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How to Clean Snowboarding Goggles: What You Need to Know!

Snowboarding is fun, but having dirty goggles isn’t! Many people don’t know how to clean snowboarding goggles correctly. It is important that they get cleaned the right way so that the googles don’t get scratched or ruined. 

How to Clean Snowboarding Goggles? To clean snowboard goggles you should gently shake off any snow or water and let the goggles dry completely. Once dry you can lightly wipe them with a microfiber cloth or the google bag. 

You will be happy that you have nice clean goggles when you are on the mountain. In addition to the instructions above there are actually more things that you need to know about cleaning your googles.

How to Clean Snowboarding Goggles

Sometimes your googles will be wet with snow or water, and other times they will have fingerprints or dirt on them. 

Depending on the specific situation, there are different ways that you should clean your snowboard goggles. There are also different ways that you should clean your outer and inner lens. 

Knowing the right way to clean your snowboarding goggles will make sure that you keep your goggles from getting scratched and not damaging the anti-fog properties. 

Drying Your Googles When They Are Wet

Once you get snow or ice on your googles, this can cause them to fog and mess up your vision. You want to keep them as dry as possible, but you don’t want to just wipe them down all the time or they will scratch. 

Drying your googles is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is shake the snow off and then let them dry naturally. 

You never want to wipe them dry, even with a soft cloth. You should always avoid wiping them to remove moisture. Just let them dry naturally. You should do this for the inner and outer lens of your googles. 

Sometimes when you are snowboarding they might get really wet and be hard to dry depending on the conditions. When this happens your best options would be to take a break and go inside where it’s warm and dry, or keep an extra set of goggles and just change them out for dry ones. 

If you just don’t have time to let them dry, you could use a microfiber cloth, or the google bag that they came with and gently blot the cloth onto the goggles to suck up the excess moisture. 

It’s a good idea to just keep the google bag zipped up in your snowboarding jacket so that you always have it just in case. 

What to Use for Cleaning Your Snowboard Goggles

You should never use any cleaner or products for cleaning your snowboard goggles. The only thing you will ever need is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Most goggles come with a fabric bag that is microfiber and perfect for cleaning your googles. 

You might be tempted to use your sweatshirt, hand, or gloves to wipe your googles, but don’t ever do this. These fabrics are really rough and they will scratch your lens.

Cleaning The Inside of Your Googles 

The inside of your googles has the anti-fog coating that helps keep your goggles from fogging up. Since you never want to mess up this coating, you should always try to keep the inside of your goggles as clean as possible. 

If the interior is wet, you will want to shake off the snow and just let the moisture dry naturally. 

While we should try and keep our goggles as clean as possible, sometimes there are times when they can get dirt or smudges on them. 

Finger Marks or Dirt on Your Snowboard Goggles

If you find that your googles do end up having more than just moisture on them you will have to actually clean them. If this happens you will want to use a damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens down. 

Just make sure that your microfiber cleaning cloth is damp not wet, and that when you wipe it you are really careful and slow. 

Also, never get your cleaning cloth wet from the snow, because snow can actually be really dirty and debris that might end up scratching your lense. Use just regular water instead. 

Keeping Your Googles Clean and Protected

The less you have to wipe down and clean your googles the longer they will last. That is why it is important to take the time to care for them and keep them protected in the first place. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep them clean and scratch free.  

First, make sure that you never touch the inner and outer lens of your goggles. When you are handling them always touch only the plastic outer edge or the strap. 

Also, try not to handle your goggles while you have your gloves on. Your gloves are thick and it can be hard to not accidentally touch the lens when you are taking them on and off. If you can, put your goggles on first, then put your gloves on. 

When you set your googles down, make sure you never place them with the lens side facing down or touching something. They should always be placed with the lens side up or to the side.

A snowboard, gloves, and snowboarding goggles sitting on the snow.

How To Properly Store Your Googles

Make sure that you are storing your snowboarding goggles properly. You should always place your googles into the storage bag that they came with. This will help to prevent scratches. 

It also is a great idea to get a hard case for them. The best way to keep them protected would be to store them in the soft bag, and then place them in the hard goggle carrying case. 

When you are done snowboarding for the day you should always let your googles dry out before storing them in their cases. If you store them while they are wet they will not last as long. 

Try and prevent keeping your googles stored in extreme temperatures. You don’t want to leave them in an extremely cold car, or somewhere where it’s really hot in the summer. Keep them stored inside at room temperature when not in use. 

Read The Manufacture Cleaning and Care Instructions

All different types of snowboarding goggles might have different instructions. Certain types of googles can require a specific type of cleaning or care. 

While this article is a general overview of how to clean your googles, it’s always good to check the cleaning and storage instructions that come with your googles. 

Cleaning Snowboard Goggles Overview

Just to remember, here are all the things you need to do to keep your snowboarding goggles clean and scratch free. 

  • Store them in the microfiber bag that they came with and a hard google case too. 
  • Keep the microfiber bag with you in your pocket while boarding in case you need to use it. 
  • Never wipe or touch your google lens with anything other than the storage bag or a microfiber cleaning cloth. 
  • Don’t using any cleaning products on your googles.
  • Shake the goggles to remove snow and water then let them dry naturally
  • When handling your googles only touch the outer plastic and the strap, try to use your bare hands instead of your gloves. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that these tips for how to clean snowboarding goggles helps you to know exactly how to care for and keep your goggles clean.

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