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11 Genius Money Saving Tips From the Experts

11 Genius Money Saving Tips From the Experts

I am sure that most of us want to save money money in life. I know I do!

Too often we say that we will start saving once we get a raise or sometime in the future.

Money Saving Tips 

This can make it so that we never actually start saving money. The fastest way to start saving money is by just making it happen. 

This can seem like an impossible thing to do if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

Don’t worry, the experts have some great tips that you can use to find ways of cutting expenses so that you can start saving money quick.

Even if you can only start by saving just a little bit, it will eventually add up. Let’s start saving today! 

1. Lower your grocery bill

You might not think that this is possible, but there are ways that you can cut down your grocery bill.

First, make sure that you check to see what you already have in your pantry before you head to the store. 

Next, plan your meals ahead of time. This will help you know exactly what ingredients to by that you will actually be using.

You don’t want to waste money on on things you don’t really need.

Then, when you are at the store stick to your list, don’t buy extras. You will be surprised at how much this will help you in grocery store savings each month. 

2. Cancel automatic subscriptions 

I am sure we all have at least one automatic subscription or membership.

Check your monthly statement and see if there are any subscription services that you could cancel.

This is a quick and easy way to start saving some money. 

3. Buy generic or on sale

Check the sales before you head out to the store.

When you are shopping make sure you look at the prices and compare the price of different brands.

Store brands are just as good and they are often priced much lower. 

You might only save a couple cents per item.

This may not seem like much, but you add up a couple cents or dollars per item and times it by all the items you buy in a month, it will be a huge savings.

I like to check store apps to see if they have any special coupons before I go shopping.

Sometimes you can save an extra 20% or more. I prefer the apps since its easier than cutting coupons and I can check them right when I am in the store parking lot. 

4. Cancel your cable 

This is a quick way you can save an extra hundred bucks a month. Do you really need cable service?

The experts suggest canceling your cable but keeping your internet.

You can always watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, or Hulu for much cheaper. 

5. Automatic transfer into savings

When you get your paycheck its too easy to spend it all right away.

Instead you should save first, and then stick to your budget and spend what is left.

To save you an extra step of transferring money to savings, just set up an automatic transfer.

It doesn’t have to be a large amount, even if you are on a tight budget, just set it up for a few dollars.

6. Use any extra unexpected money to pay down debt

Get a tax return or unexpected bonus at work? Don’t just waste the extra money.

Instead experts suggest that you use any extra money to pay off debt. This will help you save money each month in interest fees. 

If you haven’t looked at your credit card statement lately, look at your interest charge per month.

It’s about average for a credit card with a couple thousand dollars to cost about $60 or more in interest every month.

If you could get the credit card paid off, that would be $60 a month that you could save.

If you have more than one card, it adds up to even more of a savings. 

7. Reduce energy costs

One bill that does change every month is your energy bill. Are there things you could do to keep this down?

Some ideas might be to lower your thermostat in the winter, or set it higher in the summers.

Think about ways you could save water, cut back on laundry, and turn off lights when not in the room. 

8. Eat at home

Just by eating at home you will save a ton of money each month.

Going out to eat for lunch or dinner might be convent, but the cost really adds up quick.

The experts suggest planing your meals and making sure that you are eating at home, or packing your lunches as much as possible. 

9. Lower cell phone bill

How much a month do you pay for your cell phone bill?

There are great services out there for as low as $50 a month that included unlimited text, data, and calls.

If you are paying more than this you should check into other service providers and get switched over to start saving today.

10. Fix it yourself before buying something new

When something breaks, it’s easy to just go out an buy a new one.

Experts suggest that the next time something break, see if you can fix it yourself.

There are so many youtube videos and diy websites on fixing things where you can just follow along.

Sometimes when an appliance breaks it just needs a new part, and instead of buying a new washer or dryer you could just buy a new part for much cheaper.

Don’t want to fix it yourself, check online in your town, there might be appliance repair services that will come to your house to fix things for you.

This might cost you more than fixing it yourself, but you will still be saving money.

11. Sell things that you don’t need

Have extra things in your house that you don’t use?

Maybe even an extra car or an RV. Take inventory of things that you could get rid of.

This could cut down on insurance costs for vehicles, and it could put money in your savings account. 

Even things like clothes or household items could be sold to get some extra money to pay of debt and help you to save some money.

I love this tip since it also helps you to keep your house clean. You are cleaning up and saving money! 

If you don’t have extra money, it can seem so hard to start saving.

Just pick a couple of these tips and stick to them and you will be surprised at how much progress that you see in your savings. 

I know once I start seeing progress it motivates me to try harder.

Even if you can start by saving a few dollars ever week, at least you are getting started.

Sometimes that hardest part is getting started! I hope that these tips motivate you and that start saving some money and paying off debt.

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