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5 Instagram Story Ideas for Sunsets Pictures You Will Want To Try

5 Instagram Story Ideas for Sunsets Pictures You Will Want To Try

There is nothing better than an amazing sunset to end the day.

Pink skies are my favorite and I think we should all take more time to watch the sunset. 

Instagram Story Ideas for Sunsets

Have your own sunset pictures? Check out these Instagram story ideas that were edited using only the instagram app.

Also I have a great list of sunset Instagram captions if you need some caption ideas.

#1 Beautiful sunset

I love this one because it’s simple and easy to make and you can still see most of the photo.

#2 Sun Style

This is also really simple to make.

Just use the wide tip marker to draw sun, erase the middle with a large eraser and place the word “sunset” in the middle.

I also like that this one shows the date and location.

Would be perfect for a travel sunset picture.

#3 Cherish every sunset

This one is a bit harder to make but still not that bad.

The doodles are made using just the fine tip marker by making first a heart and then an arrow.

#4 Sunset is my favorite color

This one perfect for your golden hour photo.

Not to hard to make. The sun part is made using the fine tip marker.

The other fonts are made using the same color scheme as the photo.

#5 Pink skies sunset

This one is fun and colorful. I love pinks, blues, and pastels.

Just make the sun using the fine tip marker and use the eraser to erase the sun rays.

I hope that these story ideas for sunset edits inspire you to create all the best stories for your instagram sunset pictures.

Remember…. every sunset is beautiful 🙂

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Want to try making your own sunset Instagram stories?

Check out this instagram story ideas video to see how I made all the edits above using only the Instagram app.