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How To Make Glitter Ornaments With Polycrylic Step-by-Step

How To Make Glitter Ornaments With Polycrylic Step-by-Step

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Glitter ornaments are so beautiful and sparkly. I am going to show you how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic step-by-step.

They are also a very easy craft project that you can make for Christmas.

These hand made ornaments are a fun family project and the best part about them is that the glitter is on the inside so there is no glittery mess. 

how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic

How To Make Glitter Ornaments With Polycrylic 

Some people make glitter ornaments with hair spray, mop and glow or other gules instead of using polycrylic.

These will all work to glitter your ornaments, but I perfer the Polycrylic because it will last longer and it gives a beautiful finish. 

clear plastic glitter ornaments


  • Plastic or glass clear ornaments
  • Fine glitter
  • Clear gloss polycrylic
  • Thin ribbon
  • Tiny paper cups

Where to Get Your Supplies

I purchased my polycrylic from Lowes, they also have it at Walmart and any hardware store. Look for the one that says clear gloss. 

The clear ornaments can be found at The Dollar Store, or most craft stores. You can even get different sizes and shapes. 

diy glitter ornaments

When looking for the right glitter try to find a super fine glitter rather than the larger chunky glitter.

I personally think that the fine glitter gives a much better result. 

I found my glitter at Walmart and it was very affordable for a large bottle.

glitter to add to plastic ornaments

If you want to use ribbon to hang the ornaments you can purchase this from almost any craft store. 

Here are some links below to similar supplies on Amazon if you would rather order online.

Here is a set of 25 Clear Plastic Ornaments.

This is the same pink glitter that I used.

I also found the caribbean blue glitter and the white crystal diamond glitter.

This is also the same exact clear gloss polycrylic that I used.

I got my tiny cups from The Dollar Tree but here are some similar cups on Amazon.

I found my ribbon at Michaels but I found this similar ribbon on Amazon too.

1. Add Polycrylic into Your Ornament

The first step to make your glittered ornament is to add the polycrylic inside. This will be what the glitter sticks to. 

Carefully take off the ornament lid and pour some of the polycrylic into a tiny paper cup.

polycrylic for glitter ornaments

I filled my tiny paper cup about a 1/4 of the way and there was enough to make a couple ornaments. 

Its much easier to add the polycrylic into the tiny cup and then pour it into the ornament. 

You can set the ornament upside down on top of another paper cup to make it easier to pour the polycrylic inside. 

2. Swirl the Polycrylic To Cover Inside

Once you have some polycrylic inside your ornament you will want to pick it up and gently swirl it around until you have the entire inside coated.

You can add more in if you need to, but just make sure that all areas are coated.

Also, you want to gently swirl it, don’t shake it or it might cause air bubbles. 

After it is covering the entire inside set the ornament upside down in the tiny paper cup of polycrylic so that the excess can drain out.

Let it sit for about 1 minute before adding your glitter.

3. Add The Glitter into The Ornament

Next you will need to add in some glitter.

I used a small sheet of paper to make a tiny funnel, but you could just pour it right into the ornament instead of using a funnel. 

Once you have your glitter inside you gently swirl the glitter around the ornament so that it sticks to the entire inside of the ornament.

cover inside of ornament with glitter

Pour the excess glitter back into the bottle. 

4. Let the Glitter Ornament Dry and Put Cap On

You will want to let your ornament dry for a few hours or overnight before adding the cap back on.

To hang my ornaments I tied a small piece of ribbon onto the cap and it looked so pretty. 

making glitter ornaments with polycrylic

This is optional, you can just hang it with a mental ornament hanger instead. 

Now you are all done! You can hang them on your tree, or give them as a gift. 

polycrylic glitter christmas ornaments

I was surprised at how little polycrylic and glitter that I used to make my ornaments. Just a little bit really goes a long way. 

diy christmas ornament glitter

If you would rather watch video, then here is a link to a video that I made on how to make glitter ornaments.

I hope that this helps you learn how to make glitter ornaments with polycrylic and that your ornaments turn out amazing. 

This is such as fun an easy Christmas DIY project that would be perfect to decorate your tree with custom colors, and do together as a family. 

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