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7 Tips To Try When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

7 Tips To Try When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Let’s face it. Some days we just really don’t feel like working out. 

You’re tired, busy, it’s too cold, and so many other excuses can come to mind when it’s time to workout. 

We have all been there and felt that way. 

How to Get Motivated To Workout

If you want to crush your fitness goals but just don’t feel like doing your workout then you need the seven tips below.

They will get you motivated to actually do your workout, even when you don’t feel like it.

1. Don’t Think About It

If you let yourself stop and think about doing your workout, like it is an option, then you will easily talk yourself out of it. 

Try to catch yourself when you are thinking about it and just stop thinking and get your mind on something else. 

If you really want to make sure that you are working out everyday then you need to not see it as an option, but something you don’t have a choice to do. 

2. Make a Schedule in Advance

It’s so much easier to stay motivated and stick to your workouts when you actually have a schedule. 

It might even be easier for you to print the schedule so that you can physically mark off each daily workout. 

Think about it like a checklist. You do the workout and then you get to check it off the list. 

It will help to motivate you to actually get the workout finished so that you can mark it done on your schedule. 

3. Just Put Your Workout Clothes On

When you find yourself not feeling your workout then just immediately go put your workout clothes on. 

You don’t have to start working out right away, but by taking the first step of putting your workout clothes on then you are halfway there. 

I use this tip often.

I don’t know why it works so well but once I already have my clothes on it just makes it that much easier to make sure I get my workout done. 

So next time you think about skipping, get your workout clothes on and it might just be the push you need to get started. 

4. Make a Commitment and Hold Yourself To It

If you really want to see weight loss or fitness results then you have to have a plan. 

You also have to be fully 100% committed to making that plan happen no matter what. 

Don’t tell yourself that you are going to try and workout more. This is not a set plan. 

Instead really commit and plan exactly what you are going to do each day to reach your goal. 

Then when each day comes, you know what you need to do, and most importantly you know that you have to do it. 

Hold yourself to it daily and don’t give yourself an option.

Just make it happen or you will never reach your goals. 

5. Make Sure You are Eating Healthy

When you have a bad day of eating, it can be tempting to just not workout. 

It’s like you have already eaten so much bad food that why even try. 

This is why eating healthy will not only help you with your weight loss goals, it will help to keep you motivated to complete your workouts. 

6. Put on Some Music

Make yourself a workout playlist of all the songs that really get you pumped. 

This is an easy hack to really get you from the mindset of not feeling your workout, to actually getting excited about working out. 

Then when you feel like not working out, turn on your playlist, before you know it you will be ready to workout. 

7. Remind Yourself of Your Goal

What is your goal? Make sure you have an exact set goal. 

Not just to lose weight or get healthier.

Make yourself an actual goal. For example, “I will lose 10 pounds” 

Write your goal down and remind yourself daily of what your goal is. 

This will help to keep you motivated everyday. 

It will also help when you are not feeling your workout, because you can just remind yourself of your goal and why you need to do your workout to make it happen.

I hope that all these tips and suggestions will get you motivated to do your workout the next time you don’t want to.

While it might seem hard day by day, change will never happen if you keep giving in and not making it happen. 

A year from now you will be happy that you stuck to it and be proud of the progress that you have made.