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4 Amazing Satin Pillowcase Benefits for Hair

4 Amazing Satin Pillowcase Benefits for Hair

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If you have heard of the beauty hack of using a satin pillow then you might be wondering what exactly are all the satin pillowcase benefits for hair. 

To keep your hair healthy and looking it’s best you should really think about getting a satin pillowcase.

To help you understand more, I am going to explain exactly why sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase can help your hair. 

Satin Pillow Case Benefits for Hair

I heard about this beauty hack a few years back. I wanted to try it so I went out and purchased a satin pillowcase and I love it!

It feels so soft on my face and hair. I also love using a satin sleeping eye mask with mine too.

It’s so nice a relaxing and makes me look forward to bedtime. 

Here are all the great things that sleeping on satin or silk can do for your hair. 

1. Help Prevent Frizz

Regular cotton pillowcases are rough on your hair and skin.

Since satin is so soft, the smooth surface doesn’t have as much friction against your hair. 

Instead of rubbing against your pillowcase, the satin allows your hair to just glide across when you are moving during the night. 

This can help to prevent frizz and that messy bed hair that we have all woken up with. 

2. Keep Hair Healthy

The next benefit of a satin pillowcase for your hair is that it will help to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. 

Traditional cotton pillowcases absorb moisture. 

This means that when we are sleeping on a cotton pillow case all night it could be absorbing moisture from our hair. 

With satin, you won’t have to worry about loosing moisture, it will keep your hair hydrated and beautiful. 

3. Reduce Hair Breakage 

Since cotton is made by weaving threads together, this can cause it to be more likely to pull and break strands of hair. 

Satin and silk fabric are tightly woven, so that you won’t have to worry about it causing any breakage to your strands. 

4. Enhance Benefits of Hair Products 

We already talked about how satin and silk fabric can help keep your hair moisturized since it doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton.

It will also help your overnight hair products stay on your hair and be more effective rather than being absorbed by your pillow. 

I like to put a little smoothing oil on my hair before I go to bed to keep it healthy.

With a cotton pillowcase the oil or conditioner might get pulled right out of my strands and absorbed into the fabric. 

When I am sleeping on my satin pillowcase I don’t have to worry about this.

I can sleep well knowing that my hair products are right where they should be, and that is in my hair. 

There are so many more beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case. 

They can prevent wrinkles, decrease face creases, help your face products to be effective over night and more. 

I know personally that I am so glad that I finally caved into this beauty trend and now use a satin pillow case. 

If you are looking to get some of the benefits of a satin pillowcase for yourself then here are some options to get you started. 

At the lower price point I would recommend these satin pillowcases from Amazon. They come in a pack of 2 and cost less than $10 for both.

If you have been researching the benefits of silk or satin pillowcases then you might wonder what is better. Silk or Satin? 

Really they will both give you great beauty benefits. Satin is cheaper and silk is a bit more expensive.

Silk and stain pillow cases are even sold at the big beauty stores since everyone is starting to discover all the great benefits that sleeping on them provides for your hair and face. 

Check out this pillowcase on ULTA it is by the popular brand SLIP.

It is silk pillowcase so the cost is around $90 so it is much more expensive than the satin options, but is super popular and has 5 star reviews.

ULTA beauty also has satin pillow cases starting at $20 a piece. This is much more affordable if you are on a budge and they have amazing reviews too. 

You can check out the most recommended satin pillowcase for $20 on Ulta by clicking here

Like I said before I purchased a set like this that also comes with satin eye mask.

Now I look forward to going to sleep and getting my beauty rest. 

Relaxing into a soft pillow with my silky eye mask is one of my best self- care recommendations.

It really is relaxing, and it makes you feel like you are doing what you can to take care of you. 

Any option that you decide will be better than cotton.

I hope that these satin pillowcase benefits for hair help you.

I also wish you many nights of the best beauty sleep possible, and of course that you wake up looking and feeling amazing! 

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