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Aloha Meaning – What Does Aloha Mean in Hawaii?

The word aloha is something that many people have heard and associate with Hawaii. If you asked someone “what does aloha mean?” they would probably tell you that it means…

The word aloha is something that many people have heard and associate with Hawaii. If you asked someone “what does aloha mean?” they would probably tell you that it means “hello” or “goodbye” but the true meaning of “Aloha” is much deeper. 

living aloha life

To comprehend the real essence of the aloha meaning you have to understand that aloha isn’t something that can be defined. It is more of a connection and presence than it is a word. Aloha is a a way of being and it is a way of life.

Aloha is a hawaiian word that translates in to english as “the presence of divine breath”. The word Aloha is actually made up of 2 words. The word (Alo) meaning presence or front and face and (ha) meaning breath. While this translation might be helpful it doesn’t explain the true spirt of Aloha.

true meaning of aloha

Aloha is a way of being, love, peace, compassion, and mutual respect. Aloha is to live in balance, and harmony with the earth and people around you. It is joining with the spirt of people that surround you, offering mercy, sympathy, grace and kindness. It is caring for yourself and others. 

It is often used a greeting since it represents affection and mutual respect. The aloha spirt is about giving and receiving and leaving people whole. The more you put in the more you receive. It is the spirit that is in the core of each of us and connects us to the divine and each other. 

what is the meaning of aloha

Living Aloha is:

Akahi- kindness to be expressed with tenderness
Lokahi- unity to be expressed with harmony
Oluolu- agreeable to be expressed with pleasantness
Haahaa- humility to be expressed with modesty
Ahonui- patience to be expressed with perseverance

Aloha is so powerful that we can’t fully understand its significance. When traveling to Hawaii visitors are treated with the spirt of aloha. It is a strong presence and one of the reasons that visiting hawaii is such an amazing experience. 

aloha hawaii

The great thing about the spirit of aloha is that you don’t have to travel to Hawaii to experience the gift. You can embrace the spirt of aloha in your own live and share it with others. Lets live in the spirt of aloha starting now…. Live Aloha.

“Aloha to learn what is not said, to see what cannot be seen & to know the unknowable.” -Queen Lili’uokalani

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Bonfire Beaches in Los Angeles: Top 5 LA Beaches With Fire Pits

Want to do something different than the regular LA stuff? Sometimes it fun to just have a quiet warm evening chatting with your friends and family. One of the best…

Want to do something different than the regular LA stuff? Sometimes it fun to just have a quiet warm evening chatting with your friends and family. One of the best way to get out and make some memories together is to have a bonfire on the beach.

There are certain beaches in Los Angeles that allow bonfires and even have fire pits set up for you to enjoy.

la beach bonfire

Planing Your Bonfire Tips

Arrive Early

There are only so many fire pits available on the beaches. You should get there as early as possible so that you can save your fire pit. Many people even get there in the morning, spend the entire day at the beach, and then they already have their spot saved for their bonfire.

Stay Warm

At night it is cold and windy on the beach. Even though you will be by a hot fire you will want to bring a jacket, or blankets.

Do Something Special

To make your bonfire even more fun plan something special. Maybe bring stuff for roasting smores, food, or some games.

Packing for the Bonfire

The best way to have the perfect fire is to make sure that you will have everything that you need. Also some of the beach parking rules don’t let you leave and come back. So you will want to make you you don’t forget anything. Here is a  list of exactly what you should bring.

  • Fire Wood
  • Starter Wood
  • Matches
  • Newspaper
  • Blankets (some to sit on and some to wrap up in)
  • Flashlight
  • Stuff for Smores
  • Chairs (camp table)
  • Cooler full of Drinks and Snacks
  • Napkins or wet wipes
  • Cash or Credit Card for Parking Fees

Beach Bonfire Rules

  • Pick up your trash
  • Don’t use sand to put out the fire (use water to put out fires)
  • Bring your own fire wood (you can’t take wood from the beach)
  • Any grills or barbecues must fit inside the fire pit (2″ wide)

Bonfire Beaches Los Angeles:

Leo Carrillo State Park – Malibu, CA

Beach: Leo Carrilo State Park

Address: 35000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

More info: This is one of the only beaches that is dog friendly but requires a leash. Beach offers swimming, surfing, windsurfing, surf fishing and beachcombing. Also has tidepools, coastal caves and reefs for exploring, and hiking trails.

