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56 Short Nature Instagram Captions for Your Photos

56 Short Nature Instagram Captions for Your Photos

There is nothing quite like spending time in nature.

An adventure in nature is sure to refresh your soul and make you want to take some pictures.

Here are some short nature Instagram captions for your photos.

Always remember to take some nature time. 

Nature Instagram Captions

Keep it natural

Breathe the wild air

Let your heart be your compass

mountains covered in grass

Live simply

Go move mountains

Live in the sunshine

Lost in the woods

Take a hike

forest with trees and bamboo

Go where you feel most alive

Adventure awaits

Nature feels beautiful

Bloom where you are planted

The mountains are calling

forest and mountains in the fall

Adopt the pace of nature

Healing power of nature

Into the wild 

Go explore

Nature is my teacher

grass covered mountain side with waterfall

Nature is my anti-depressant 

More adventure, less worry

Find your wild

Get out more

Never stop exploring

woman hiking up a mountain

Find me where the wild things are

Keep close to nature

Powered by nature

Wild + Free

Get lost in nature

woman walking through a forest

Wilderness adventure

Wild thing


Nature is my medicine

Kind soul. Brave spirit.

girl relaxing on a grass covered hill overlooking the ocean


Nature is my home

Never stop exploring

Be a force of nature

If you need me, I’ll be outside

forest full of small trees

Say yes to adventure

The adventure begins

Life is wild

Keep close to nature’s heart

Take the trails

grass covered valley with mountains in the background

Let’s escape to the woods

Explore more

Live adventurously

Wander where wifi is weak

Explore the world around you

red poppies and wildflowers in a field

Go wild for awhile

Nature is my favorite color

Roam far & wander wide

There is beauty in simplicity

Seek adventure

wildflowers with mountains in the background

Go with the flow of nature

Green vibes only

Nature never goes out of style

It’s really true….nature will never go out of style!

girl walking along flowered covered path

I hope that you get to have more wild adventures and that these nature Instagram captions help you to add that nature vibe to all your pictures.

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