23 Short Fishing Captions for Instagram Fish Pictures

fishing instagram captions

Fishing really is where you can go to escape life. Have some cute fishing pictures and your not sure what to caption on your insta.

Check out these short fishing captions for Instagram for all your fish pictures. The best days are spent fishing! 

Fishing Captions

Hooked on you

Keeping it reel

Gone fishing

I can’t work today, my arm is in a cast

Cast away your troubles

If I’m not fishing I’m thinking about it

The fish are calling and I must go

Hooked on fishing

Happiness is a big fish

The best days are spent fishing

Rise and shine it’s fishing time

Stress is caused by not fishing enough

Fish on

Girls fish too


Drop a line, stay awhile

Life is simple, just add water

Reel girls fish

I’d rather be fishing

Wishing I was fishing

If I am fishing I’m happy

Fishing life

There’s always time for one more cast 

The last one is my favorite! There really is time for one more cast 🙂 I hope that you spend many more days fishing and that these fishing captions help you to caption your Instagram pictures. 

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