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57 Ocean Captions for Instagram to Use on Your Pictures by the Sea

There is just something so special about the ocean.

When you are next to it your problems just seem a little bit smaller.

Everything in life feels so much better near the ocean.

Personally, I think we all need more days at the beach.

Not only is it amazing, some of my very favorite photos are one’s that I have taken at the ocean.

To help you with your pictures, I have gathered all my favorite captions and put them together below.

Here are some ocean captions for Instagram that you can use to caption your pictures.

Everyday at the ocean is a good day!

Ocean Captions 

The ocean is calling

Make waves

The ocean has my heart

ocean with sea side cliff

Salty like the ocean

Our love is as deep as the ocean

Take me to the sea

Let the sea set you free

You, the ocean, and me

tropical palm trees with blue ocean in the background

Ocean vibes

Eat. sleep. Ocean. Repeat

Be shore of yourself

All I need is some vitamin sea

Ocean air. Salty hair

photo of oceans and cliffs from above

Saltwater heals everything

Meet me where the sky touches the sea

As free as the ocean

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea

Palm trees and ocean breeze

waves rolling onto sand at the beach

All good things come in waves

The ocean is my happy place

Avoid pier pressure

The salt and the sea is all I need

Take me to the sea

man in the distance standing on cliff near the ocean

Go with the flow

I dream of the ocean

Sun & Sea

As endless as the ocean

Sea life’s beauty

island with trees out in the blue ocean

Life is better at the ocean

Ocean child

The ocean has my heart

Love deeper than the ocean

Home is where the ocean is

looking out from cave at blue ocean

Wild and free just like the sea

The Ocean calls

Flow with it

Salt water therapy

Stay wild ocean child

ocean waves

As free as the ocean

Sea you soon

The ocean is always a good idea

Life is swell

High tides & good vibes

looking down on palm trees, beach, and clear blue ocean

Let your dreams set sail

Salt water is good or the soul

Breath in the ocean

If I could live here

Home is where the ocean meets the shore

woman walking to ocean through the sand dunes

Ocean lover

Ocean is my favorite color

Salty but sweet

Life is simple. Just add water.

Happiness comes in waves

people surfing in the ocean

You can never have too much ocean

The ocean is full of untamed magic

Paradise found here

Sea la vie!

I hope that your adventure was the best ever and that these ocean captions are the perfect touch to all your photos.

Remember to always make time for the ocean…. See you at the Sea! 

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