candy corn template with smile

#7 Smile Candy Corn Printable With Line

When thinking of different ideas to use these candy corn printables for, I thought that including a line to write a name on would be a great idea. If you take a sharpie and write a kids name in, or even have them write their name, and then color the candy corn, then you have an extra personalized craft. 

We all love things with our names on them! I also thought that these would be great to have the kids color, and then you could put them on display and they would have fun seeing all the cute candy corns that they made with their names. 

Smile Candy Corn Printable With Line

candy corn template with smile and line for name

#8 Colored Candy Corn 

If you are looking for a candy corn outline that is already colored in, then this would be perfect. I figure that having a few candy corns that are already colored, make for some quick decor. All you have to do is print, cut it out, and then hang it up. 

Colored Candy Corn

yellow and orange colored candy

Tips for Printing the Candy Corn Templates

  • Be sure that you don’t print from the image files that are on this post. You should first click the images to access the pdf printable file. 
  • Printing from the pdf will give you the best print quality, the lines will be nice and sharp.
  • These designs were made to be printed on a standard 8.5” x 11” size of paper. 
  • You might want to consider getting a decent quality printer paper as this will make for better coloring and painting.
  • Any printer paper will work, but if it’s really cheap and thin copy paper (like I had) it makes it much harder for you to color with markers because the paper doesn’t hold up. 
  • Please remember that these candy corn templates are free for personal use only. They are not for commercial use, and cannot be resold. 

Feel free to save this post by clicking the share or little heart button on the bottom of this page. After you do that, you will be given the option to sign up for where you can bookmark your favorite posts from around the web (including these free templates) to refer back to. 

I hope that these printables are just what you were looking for and that you have a fun holiday this year!