Dockweiler Beach – Playa de Rey, CA

Beach: Dockweiler State Beach

Address: 12001 Vista del Mar Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Fire Pits: 40 fire pits – first come first serve

More info: Dockweiler has volleyball courts, hangliding, and surf fishing. No dogs are allowed. It is located underneath the path of LAX take off so the planes overhead can get noisy.

Huntington State Beach – Huntington Beach, CA

huntington beach la

Beach: Huntington State Beach

Address: 21601 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

More info: No alcohol, glass, dogs, smoking. Over 200 fire rings (first come – first serve basis) There are volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a multi-use trail. A popular spot for swimming, surfing, fishing and birdwatching.

Point Mugu State Beach – Malibu, CA

Point Mugu State Beach Malibu

Beach: Point Mugu State Beach

Address: 9000 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

More info: There are more than 70 miles of hiking trails. The beach also features swimming, body surfing and surf fishing. Located in the Santa Monica mountains, features five miles of ocean shoreline, with rocky bluffs, sandy beaches, sand dunes, rugged hills and uplands.

Cabrillo Beach – San Pedro, CA

Beach: Cabrillo Beach

Address: 3720 Stephen M White Drive San Pedro, CA 90731

More info: The Mile-long Cabrillo Beach is popular for swimming, surfing, scuba diving and volleyball. The beach also has Picnic tables, a snack bar and a playground. Dogs on a leash are allowed.

Bonfire Beaches In Los Angeles

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The Ultimate Snowboard Trip Packing List: Ski and Snowboarding Essentials

Your first time snowboarding or skiing can be exciting but a little scary at the same time. Since you don’t know what to expect then you have no idea what…

Your first time snowboarding or skiing can be exciting but a little scary at the same time. Since you don’t know what to expect then you have no idea what you should pack.

Making sure that you have everything that you need will make your trip even more exciting. Here is a complete snowboard trip packing list to make sure that you will be prepared.

ski and snowboard trip packing must haves



Since you are going to be in the cold snow you must make sure that you stay warm and dry. You should try to find a waterproof and insulated ski jacket.

Waterproof Ski Pants

You will also need some waterproof snow pants. Invest in some good comfortable ones that will last you awhile.


If it is your first time snowboarding you might not be ready to invest in a snowboard. Fortunately, most ski lodges offer rental equipment so that you don’t have to purchase your boots, ski, and snowboard.

If you do decide to purchase a snowboard for the trip don’t forget to get a snowboard bag and lock.


You will want to make sure that your hands stay warm in the icy cold mountain air. Make sure you invest in some quality waterproof snow gloves or mittens. Either will work, just make sure that they say waterproof before you purchase.

Sweaters & Jackets

When you are hanging out at the lodge after your done skiing you will want to have sweatshirts or jackets to stay warm in. Since most ski coats are bulky and it might be dirty or wet from wearing it all day you will want to have backup options for keeping warm.

Warm Hat

Find a warm snow hat. There are a ton of different styles and colors just find something that is comfortable and covers your ears and forehead to keep you warm.

Base Layer

When you are spending the day skiing down the slopes you can get cold and wet fast. That is why you should alway have a thermal base layer. You can wear this base layer under your regular clothes and put your ski clothes over, or just the base layer and your ski clothes.

Snow Boots

Since ski and snowboard boots are very uncomfortable to walk around in, you will need some snow boots. Find a pair that is comfortable so your feet will stay dry even when you are off the mountain.

Water Proof Socks

Most ski shops carry ski/snowboard socks. They are a bit different from traditional socks since they are very insulated and made of a water proof material. They are also taller. Most ski socks cover your feet and your calf’s.


When the sun comes out you will want to make sure that you have sunglasses. Not only are they good for protecting your eyes against the sunlight. The sunglasses also help to keep your eyes dry from moisture in the air and keep them warm so that you don’t have cold windy air blowing right in your eyes when you are skiing down the hill.


This is another must have for a day on the slopes. This is also something that many people tend to think that they don’t need. It’s actually easier to get a sunburn in the snow since the sunlight reflects off the white snow and bounces right on your face.

You will want to apply it before you start snowboarding even if the suns not out yet. Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get burned.


Nothing makes your lips dryer than cold air and wind. You should bring some good quality chapstick and keep it in your ski jacket pocket so that you can reapply it all day.


Snowboard Trip Packing List


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California Bucket List Ideas: Top 15 Things You Must Do!

Looking to plan some fun adventures in California. Here are some of my favorite California Bucket list ideas to plan your next adventure in California. California Bucket List Ideas 1….

