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38 Short Rainbow Captions for Your Colorful Instagram Pictures

38 Short Rainbow Captions for Your Colorful Instagram Pictures

What is more exciting than seeing a rainbow in the sky!

Every time I see a rainbow it such a special moment.

There is just something about the seeing a rainbow that makes you feel so happy and excited.

Rainbows give us hope.

They are make for some of the cutest photos if you can capture the moment.

Sometimes it can be hard to think of a special caption for your photos.

To help, I have gathered all my favorite short rainbow captions for you to use on your photos.

I hope you like them!

Rainbow Captions

Let’s make today a happy day

When it rains look for rainbows


rainbow in the sky over ocean on a cloudy day

Always be a rainbow 

Choose joy

Everything will be ok

Chase rainbows

The greater your storms the brighter your rainbow

rainbow out in ocean

You are amazing

Be a rainbow in the clouds

Follow every rainbow until your find your dream

Shine bright like a rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow

looking at a full rainbow over the ocean from the beach

Wish upon a rainbow

Rainbow vibes

Let’s chase rainbows

Cherish today 

Never stop dreaming

rainbow in the mountains with palm tree

Be a rainbow

Follow your dreams

Think big. Dream big.

You are more beautiful than a rainbow

My favorite color is rainbow

rainbow in the desert

You color my world

Always in my heart

Always look up

Count your rainbows not your storms

Live clorfully

rainbow in the mountains above green grass

Follow your rainbow

Believe in magic

I find happiness in Rainbows

Radiate positivity

Live in the moment

double rainbows over trees on a cloudy day

Be your own rainbow

Good things ahead

Life is beautiful

Look for the magic in everyday

Don’t give up your daydream

rainbow in the mountains of italy

I hope that your storms are less and that your rainbows are more.

I also hope that these rainbow captions for Instagram help you with your all rainbow pictures.

Always remember to never stop dreaming.

You never know when your dream may come true. 

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