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How Many Snowboarding Lessons Do I Need?

If you are finally signing up for lessons then you might be wondering how many days of snowboarding lessons you will actually need. This is a common beginner question and one that I too had when I first started snowboarding. 

Lessons are definitely the fastest way to learn how to snowboard, but how long will it take until you actually know how to snowboard. 

I did some research to learn more about how many sessions you should expect before you are comfortable on the board. Here is what I found. 

How Many Snowboarding Lessons Do I Need? 

Depending on fitness level and natural abilities it will take an average of 6 hours to learn how to snowboard at a beginner level. This would require two snowboarding lessons that are 3 hours long, or one six-hour-long lesson. 

This 6-hour long average will not be the same for everyone. There are actually many specific things that will make learning to snowboard faster for some people and slower for others.

I also found some things that you can do to speed up your progress. 

Your Age Matters 

You can learn to snowboard at any age. The younger you are the faster you might be able to pick up snowboarding. 

While this isn’t always the case, younger people tend to learn new skills quicker.

Experience With Similar Sports

Another important factor in figuring out how many lessons you will need to start snowboarding is how much previous experience you have with similar sports.

If you have already mastered other balance sports such as skateboarding, surfing, or wake-boarding it will take you less time to get comfortable snowboarding than someone who doesn’t have this experience.

Also if you have experience skiing, then you already know what it feels like gliding on the snow. While skiing is much different than snowboarding, this will help you to learn faster. 

Fitness Level and Core Strength 

If you are physically fit and have strong leg and core muscles then it will be much easier for you to learn how to snowboard. 

You don’t have to be in great shape, it will probably just require more snowboarding lessons for someone who is not in the best shape.

Private Vs. Group Lessons

If you take private snowboarding lessons then you are going to get more one-on-one attention from the instructor and this can help you to learn faster than taking group lessons.

Private lessons will move at the pace of your experience level since you don’t have to wait on other people in the group to start learning new skills.

This means that you could potentially progress faster and require fewer lessons to get comfortable snowboarding.

I would personally suggest signing up for group lessons first, as they are a great way to learn how to snowboard and are much cheaper. 

While group lessons might take longer and require you to take more lessons they will still normally always be a cheaper option. 

Length of Snowboarding Lessons

Another Factor in determining how many snowboarding lessons you will need to take is how long each lesson is that you are signing up for.

Snowboarding lessons are normally offered as half-day 2-3 hour lessons or as full day 4-6 hour lessons. If you take half-day lessons you are going to require more lessons than if you sign up for full-day lessons.

If you are in good shape then I would suggest taking the longer full-day lesson so that you can learn even faster. 

If you are not in great shape then you might want to just take a half-day lesson since you will probably be pretty tired after a couple of hours.

Practice on The Board and Timing Between Lessons

You should try to take your lessons as close together as possible. You don’t want to just take one lesson, and then wait a couple of months and take another lesson.

The key to learning how to snowboard quickly is scheduling your lessons just a few days apart and practicing the skills you learn in between your lessons.

Spending more time on the snow in between each lesson is going to improve your skills and probably require you to take fewer lessons overall.

Keeping a Positive Attitude 

Learning how to snowboard can be really difficult the first few days it’s important that you keep a positive attitude and not give up. 

If you keep a positive attitude and be open to learning new skills, then it will be easier and faster for you to get past the learning curve and start snowboarding on your own.

Can You Learn How to Snowboard in A Day?

Yes. Some people can learn how to snowboard in just one day. The time it takes each person to learn depends on skill level, coordination, and natural ability. It is not uncommon for someone to take a full-day lesson and be comfortable snowboarding by the end of the day.

Just keep in mind that learning in one day is possible for some, for others it can take up to a week of lessons and practice. 

Is it Difficult to Learn to Snowboard?

Learning to snowboard isn’t the hardest sport in the world, but it takes time and practice to learn the skills needed to get comfortable snowboarding.

The first few days are the hardest, you can expect to fall down many times, but after that, it only gets easier. 

Just be prepared to fall down many times and feel very awkward on the board at first. Like learning any new skill it will take time and perseverance to get better. Keep practicing and don’t give up. 

Can I Teach Myself To Snowboard? 

While it is not impossible to teach yourself to snowboard, it is much better and you will learn faster by taking snowboarding lessons. Lessons will allow you to have less frustration and more fun on the slopes.

It will also help you to become a much better snowboarder since you will be learning all the important skills right from the start. 

Final Thoughts 

You can sometimes learn how to snowboard in as little as one six-hour lesson, it can also take up to 3-4 lessons for others to become comfortable snowboarding. 

There is no way to know exactly how many lessons you are going to need to learn how to snowboard. You just have to get out there, take your lessons, and get some time in practicing. 

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