50 Lavender Field Captions for Instagram That Are Pure Bliss!

woman in lavender field

If you are looking for lavender field Instagram captions, then you are in luck! There is nothing quite as beautiful as blooming rows of purple lavender plants. These stunning plants also smell as good as they look. 

Lavender is known to purify your body and mind. The plants are named after the purple color of their leaves. The scent of these flowers can help you feel calmer and elevate your mood. 

Since lavender has so many uses, there are entire farms dedicated to growing and harvesting fields of lavender. One blooming lavender plant is beautiful, but seeing a sea of purple blooming rows of these plants is an experience. 

People love visiting lavender fields to take photos. If you are visiting a lavender field, at the end of the day you will definitely feel more relaxed, and have some pretty photos on your camera roll. You are going to need the perfect captions for sharing all your pictures. 

Lavender Field Captions

1. Live life in full bloom. 

2. Endless fields of lavender.

3. Always look for the purple blooms. 

4. Lavender fields are always a good idea.

5. Spread seeds of happiness.

6. If you need me, I’ll be smelling the lavender.

7. Purple blooms as far as the eye can see.

8. I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck.

9. Water your roots so that your soul can blossom. 

10. I dream in shades of purple.

11. Lavender love. 

12. Fresh lavender is my favorite smell. 

13. Happiness blooms from within.

14. Lavender blooms & relaxed vibes. 

15. Lavender makes me happy!

16. Keep calm and smell some lavender. 

17. Let love grow.

18. Lavender fields & lavender skies.

19. Let your dreams blossom.

20. What’s better than the fresh aroma of lavender? 

21. Relaxed. Calm. Beautiful. 

22. Purple dreams.

23. Fields are for relaxing.

24. The best days are spent in lavender fields.

25. Wine + Lavender = happiness! 

26. Mother nature has the best shades of purple.

27. A lavender field is my favorite kind of field.

28. Let your dreams blossom. 

29. If you find yourself unhappy, visit a lavender field.

30. Always stop to smell the lavender. 

31. Sunsets and lavender blooms.

32. This lavender field is what dreams are made of. 

33. Life is more beautiful with lavender. 

34. Living my best life in a field of blooms.

35. Lavender field dreams.

36. I could just fall asleep here.

37. One upon a time in a lavender field.

38. Lost in the lavender field

39. Can YOU smell the lavender?

40. Lavender field of dreams.

41. When in doubt, go find some lavender. 

42. I wish I could have a lavender field in my backyard.

43. A sweet escape. 

44. There is nothing more magical than a lavender field at sunset. 

45. I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous lavender field.

46. If summer had a smell, this would be it. 

47. My heart is filled with lavender. 

48. Beautiful day in a beautiful place.

49. Purple is my favorite color.

50. Checking “visit a lavender field” off my bucket list.

51. You belong in the fields of lavender. 

52. Happiness is finding a field full of lavender blooms.

53. Today’s good mood is thanks to the lavender blooms.

54. If I were a flower, I’d be a lavender. 

55. Good vibes and purple blooms. 

56. Are you ready to bloom?

57. Daydreaming in purple.

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