Looking for the perfect scuba diving captions for your scuba trip? Here are some great ideas for some funny captions and puns to use on all your scuba Instagram photos. 

Scuba Diving Captions

I breath underwater

Dive hair don’t care

I work well under pressure

Born to dive

Born to dive force to work

The deeper the better

You had me at scuba

I love getting tanked

I’d rather be scuba diving

Underwater is my happy place

Eat. Sleep. Dive. Repeat.

Go diving

The sea is calling me

Just dive

Dive into happiness

Diving is my therapy

Just keep scuba diving

Find me under the water

Dive life

Diving keeps me sane

The ocean is my office

Be happy. Go scuba diving.

Diving weekends are the best

Underwater paradise

I have friends in low places

Beneath the surface of things

I hope that you enjoy your dive time and that these scuba diving captions for Instagram help you will all your best underwater adventure photos.