Looking to plan some fun adventures in California. Here are some of my favorite California Bucket list ideas to plan your next adventure in California.

California Bucket List Ideas

1. Visit Burney Falls

burney falls

Nicked name the “eight wonder of the world” Burney Falls is a must for your California bucket list. This 126ft tall waterfall falls down the fern covered face.

Located about 60 miles northeast of Redding, CA, the icy snow melt water is too cold to swim, but you will not be disappointed. It is only a short hike down a trail and some stair to the viewing deck. Don’t forget to take pictures, it is a sight you will want to remember.

2. Hike to The Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign

The iconic Hollywood sign can be viewed from areas all over the LA area. Its even more amazing to hike up to it and see it up close. Only a short hike from LA there are a few different trail options.

The trail is about 3 miles and takes about 2-3 hours to hike. Once you get to the top you will not be disappointed when you are looking over the hollywood sign with the LA city area in the back ground.

3. Drive Big Sur Coastline

big sur coast line

One of the most popular coastline drives in the world. If you are in California this is one road trip that you will not want to miss. Stretching 90 miles south of Carmel to Point Lobos.

You will enjoy weaving along costal cliffside with the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget to make some stops along the way to take in the experience.

4. Explore Fern Canyon

fern canyon

Another must add to your California Bucket List ideas. The Fern canyon hike in the northern California redwoods. is like no other destination. Located in Humboldt county.

Once you reach the narrow canyon you will enjoy the walls around you completely covered in ferns and mosses.

5. See the Rocks Move at Death Valley

death valley

Rocks moving by themselves! Is this really possible? Yes… located in Death Valley National park these rock are unlike any other.

The rare phenomenon causes these rocks to move across the dry lakebed leaving a trail behind. Each rock can move up to 100 feet in a day!

6. See the Golden Gate Bridge from Vista Point

golden gate bridge vista point

If you have never been to the Golden Gate, you are in for a treat. The massive size and beauty of the bridge is breathtaking. Its an even more amazing view from Vista Point.

Just a short walk from a nearby parking lot, you will get a view of the Golden Gate like no other. It would be even more amazing to watch the sunset.

7. Go Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

california bucket list ideas napa valley

If you haven’t gone wine tasting in Napa Valley you need plan a trip. There is over 400 wineries in Napa Valley so you can pick and choose what wineries to visit, or take a guided wine tasting tour to multiple locations.

Napa valley not only has the best wines, you will be surrounded by beautiful view of the wine county and cute hotels. This just might be the most relaxing adventure you add to your CA bucket list ideas.

8. Walk the Cypress Tree Tunnel at Point Reyes

cypress tree tunnel point reyes

Cypress Tree Tunnel of Point Reyes is located in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The row of cypress trees has literally grown over the road to create a tunnel.

You will want to go very early in the morning to get good pictures since it gets busy. It is also so beautiful at sunset. Its such a cool and unique spot that you might want to go both times.

9. Ski or Snowboard Tahoe

ski or snowboard lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most famed ski and snowboard destinations in the world. About 90 minutes from Sacramento Tahoe is known for beautiful scenic views of the lake.

There are many ski & snowboard resorts sprinkled around the Tahoe area. You can’t beat an adventured filled day plus a beautiful scenic view.

10. View Where Trash has Turned to Treasure at Glass Beach

california bucket list ideas glass beach

Glass beach located in Fort Bragg is one of the most popular seaside attractions in the small little beach town. There are actually three glass beaches.

Each one of them were former dump sites where people pushed trashed over the cliff onto the beach. Through the years the beaches formed a beautiful sea glass now know as glass beach.

11. See The Largest Tree in The World

california bucket list ideas general sherman tree

In the Sequoia National Park stands that tallest tree in the world. The tree, called General Sherman, stands 275 feet tall, and is over 36 feet in diameter at the base.

It is only about a half mile walk from the parking lot to the tree. While the trail is short and easy you will be amazed at the massive size of this tree. Getting to visit the tallest tree in the world, that is pretty cool!

12. Eat Seafood at Fishermans Warf

california bucket list ideas fishermans warf

Right in the heart of San Fransisco, you can really enjoy the sea side experience and taste some of the best seafood around all while enjoying the beautiful view of the bay.

Locate within walking distance to pier 39 and other popular San Francisco attractions. You don’t want to leave the San Fransisco experience off your California bucket list.

13. Walk Up Salvation Mountain

salvation mountain

Get inspired at Salvation Mountain. Located in southern California about an hour from palm springs. Created from the imagination of one man wanting to pass on the message of gods love.

