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6 Home Organizing Basics Everybody Should Know

6 Home Organizing Basics Everybody Should Know

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There are so many different ways to organize your home.

When it comes time to organize it can cause stress and feelings of overwhelm.

There are a few basics that will make organizing your home easier and quicker.

Organizing Basics 

These are some of the top suggestions of professional organizers.

It feels so great to have a clean and orderly home. Let’s get more organized!

1. Get rid of stuff 

If you have too much stuff in your home it makes your job of organizing even harder.

One of the best ways to make organizing less stressful is to get rid of things that you don’t need.

There are two approaches that you can take to start minimizing your home. 

The first is that you can just go through your house and get together things to donate or sell and just get rid of them right away.

The second approach is better if you are not ready to get rid of things yet.

What you can do is just pack it away and store it in the garage until your are ready to let go for good.

Once you get all the extra clutter and things you don’t need out of your home, then it will be much easier to start organizing.

Just remember to try and be picky about what stays since you really want to clear things out. 

2. Start in one spot

When you are planing to organize your home it can be hard to even know where to start.

The professionals suggest that you pick the most cluttered area of your home and focus on organizing that spot first.

Then once you are done, pick the next most cluttered area to tackle. 

This will help to keep you feeling less overwhelmed and you will be able to start seeing progress fast.

Make it your goal to pick one spot per week or every few days and before you know it your whole house will be looking more organized. 

3. Take it all out

When you find a spot to focus on you will want to start by taking everything out first.

For example, if you are going to focus on your desk then take everything off your desk, clean it and then start organizing the items as you put them back. 

The professionals also suggest that you wait to buy any organization stuff like baskets or bins, unit after you have done a bit of decluttering and organizing so that you know exactly what you will need.  

4. Organize every day 

Don’t just wait until spring cleaning to do your organizing.

Try and make it a habit to keep things organized as you go along.

Once everything has a place, make it easier on yourself by putting everything back where it goes after you use it.

5. Get rid of one thing when you buy something new

Get something new? Make sure that you pick at least one thing to get rid of for every new item you bring into your home.

Buying lots of new things can make your home cluttered and unorganized quick.

You have to make sure that you equally getting rid of the old to make room for the new. 

6. Make a place for everything

This is one of my favorite tips. You need to have a place for everything in your home.

This tip is so great because it also helps make it easy for you to keep it organized.

For example, have a spot for incoming mail, outgoing mail, towels, dishcloths, shoes, ect. 

When something is out of place you can easily put it back.

Its never fun to clean and organize but its always a great feeling after your done.

The best feeling is relaxing in your clean and organized home.

I hope that these organizing basics help give you an idea of easy things that you can start doing in your home to get more organized. 

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