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How to Declutter Your Home – 10 Tips That Actually Work

How to Declutter Your Home – 10 Tips That Actually Work

Being surrounded by clutter can make you overwhelmed, stressed and unable to relax.

Don’t worry if you are having a hard time decluttering your home.

How to declutter your home 

Living in a home that is decluttered, clean and organized feels amazing.

I am sure that we can all agree that it feels great, but the harder thing is learning how to declutter your home.

I have some great tips that help me keep my home clean and decluttered and also some hacks for cleaning that work for others.

I hope they will work for you too! Check them out below.

1. Keep a specific place for junk

There is no way around it. You are going to have some clutter that you will get everyday that you can’t avoid.

The key is to create a system and place for it so that you can keep it under control. 

Get a basket or create a space in an empty draw specifically for all this incoming junk.

Things like mail, paperwork, kids papers, and more. Their will always be something!

The types of things that we don’t want to sort through right when we get them but can’t just throw them away. 

Instead of piling it all on your counter or table just place them into the the new place you created.

Then once per week go through it and clear it out.

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2. Find a donation center 

I think that sometimes we don’t get rid of things because we don’t know what to do with it all.

We don’t want certain things, but we also don’t want to throw throw it all away. 

If you find a great place to donate too, you won’t feel this way.

Instead, you will feel great getting rid of your clutter knowing that it can be a blessing to others. 

After you find a donation place, figure out the times and locations that they accept donations.

Make a plan to get things together to drop off. The number one thing that you can do to declutter your home is to get rid of the clutter. 

If you haven’t used something in a year, or it doesn’t fit, or maybe it just takes up too much space in your home, then it’s time to get rid of it.

3. Set rules for your spaces

To keep your home decluttered you will want to have an idea of exactly how you want each space to look at it’s best.

This becomes your baseline.

Make it your new rule to try and keep a space looking this way as much as possible. 

If you have a specific way that you want your bedroom or living room to look then it will be easier to achieve this by setting a rule.

This rule will help you to keep things in order and others in your house too. 

4. Focus on one room at a time

Pick just one room that you want to declutter at a time.

If you try to declutter too much at once you will get overwhelmed and might even give up.

So stay focused on one room, then when you are done move to the next. 

Seeing the first space looking clean and decluttered will help motivate you to keep decluttering the rest of your home.

So instead of getting overwhelmed you will get excited.

5. Use technology to reduce clutter

I love this tip! Are there any things that you could replace in your home with technology?

I love to buy things like books in digital format instead of a hard copy.

This helps to keep my home from filling up will books that I probably will never read again. 

If you haven’t already I would suggest signing up for email statements instead of paper.

This reduces junk mail and clutter. Also, instead of holding on to papers, you could start scanning them and saving it in a digital format. 

This cuts down on clutter and makes it easier for you to get rid of things knowing that you will have a backup copy saved if you need it in the future. 

6. Keep caught up on laundry

Nothing make the house look more cluttered than laundry. I love to do just a little bit of laundry everyday.

This has eliminated my laundry day (since I am doing it everyday), created more time, and made my home look much less cluttered. 

Make it your goal to start doing at least 1 load per day and see how much less cluttered your house will begin to feel. 

7. Watch what you buy

When you are making a new purchase for your home really take into consideration if this new item is going to make your space cluttered. 

This will keep your home less cluttered and make it less that you have to go through and get rid of overtime.

Really be picky about what you buy and bring into your home. 

8. Don’t just buy more storage stuff

I think that many people have made the mistake of buying a bunch of storage bins when they are getting ready to declutter.

I know that I am guilty of this mistake in the past! 

More storage is not always the answer.

You don’t want to just hide the clutter away, because evenly it will creep back up on you.

The key to decluttering is to get rid of it. To minimize what you need to have in your home and in your storage containers. 

Step one should be eliminating clutter.

Only after you have gotten rid of the unnecessary things should you go out and buy containers, baskets, and organizers.

You will definitely want to purchase these things, but just save them for last. 

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9. Declutter with the seasons

There are certain things that we will use in the winter but not in the summer.

To cut back on clutter you can store your off season stuff away in the garage or attic.

Extra blankets, heavy coats, and winter decorations should be in your garage packed away at the end of the winter season. 

Rotate with the seasons. This is great for kids rooms too.

I do this with my kids clothes in their dressers and things stay so much less cluttered and organized. 

10. Plan to keep down clutter 

Make a plan and stick to it. Plan to declutter your home and keep it that way.

You will find yourself enjoying a nice clean organized space instead of just constantly fighting the clutter.

Having a plan is the easiest way to make sure that you stick to your goal of having a clutter free home. 

I hope that all these tips on how to declutter your home and life help you to get some ideas on how to clean out your space and make it look and feel great. 

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