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Free Printable Cute Unicorn Cake Coloring Pages for Parties (Cupcake Too!)

Free Printable Cute Unicorn Cake Coloring Pages for Parties (Cupcake Too!)

Cake and Unicorns! This is what all majical birthday parties are made of. If you are planning a Unicorn party and just need some cute unicorn cake coloring pages, then it is your lucky day. 

I have made these adorable Unicorn Cake printable coloring sheets below and am giving them to you for free. There are a total of six unicorn cake coloring pages below, so you can just choose the design you like best, or feel free to print them all. 

When I was making my happy birthday unicorn coloring pages, I thought it would be fun to also make these coloring pages with unicorns and cakes, since we all love cake! 

I thought that they would be a cute idea to print out and use as a fun activity at a Unicorn themed birthday party. You could print them out and then put crayons, markers, or watercolor out and then let the kids have some fun. 

coloring sheet

Unicorn Cake Coloring Pages 

If you are looking for something as specific as a unicorn cake coloring sheet, this is not really something that you can run to the store and buy. That’s what makes these coloring sheets perfect. All you have to do is print them out and you have just what you need to make your unicorn party extra special. 

Free Printable Unicorn Cake Coloring Sheets

Below you will find the six free downloadable pdf coloring sheets that I made for you. They were designed to be printed out on a regular sheet of 8.5” x 11” printer paper. They are also just black and white, so you don’t have to worry about colored ink. 

I would suggest looking at all six designs, because they are all a bit different. Some of them are two layer unicorn cakes, there are single layer cake designs, and I also made one that is a unicorn cupcake coloring page. Because the only thing that we love more than cake is cupcakes! 

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coloring pages

How to Print

To get your free printable Unicorn cake coloring pages, just click on the link above each of the coloring pages images below. You can also click on the coloring pages themselves. When you click the link or on the coloring pages, the pdf version of the coloring sheet will open for you to print. 

Feel free to download them as many times as you need. That’s what I made them for. You can even share them with your friends. Please note that these unicorn printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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#1 Unicorn Cake Coloring With Rainbow

My favorite part about this unicorn cake coloring sheet is the rainbow and the clouds on the front of the cake. It also has the prettiest unicorn eyes and lashes. This double layer cake includes some details like flowers and hearts as well. 

Cake With Rainbow Coloring Page

unicorn cake coloring page

#2 Cake With Unicorn on Top Coloring Sheet

This two layer cake coloring sheet has a big unicorn head on the top. It also has some cute stars and hearts covering the cake. 

Cake With Unicorn on Top Coloring Sheet

unicorn cake coloring

#3 Unicorn Cake Printable With Hearts 

I made this one with a different style flower than the other two layer cake. This one is actually one of my favorites out of them all. It also has 3 cute hearts on the front. 

Unicorn Cake Printable With Hearts

unicorn printable to color

#4 Unicorn Cupcake Coloring Page

This one is a cute little cupcake with a smile. I just had to make one of them a cupcake, since cupcakes are my favorite! This cupcake unicorn also has sprinkles and flowers that can be colored in too. 

Unicorn Cupcake Coloring Page

unicorn cupcake coloring

#5 Single Layer Unicorn Cake Coloring

This is the most popular style of unicorn cakes that people make for parties, so I knew I had to design a single layer cake just like this one. If you have this style cake at the party, then it would be super cute to print this one for the kids to color. 

Single Layer Unicorn Cake Coloring

cake printable to color

#6 Single Layer Unicorn With Rainbow and Clouds 

This is the other coloring page that is a single layer cake. I put some cute stars on the front to color. The unicorn, rainbow and clouds are on top of this cute cake too. 

Single Layer Unicorn With Rainbow and Clouds

printable to color with unicorn cake

Tips for Printing the Unicorn Cake Coloring Pages

  • Print from the actual pdf print files, not the photos that are on this post. Do this by clicking the link or image to open the pdf file.
  • If you print from the pdf file, it gives you the best quality print, with nice sharp lines that are not blurry. 
  • These coloring pages are made to be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. 
  • If this is going to be for a party, you might to get good printer paper as this makes for better coloring. 
  • I used cheap copy paper to print mine on, and the paper didn’t hold up to the markers very well. 
  • Please remember that these unicorn cake coloring pages are for personal use only and cannot be resold and are not for commercial use. 

If you want to save these printables to refer back to, just click the little heart button at the bottom of this page. It will then give you the option to sign up for where you can bookmark your favorite posts from around the web (and this one) so that you always have it saved. 

I hope that you love these unicorn printables and that your party is the best ever! If you have photos to share from your party, you might be interested in using these fun unicorn quotes for your photos.