100 Kayak Captions for Your Next Adventure on the Water!

Kayaking is a fun way to get outdoors and spend some time on the water. From a relaxing kayak on a calm lake to a thrilling ride though rough rapids, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure.

To help you come up with the perfect way to caption your pictures, I’ve created this list of captions for kayaking.

Feel free to use these kayak captions when sharing your photos!

woman on a kayak

1. I’d rather be kayaking.

2. Take me to the river.

3. Life is simple just add water.

4. I just want to go Kayaking…. everyday.

5. Paddle to paradise.

6. Finding peace on the water.

7. Nature’s playground.

8. This is my meditation.

9. Kayaking makes life better.

10. My kayak is my antidepressant.

11. Keep calm and paddle on.

12. Born to kayak forced to work.

13. Adventure is out there.

14. Kayaking my worries away.

15. Kayak addiction.

16. Stress is not cause by kayaking enough.

17. Water warrior.

18. Happiness is a day in my kayak.

19. Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.

20. Money can’t buy happiness…. but it can buy a kayak.

woman kayaking

21. Paddles up.

22. Nature’s rollercoaster.

23. The ultimate adventure.

24. Go with the flow.

25. My kayak is calling. I must go.

26. Eat. Sleep. Kayak. Repeat.

27. Weekend forecast: 100% chance of Kayaking.

28. You had me at kayak.

29. Finding my adventure on the water.

30. Paddle on.

31. I love kayaking….. the end.

32. Born to paddle.

33. Kayaking is a way of life.

34. If I am not Kayaking, I’m dreaming about it.

35. Praying for calm waters.

36. Let’s go find some adventure.

37. Just another day on the water.

38. Happiness is a day of kayaking.

39. I am all about my water sports.

40. Kayaking has never felt so good.

people kayaking

41. Come kayak with me.

42. Never miss a moment in the water.

43. Let’s paddle all day.

44. Getting lost on the lake.

45. I make my own waves.

46. Life is short, enjoy the ride.

47. This is my happy place.

48. Kayak selfie time.

49. Kayaking mode: ON.

50. Making waves.

51. Never stop paddling.

52. Time for some fun on the water.

53. Always say yes to kayaking.

54. I am addicted to kayaking.

55. There is no better view than from my kayak.

56. Anytime is a good time for kayaking.

57. My escape from reality.

58. You had me at Kayaking.

59. The best whitewater adventure.

60. I am having more fun than you.

two people in kayaks

61. Sometimes you just need to get off land.

62. Living life on the water.

63. The best way to spend a day!

64. Life without kayaking is not life.

65. I’d rather be on my kayak.

66. Feeling the thrill of the water.

67. On the water until the sun goes down.

68. Kayaking season is here.

69. So much water, so little time.

70. Let’s get lost on the water.

71. Living that kayak life.

72. Floating into the weekend.

73. My best friend may be a kayak.

74. Everything is better on the water.

75. Money doesn’t buy happiness…. but it buys a kayak!

76. Living that kayak life.

77. Gone kayaking.

78. These are the days I live for.

79. Find your flow.

80. Kayaking is always the answer.

81. Kayaking hair, don’t care.

kayak on the beach

82. But first, kayaking.

83. Always enjoying the ride.

84. You had me at kayak.

85. Life is for kayaking.

86. Memories on the water last a lifetime.

87. Sunsets are better from a kayak.

88. Another summer day at the lake.

89. Paddles up!

90. No worries allowed in the kayak.

91. Find me on the water.

92. If I am not kayaking, I’m dreaming about it.

93. Race you to the shore.

94. I am addicted to my waterspouts.

95. So much water, so little time.

96. Kayak = adventure!

97. The kayak life.

98. This is happiness….

99. Just out here on the water living my best life.

100. Praying for smooth waters.

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