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How To Clean House Fast and Easy – Fast Cleaning Hacks

How To Clean House Fast and Easy – Fast Cleaning Hacks

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Looking for ideas on how to clean house fast and easy

I don’t know about you, but I want to get my house clean as fast as possible. We all want a clean house but sometimes we just don’t have the time.

Here are some of the best tips that I have found that make cleaning my house super fast. 

Don’t worry, just because you are cleaning it fast doesn’t mean it’s not going to look great. 

You will have your house looking amazing quick and extra time to do what you love. 

How to Clean House Fast and Easy

The idea of speed cleaning your house is becoming more popular and I can see why! We are all so busy working, taking care of kids, and just with life. 

It seems like its getting harder with each passing day to find the time to keep our house clean on top of all our other responsibilities.

So, this is what you can do to make things easier for yourself. I am going to help you understand exactly what order to clean your house to get it clean fast.

1. Set a timer for cleaning 

There is just something about setting a timer that makes you clean faster. It’s kinda like a mental hack that if the timer is going then we need to get going too! 

Having the timer on will give us a sense of urgency to clean fast. This is one of my top tips for getting motivated to clean house too. 

I don’t know why. It just works. I don’t even like to take the time to set my timer on my phone, so I just use my Alexa

First, I tell Alexa to turn on my favorite music or radio station. (I love to clean with music) Then, I tell Alexa to set the timer. I have the Echo dot and I love it.

Ok, so now we are ready to clean. What’s next? 

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2. Do a walk around

Before you actually start cleaning you need to get things in their place. I like to walk around and see if there is any trash or dishes laying around.

You can even carry a small trash can or bag with you. 

Make sure that you cover your entire house. Don’t forget the rooms and bathrooms too.

Get all dishes to the sink and get trash into the trash cans. Also, put away anything else that’s out of place like shoes or clothes.

Doing this first will make it faster when you start cleaning because you won’t have to stop to pick up these little things.

how to clean house fast and easy

Make sure you get all the dishes in your kitchen into the sink also. Now you can go ahead and get the dishes washed.

I hate washing dishes, so I love to get it right out of the way. 

Now you are ready to start cleaning! 

3. Clean house from the top down

To make cleaning fast and easy you will want to clean from the top down. This means to clean the highest places first and then finish off with the floors. 

So you will want to go around and dust, wipe down the counters through your house. Don’t worry about using cleaner or spray just yet for the counters or bathrooms.

That will come later. Just get everything wiped off. 

Make sure you don’t just do this in one room at a time. You will want to do this through your whole house.

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4. Clean everything in steps (not by rooms)

You don’t want to go back in forth in your cleaning. You want to go step-by-step. When trying to speed clean, don’t focus on getting just one room clean at a time. 

You are going to be cleaning the entire house at once.

For example, when its time to get out the spray cleaner then you want to have everything ready to spray at once. Meaning this is your “spraying” step.

what order to clean house in

After I am done with getting all the surfaces wiped down in my house, then I get my spray out and go spray all the counters and showers.

Remember, not just in one room, all the rooms that need sprayed.

By doing this all in one step it gives you time to let the spray sit and then you can go wipe everything down. 

This is the fastest and easier way I have found to get things cleaned.

4. Save the sweeping and vacuuming for last 

Since we are cleaning from top down we are going to have really mess floors by now! So to finish up our cleaning we will need to first sweep and then vacuum. 

This is my favorite part! We are near the end and our house is going to look great after this last step. My favorite vacuum is the Dyson Ball.

It cleans the carpets and floors quick and does a great job of really getting it clean. 

Now your house looks amazing! ….and you can turn off your timer. 

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5. Cleaning gadgets to help clean fast 

One of my favorite hacks to getting my house clean is making sure I have the right cleaning tools to make the cleaning easier and quicker. 

Here are some of the best cleaning gadgets I would recommend (from experience) that can cut down your cleaning time. 

Spray cleaners that you love

The right spray cleaners are so important. I am very sensitive to certain types of cleaners.

You don’t want to be feeling sensitive when you are trying to clean your house fast. I recommend finding the right cleaners that smell good to you. 

I personally love this all purpose spray cleaner. It’s natural, doesn’t bother my allergies and cleans amazing.

None of the Method brand cleaners bother me and they all smell so good.

Many stores don’t carry this brand so I normally get mine from Target. My favorite is the mint which is a glass and surface cleaner.

I actually get excited to clean because it smells so great.

A vacuum that cleans with the first pass

The right vacuum can make a big difference. I have had great vacuums and not so great ones. When you want to clean fast and get it done right having a good vacuum is a must. 

With the no so great vacuums you have to go over the same spot many times just to get it clean. With this Dyson Animal (my favorite) you just have do go over it once, saving you a ton of time. 

Also, the cordless dyson is popular for speed cleaning because its cordless and easier to go from room to room.

I honestly have never tried it, so I can’t recommend it, but it’s on my wish list. I will let you know how it works once I get it!

The perfect broom and dust pan

You need to find a great broom and dust pan. Many people might think that all brooms and dust pans are made equal, but this is not true. 

Some brooms just don’t do a good job at sweeping and some dust pans are really hard to sweep everything into. You want a wide style broom and a dust pan that is flat to the floor for easy and fast cleaning. 

Look for dustpans that have a little rubber attachment on the bottom. Here are some of examples of a great broom and dust pan to get a better idea of what I am explaining.

A mop that doesn’t smear dirt

You want to find a mop that doesn’t just smear the dirt around your floors. Really this is a thing.

I bought a mop with a foam head that I literally had to mop my floors 2-3 times just to get them clean because it would leave dirt streaks behind. What a waste of time!

Then I found this one which was actually the same brand that I had before just a different style and it works so much better. Now, I only have to mop once and I never get smear marks.

Once you get all the right cleaning supplies that work for you it will make cleaning your house that much easier and faster.

You might even be able to beat the timer! 

I hope that these hacks help you understand exactly how you can clean your house fast and easy. From my experience all these tips work great.

I hope that they can help you to cut down on your cleaning time and get your house looking clean fast.

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