Cleaning house! It’s something that we all have to do. It can be hard to stay on top of keeping the house clean but there are certain things that you can add into your routine to keep your house cleaner and save time. 

There’s always that one person that seems to have a nice clean home every time you visit. What’s the secret? Here are the top habits of people that always have a clean home. They are easy and quick and will have your house looking great.

Clean Home Habits

1. Make your bed first thing in the morning

This is such a simple and quick little thing that you can add to your morning routine. If you start your day out right by making the bed you have already set a tone for the day.

Getting in the habit of making your bed right after you get up makes your room look nice and clean all the time. Plus, who doesn’t love crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of a long day. 

2. Do at least one load of laundry every day

Your home will look cleaner because you wont have dirty clothes and full hampers. By doing just a load a day you won’t have to take an entire day a week to do laundry. Leaving you more time and less dirty laundry around the house. 

3. Straighten things up before bed 

Take just a couple minutes to go through the house and quickly put anything laying out away. This helps to keep the clutter under control and its nice to wake up in the morning knowing your house is a bit cleaner. 

4. Clean things as you go

If you get a few things out, then just put them back when you are done. Using a blanket, fold it up and put it away. Doing a craft at the table, clean it up when you are done. Cleaning things up as you make a mess is great for keeping your house looking tidy.

5. Get your papers organized

I am sure you have a ton of papers that you get everyday. Don’t just pile them up on the counter. Instead, create a place to store them all. Get a paper organizer and separate them out as you get them each day. 

6. Have a place for coats and shoes

People that have clean homes normally have a place for everything. Create a spot where you will store shoes, hang coats, and backpacks so that you can get in the habit of putting them where they go. 

7. Vacuum and sweep at least every other day

Floors can get dirty quick. When your floors look clean it makes your entire house look cleaner. Get in the habit of doing a quick vacuum and sweep as much as possible. Your house will always be presentable and it saves time in the long run since you don’t have to take a full day a week to clean. 

8. Wash the dishes after using them 

This is one habit of people that have clean homes that you will want to start doing. It might take some time to get in the routine, but your kitchen will look much cleaner. When your kitchen is clean it just makes the whole house feel cleaner. 

9. Get rid of things you don’t need

I am sure you have a ton of stuff that you don’t really use or need that is just taking up space and causing clutter in your home. People with clean homes regularly go through and get rid of things that are no longer used. 

10. Don’t store things on the counters

If you want your home to look nice and clean make sure that you don’t have stuff on your counters. Create storage space in your cabinets and put things away that you don’t need right away like toasters, or blenders.

It’s amazing how just having clutter free counter and table space can make your home look clean. 

11. Have a spot for everything

People with clean homes have a place for everything. This might take some organizing and getting rid of things to accomplish. After you get it all organized it will be much easier to keep your home looking clean every day. 

Keeping your home clean might feel impossible, but just start by adding one of two of these habits to your daily routine and you will start to see a cleaner home.

These tips also save time. You won’t have to spend an entire day or weekend cleaning since you will be doing a little each day. I hope that these ideas inspire you to develop some new habits and a cleaner home.