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48 Short Workout Captions for Instagram Fitness Pictures

48 Short Workout Captions for Instagram Fitness Pictures

I love the feeling of a good workout.

Have some workout or fitness pictures and not sure what to caption them on Instagram?

Check out these short workout captions for Instagram to help you with all your pictures and your fitness goals.

Never give up! 

Workout Captions

No excuses

Strong is beautiful

Make yourself proud

Stronger than yesterday 

Wake up. Work out.

Just get up and workout

Good things come to those who sweat

Goal digger

Think about why you started

Oh my quad

Sore today. Strong tomorrow. 

Push yourself


You’re only one workout away from a good mood

No pain. No gain.

Excuses don’t burn calories

You can do hard things

But did you die?

Be stronger than your excuses

Make yourself proud

Lipstick & Lunges

One step at a time

Never give up


Coffee & cardio

Your only limit is you

Hustle for the muscle

Top knots & squats

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

Rise & grind

When in doubt…. workout

What kind of wine goes with squats?

Conquer your goals

Everything hurts & I’m dying

Keep going

I can and I will

Workout is my meditation

Mind over matter

Work hard and be kind

Mascara & muscles

But first, the gym

Sore today, strong tomorrow

In it for the long run

Summer body in progress

Exercise is my stress relief

I will get there

Don’t stop until you are proud

Get fit

Keep working out everyday and you will reach your goals.

I hope that these workout captions for Instagram help you to caption all your best fitness photos and keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Stay strong and you will get there!

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