It has been 28 years  in the making and is a colorfull sight to see. There is a parking lot right next to the mountain, so it is very easily accessible.

14. Watch the sun set at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

sunset cliffs

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park area is a 68-acre park on the western edge of Point Loma. The cliffs overlook the pacific creating the perfect backdrop to watch the sunset.

Sunset cliffs is an amazing point that really makes you stop and think while enjoying the rugged cliffside views at sunset.

15. Visit Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier california

To really enjoy the California vibe you will not want to miss out on a trip to the Santa Monica Pier. Located right on the pacific ocean you can walk out onto the pier that offers, restaurants, an arcade, events, and a even an amusement park.

Whats better than riding your favorite rides right on the pacific! You can also explore the fun town of Santa Monica a popular beachside town.

California Bucket List ideas

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Ted Talks About Travel: Discover the Top 5 Travel Videos

Here are my top favorite TED Talks about Travel and adventure that remind me that taking a trip is so much more than just going somewhere new. Ted Talks About…

Here are my top favorite TED Talks about Travel and adventure that remind me that taking a trip is so much more than just going somewhere new.

Ted Talks About Travel

Everyday I dream about traveling and plan my list of new adventures. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to suppress our fears and go after what our heart wants. Traveling can be scary, but it can also be the most rewarding experience ever. I hope that these Ted Talks About Travel get you inspired as much as they do me.

1. Robin Esrock: Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn

My favorite travel inspo video that I have found so far. Honestly one of by biggest fears is getting to the end of my life and having regrets. This video touches on the regrets of not traveling. The hardest part about a new adventure is making the decision to go, and not letting our fears stop us.

The video does a great job of taking the fear out of travel and also taking the fear out of decisions. It reminds me that whatever decision I make has to be the right one as long as it is not made in fear.

“Get off the couch, switch off reality TV and start participating in reality itself.” – Robin Esrock

2. Francis Tapon: How and Why Travel Transforms You

One of my favorite TED talks about travel it does a great job of explaining how you can actually find yourself through travel. Even if you don’t feel like your life is bad, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be better.

Sometimes a challenge or an adventure really brings out what is inside you and learning who you really are and what happens. Travel and adventure is much more that having fun it can really transform you and how you see the world. Challenge your self to find your purpose and your passion.

“What would you do with your time if you had a billion dollars? Whatever the answer to that question is, that’s probably your passion.” -Francis Tapon

3. Rick Steves: The Value of Travel

Rick Steves reflects on the value of thoughtful travel. In his video he explains why spending all of his time and money away from home has broadened his perspective, and enriched his life. He tells some funny stories about really connecting to people and opening yourself up to new cultures. That is the real value in travel.

“Fear is for people who don’t get out very much.” -Rick Steves

4. Ginger Kern: The Key to Living a Life of Adventure

You don’t have to be a “traveler” to travel and chase adventure. The secret to keeping a travelers mindset is to see life as an adventure. You don’t have to be in another country to have an adventure you can explore right in your home town. She reveals how 3 important questions can really open your mindset and develop a travelers mindset. Maybe we don’t have to actually travel we just need to open our mind?

Travelers mindset is the key to having adventures in your everyday life. Living a life on fire, and most importantly, connecting to the people around you. -Ginger Kern

5. Matthew Trinetti: Say ‘Yes’ to Your Adventure

Are you going to say yes to your call to adventure? Matthew explores recognizing the call to your own personal adventure and more importantly the courage and decision to say yes. He explains how you can find faith in ourselves, in our dreams, and in the magic that can occur when we decide to say ‘Yes” to adventure.

When we say yes to adventure, our life becomes the adventure, and we become the hero. -Matthew Trinetti

In life we sometimes tend to separate ourselves from others. We see people living a life that we would love to live (traveling, happiness, going after their dreams) and we tend to give ourselves excuses as to why we can’t live like that too.

Or even worse we get jealous and mad. (I hate to admit it, but I have) What if we could take these negative feelings and let it fuel our passion to follow our own life path? What if we could change something in ourselves now to change our own ending? Write our own book?

I am challenging myself to no longer accept my excuses for going after my dreams and I hope that you might join me. I feel like every one of these inspiring Ted Talks about travel address my current and past excuses that have held me back from my life purpose.

I hope that you love them as much as I do. Be open (without judgement) to what each persons journey has taught them and be courageous to following your dreams.

Need more inspiration? Check out my top adventure quotes to get ready for your next destination!

Ted Talks About Travel

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