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Simpson Reed Hiking Trail – Crescent City Redwoods

Located just 3 miles outside Crescent City, CA in the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park.

The Simpson Reed Hiking Trail is the perfect easy trail for a quick hike through the Redwoods. 

I would be great for families with kids, or someone that wants to take a walk through the Crescent City Redwoods but doesn’t have a lot of time for a day hike. 

Even though the hike is right outside town it feels more like you are deep inside a Redwood forest.

If you want to check out the Simpson Reed Trail, here is all the information. 

Simpson Reed Hiking Trail

The trail head for the Simpson Reed Hiking Trail is located in the Walker Road Day use area in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. 

walker road day use

The trail head is about 15 minutes from Crescent City, CA.

You will be taking highway 199 and then turning onto Walker Rd.

trail parking on walker road

You can use the above address for navigation. Once you are on Walker road the trail head is on the right.

You will see the trail head right from walker road.

bathrooms near simpson reed discover trail

There is a small parking lot and bathrooms at the trail head.

It was very busy the day we visited so we parked a little down Walker Road and then walked back up to the trail. 

Make sure that you look to the right of the bathrooms because there is a massive fallen tree and the root system is huge. 

redwood tree near trail head

The entrance to the trail is clearly marked.

You will see the signs and there is information about The Simpson Reed Trail. 

simpson reed hiking trail

When you head down the trail you will be amazed at the undergrowth of ferns and the massive ancient redwood trees around you. 

simpson reed hike

After just a short walk there is a split in the trail. Since the trail is a loop you can go to the right or the left.

I went to the left. There was a massive fallen tree just around the corner.

From here you will continue along the trail. I was surprised at how easy the trail was.

It was more like a walking path. It would be perfect for kids. 

As I passed the large fallen tree I started to hear a creek down below.

Shortly after the creek was visible and there were a few places where you could walk to the creek from the trail. 

creek along redwood trail

The trail then turns a corner and you will see a small bench along the creek.

bench in redwood grove

After you continue along the trail you will see a sign for The Peterson Memorial Trail.

If you keep going straight then you will stay on the Simpson Reed Discovery Trail and complete the loop. 

Or you can turn and walk the Peterson Memorial Trail.

peterson memorial trail

The Peterson Memorial trail is just a short 0.3 mile trail that is an extension from the Simpson Reed Trail.

I wanted to explore it so I turned to the left and crossed the small bridge that goes over the creek. 

bridge to peterson memorial trail

After I crossed the bridge I continued on the trail. It was a nice sunny day when I was hiking, but as you keep going farther back into the redwood forest it is shaded by the canopy of the redwood trees.

I would suggest that you bring a jacket since it can get cold in the shade. 

In addition to the moss filled trees, huge ferns and gigantic redwood trees there was this cute tree that had grown over the trail. 

simpson reed discover trail

I crossed another bridge and then the there was another split in the trail. There was no sign at this split.

The fork in the trail is just the end of the Peterson Memorial trail and you are back on the Simpson Reed Discover trail loop. 

redwood hike crescent city ca

I turned left and then continued on the trail. There were more massive redwood trees and some fallen trees.

After just a short a short walk you will come upon the exit sign. 

exit sign from crescent city redwoods

I turned left and then continued back to the trail head.

Walking both the trails took me only about a half hour. 

simpson reed hiking trail

I really enjoyed the hiking the Peterson Memorial Trail and the Simpson Reed Discover Trail.

It was a quick and easy stroll through the Redwoods in Jedediah Smith State Park.

If you are near Crescent City, CA I would recommend that you check out these trail. 

If you have some extra time after your hike you can keep driving down Walker Road past the trail head.

It is a very beautiful drive through the redwoods and it ends at the Smith River.

smith river in Jedediah Smith State Park

The Smith River is a beautiful crystal clear river that is a popular spot for fishing and swimming.

I hope that you enjoy your time exploring the redwoods and hiking on the Simpson Reed Discover Trail.

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