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How Much Does it Cost to Go Snowboarding? Let’s Break it Down.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Snowboarding? Let’s Break it Down.

If you want to try snowboarding then you might be wondering how much it will cost to snowboard.

Snowboarding is fun, but you do have to pay for your equipment and lift tickets. We are going to break down exactly what it costs to go snowboard.

Cost to Snowboard

To go snowboarding it costs an average of $170 for a snowboarding lesson and rental package. To just rent a snowboard it costs about $45 and to purchase a lift ticket you can expect to pay about $75.

The cost to snowboard varies depending on the specifics. The prices suggested above are just a general overview. Let’s look at everything you need to know to get a better idea of the specific costs.

Price of Snowboarding Lessons and Rentals

If you are going snowboarding for the first time then you will need to take a lesson.

Lessons are normally offered as group or private lesson. If you take a group lesson then it will cost less than a private lesson. 

Snowboarding equipment (boots & snowboard) and a 1 day lift ticket is normally included. The price of lessons are different depending on your age and location.

The table below shows the cost of lessons / rental equipment for five different resorts, including the average price you can expect to pay for your snowboarding lessons.

ResortsAdult Child
Mt. Shasta Ski Park$169$139
Big Bear Mountain$207$215     
Mountain High$233$239
Homewood Mountain Resort$200     $159     
China Peak Mountain Resort$130 $100
Average Prices:$188$170
Average Price For Snowboarding Lessons

Looking At The Prices

Using the averages from the table above we can see that it will cost about $188 for adult snowboarding lessons and $170 for a child.

These lesson prices shown in the table are based on a group lesson rate. Private lessons are much more expensive.

The nice thing about these lessons is that your boots, snowboard, and lift ticket is normally included in the price.

Lessons last about 2-3 hours. After your lesson is complete you can still use your snowboard and lift ticket to practice on your own and snowboard the rest of the day. 

In addition to the price of your lessons you will need to make sure that you have all your snowboard clothing when you arrive at the mountain. 

What You Can Expect To Pay for Snowboard Clothing

The proper snowboard clothing is a must have. To make the most of your time on the mountain you need to make sure that you have what you need to stay warm, dry, and safe. 

Here is what you will need to have for snowboarding and about how much each of these items will cost you. 

  • Helmet $50-100 
  • Googles $20-60
  • Snow Pants $30-100 
  • Base Layer $10-50
  • Snowboarding Jacket $50-150
  • Warm Thick Socks $10-20

How much will I need to spend for snowboard clothing?

You can expect to spend about $170-480 to purchase all your snowboarding clothing, goggles, and helmet. 

Of course the price will vary depending on the quality and brands that you purchase. If you want to save some money you can buy in the off season and get a huge discount. 

Can I rent my snowboard clothing?

You can sometimes rent all the snowboard clothing and accessories from your local ski shop. This would be a great option if it is your first time snowboarding. 

You can save some money by renting your first time out and if you actually like it, then you can invest in purchasing all your own clothing later on. 

Prices to Rent Snowboard Clothing and Accessories

  • Helmet $8-10 per day
  • Jacket $10-20 per day
  • Pants $10-20 per day
A person with a blue snowboard jacket and black pants snowboarding.

Cost to Just Snowboard Without Lessons

If you have already taken lessons, and have some experience snowboarding, then you might be wondering how much it costs to go snowboarding without taking a lesson. 

Snowboarding will be cheaper without the lessons, you just have to have your clothing, boots, board, and purchase a lift ticket. 

Prices to Rent Boots and Snowboard Only

If you don’t yet have a snowboard and boots then you are going to have to factor your rental costs into the price of snowboarding.

Here are the average prices for renting your boots and board. 

  • Boots $20
  • Snowboard $30

Once you already have your own boots and board you won’t have to worry about renting, so it will be cheaper for you to go snowboarding. 

Average Cost of Purchasing Lift Tickets or a Season Pass

To ride the lifts you have to have a lift ticket. Lift tickets normally can be purchased as half-day, or full-day.

The price will be cheaper for the half-day tickets, so the cost to ride the lifts will vary depending on what resort you will be at, and how long you will be snowboarding. 

If there is a specific resort near you then you might even want to consider buying a season pass. This is a one time fee that you pay each season and then you can ride the lifts as many times as you want.

If you are going to be snowboarding many times during the season it can make sense to just get a season pass as it can save you some money.

In the table below you will find the average prices for lift tickets and season passes.

The prices of list tickets are very different depending on the day and resort. To gather these numbers below I calculated the overall average of 5 different ski resorts. 

While the lift ticket price will not be exactly the same, these averages will give you a better idea of the price you should expect to pay to ride the lifts. 

Average Lift Ticket Prices½ DayFull Day Season Pass
Children (6-12)4559342
Teens (12-19) 76  90 509
Adults (20-65)                                        92103650
Seniors (65+) 7087416
Average Cost to Purchase Lift Tickets

Other Costs That You Need To Consider

In addition to the lessons, tickets, clothing and rentals there are other expenses that you have to consider when trying to figure out how much it will costs to snowboard. 

Gas / Parking

Don’t forget about the price of gas getting to and from the mountain. Also, some ski resorts have a parking fee.

So you need to make sure that you factor an average cost of about $10-20 for parking. 

Hotel / Food Costs

If you don’t live close enough to drive to the ski resort then you are going to need to get a hotel for your snowboarding trip and of course you need to eat.

Make sure that you take these expenses into your overall cost for your snowboarding trip. 

Ways to Save Money Snowboarding

Snowboarding is fun, but it’s can be a bit expensive if you are just getting into it. Here are some things that you can do to make your snowboarding trip a little less expensive.

Rent your gear

Renting your snowboard and boots is much cheaper in the short term. I recommend waiting until you are more experienced to purchase your own gear.

Buying Snowboard Clothing in The Off Season

If you plan early you can get last season’s snowboard clothing on clearance or at deeply discounted prices in the off season.

Purchase Your Tickets Ahead

Many times resorts will have discounts if you purchase your lift tickets in advance.

If you want to save even more, book your trip mid week as this is when lift tickets tend to be the cheapest.

Rent Your Equipment Off-Mountain

Check your local ski shop for rental prices. Often they will have better equipment and it will be cheaper than renting on the mountain.

Many local ski shops also rent the snowboarding clothing, so you can save some money by renting your equipment and clothing at the same time.

Bring Your Own Food and Drinks

Bring some drinks and foods and just keep them in your car. It will be less than purchasing food at the resort. Whenever you are ready for a break or to eat you can just relax and have lunch at your car.

Snowboard at The Smaller Resorts

Check the local smaller resorts and ski areas. They can be less crowded, just as fun and often times their ticket prices are much cheaper than the bigger more popular ski areas.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding prices can vary drastically depending on dates, locations, and how much gear you need to purchase.

I hope that this guide helps you to understand a little bit more about how much it costs to go snowboard.

If you plan early, rent your gear, and look at ways to save money then snowboarding doesn’t have to be too expensive.

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