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8 Habits of Fit Girls You Need to Try

8 Habits of Fit Girls You Need to Try

Sometimes it feels like you workout and eat healthy and you never get fit.

We have all struggled at time to reach out fitness goals. So whats the secret?

Why are there some girls that just always seem to stay fit? 

Habits of Fit Girls 

The reason that they get fit and stay in shape is that they have healthy habits.

Here are some of the best habits that fit girls make a priority in their daily lives. 

I know that when I follow some of these habits of fit girls I start getting in shape and feeling great.

I hope that these habits motivate you to adopt some healthy habits and reach your fitness goals. 

1. Working out is priority

This is the number one habit that all fit girls have in common.

They have a workout schedule and certain times and days that they schedule into their routine for workouts.

Fit girls make it a priority to stick to this schedule and don’t just skip workouts. 

While it may seem impossible to start working out 4-5 days a week, once you start it will become a habit that you adopt and it will get easier and easier as time goes on. 

2. High intensity interval training

The secret to staying lean and in shape for many fit girls is that they schedule a few days a week for high intensity interval training.

I know that when I do high intensity interval training I see fast results. 

It might seem intimidating at first but high intensity interval training is actually not that hard and alot of fun.

This is an easy habit to adopt and you will see results quick. 

3. Don’t rest more than 3 days

Fit girls make it a priority to workout at least 4 – 5 days per week. This means that they don’t rest for more than 3 days.

While resting is important to give your muscles and body a chance to recover, you don’t want to rest too much. 

Its a great idea do stretching or yoga on your rest days.

This helps to keep your muscles stretched out and you will be less sore. 

4. Always keep healthy snacks on hand

When you are hungry for a snack its so easy to reach for the closest or quickest thing to get.

Fit girls understand this so they are always prepared with healthy snack options.

This helps them to always have something healthy on hand so that they are not tempted to eat something bad out of connivence. 

5. Use weights

When you see girls that are fit and in great shape, chances are that they have the habit of lifting weights.

While cardio and HILT will help you to stay lean, you need some weights in your workout routine to help you to build muscle. 

Building muscle helps your body to increase your metabolism, burn more fat and gives you more definition.

Fit girls know this and aren’t afraid of weights.

If your new to using weights just start small with very light weights and work you way up.

Every little bit with help you to gain more muscle. 

6. Eat healthy

Fit girls understand that all the time spend working out won’t make a difference if they are not eating healthy.

They have learned about what foods are healthy and make it a habit to have these food on hand and to prep their meals. 

Even if you don’t want to prep your meals quite yet, just start by researching healthy food options and trying to incorporate more healthy food such as vegetables and proteins into your diet. Sometimes its easier to start with small changes. 

7.  Watch what they drink

Girls that are fit know that you don’t want to drink your calories. One of the worst things for your body when you are trying to stay fit is alcohol.

Also, you should try and drink less sugary drinks as well.

Try to eliminate sodas and replace them with water. 

You will often see fit girls carrying water with them.

This is because they know how important it is to drink water to stay fit.

Try to start making it a goal to drink more water everyday.  

8. Set fitness goals

If you have no specific goals it is hard to stay motivated.

Fit girls know that to stay fit they have to set fitness goals and stick to them.

They make it a goal to workout 4 days a week or to eat certain foods, or try to go down a certain amount of pants size. 

If you want to reach your fitness goals then you should first set some goals and figure out what you can do to move toward these goals each day. 

9. Exercise even when sore

Fit girls don’t let sore muscles stop them from sticking to their exercise habits.

They know that sore muscles are part of the fitness process and do things like stretching to make their muscles feel better, but don’t skip their workouts. 

The most important thing that you can to do start using some of these fit girl habits is to just get started.

Pick a couple of these habits of fit girls and set a goal to stick to them.

Figure out how you can work them into your daily routine. 

Once you start to follow these habits and you will be feeling stronger, have more energy and start getting great results.

This will motivate you to work even harder to reach your fitness goals! 

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