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Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir

hedge creek falls

Hedge creek falls in Dunsmuir California is the perfect short hike to a unique waterfall.

This waterfall is unique because you can walk behind the falls into cave area that has formed behind the base of the falls. 

Hedge Creek Falls

We stoped by the waterfall on our way home from McCloud after visiting the three tiers of the McCloud falls.

It was a quick and easy waterfall to hike to and definitely worth the stop if you are traveling through Dunsmuir, CA.

welcome to hedge creek falls sign

Here is more information to help you plan your trip. 

More Infomation: 

  • Location: 4131 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025
  • Trail: 0.7 miles

Driving to Hedge Creek Falls:

The waterfall is located in the Shasta Cascade Region of Northern California in the small town of Dunsmuir, CA

To get to the parking area of Hedge Creek Falls from Mt. Shasta you will drive south on Interstate 5 for about 5 miles. 

Take exit 732 for Siskiyou Ave toward Dunsmuir Ave. Then turn right onto Siskiyou Ave, then turn right onto Dunsmuir Ave.

You will see the parking area to your left as soon as you turn onto Dunsmuir Ave. 

Parking is Free and it is clearly marked as Hedge Creek Falls parking.

There are not bathrooms, but they did have a portable bathroom in the parking area. 

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Head: 

Just across the parking area is the trail head to the falls.

You will see a cute little sign shaped like a train that says Hedge Creek Falls.

There is a little pathway that leads toward a gazebo.

This is the start of the trail head. 

hedge creek falls park entrance and sign

In the park area by the trail head there are some picnic tables.

There is also a sign that warns of poison oak along side the trail, so make sure you watch out for it on your hike.

Hiking to Hedge Creek Falls: 

The beginning of the hike starts right behind the gazebo.

The trail is clearly visible and was a pretty easy and short walk down to the falls. 

start of the trail that leads down to the falls

The trail leads down the hillside toward the falls and there are few switchbacks on the trail.

We had no problem hiking down to the falls. 

After just a short distance down the hill you can actually see the falls from the trail. You can also hear hedge creek below.

Continue down the trail and you will reach the base of the falls. 

We visited the waterfall in the summer so the flow wasn’t very strong.

There were also alot of other people at the base of the falls and cooling off in the water.

I would imagine that it would be even more impressive after some rains in the fall or winter when the flow is heavy.

base of hedge creek falls

Walking Behind the Waterfall: 

One thing that is unique about the Falls is that you can actually walk behind the waterfall.

The waterfall is a 30-35 ft drop from columnar basalt, which is type of rock is formed by lava cooling. 

Under the rock there is a small cave that was formed which allows you to walk behind the falls.

This is the only waterfall I have visited where I have been able to walk behind. It was really neat.

There is a section on the cave behind the falls where many people have covered their hands in mud and put hand prints on the rocks.

hand prints from mud on the inside of the cave

Walking to the viewing area:

After you pass behind hedge creek falls you can continue along the trail to reach the observation deck.

It is a viewing area where you can look down and see where the creek flows into the Sacramento River. 

I really liked the viewing area because you could also see Mt. Shasta in the distance.

There is another little trail that leads down to the river, or you can just walk back to the falls. 

view of sacramento river from observation deck

History of Hedge Creek Falls: 

I did a little research on the history of the waterfall and found some very interesting facts. 

Hedge creek falls is also known as the “million dollar waterfall”.

This is because when interstate 5 was constructed the plan was to have it go right over Hedge Creek Falls. The locals fought against this to save the waterfall. 

Luckily for us, they were successful and interstate 5 was relocated to just beside the waterfall.

The cost for relocation was about a million dollars, this is how the waterfall got its nickname. 

Also, before I-5 was constructed Hedge Creek Falls was in a remote location, and it is rumored to be the hide out for a robber and outlaw known as Black Bart.

He was know for robbing stagecoaches in northern California and Southern Oregon from 1870 – 1880. 

Can you imagine a outlaw hiding out in the cave? I thought these cool facts made the waterfall even more interesting.

Here is a video of Hedge Creek Falls that we made from out trip:

I hope that this information helps you to learn about this unique waterfall and plan your trip to Hedge Creek Falls. 

It’s a great waterfall right off I-5 that is quick and easy to get to.

If you are in the area I would recommend checking it out.

We will be going back this winter to see it again when it is at a higher flow. 

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