Siskiyou Ice Rink in Mt. Shasta

Spend the day ice skating at one of the biggest ice skating rinks in California. The Siskiyou Ice Rink is a place where you can enjoy incredible views of Mt. Shasta while skating in this open-air rink. Located in Mt. Shasta California, which is the perfect winter destination for the entire family.

Quick Facts 

  • Cost: $8 (youth), $10 (adults) + $2 skate rentals. 
  • Location: 800 Rockfellow Dr. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
  • Open seasonally from late November to mid-February. 
  • This information was from our visit in 2021.


The Ice Rink is located in Shastice Park in Mt. Shasta, CA. It’s only a short 4-minute drive from downtown Mt. Shasta

To get to the ice skating rink you will head down Rockfellow Dr and turn left at the Shastice Park sign. 

chastise park sign

Shastice Park in the winter is also a great place to go play in the snow. There is a small hill that is the perfect spot for young kids to sled. The hill is located right on the other side of the ice skating rink near the bathrooms. 

small snowhill near building

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The Ice Skating Rink 

This ice rink is a hidden gem in California. It was first opened in 2000 and has been in operation for over 20 years. Each winter from late November until the middle of February locals and visitors enjoy this incredible place to ice skate.

ice rink and building

I had been to a few other ice skating rinks in Northern California, but when I arrived, I was very surprised by how big the rink was. 

It’s 85 feet wide and 200 feet long. It’s the only NHL regulation-size outdoor rink in all of California. 

people ice skating

The unique setting provides a true winter wonderland experience. From snow covering the ground and fresh mountain air in your face to views of Mt. Shasta in the background. 

When you head up to the entrance, there is a place where you will pay your skating and rental fees. 

ice skating rink window to pay

Surrounding the rink, there are cubbies to keep your belongings while you skate and benches for when you want to rest. 

cubbies with boots in them

Since the Siskiyou Ice Skating Rink is so big compared to others, this leaves you more room for skating. 

There are blue skate helpers for the kids or if you are just learning. 

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Planning Your Visit

Since this outdoor rink is located in the Town of Mt. Shasta, the area can sometimes have heavy snowfall. You should check their website or the Facebook page to make sure the rink is open. 

You should also dress warm because it gets very cold here. It’s might even start snowing!

Final Thoughts 

The Siskiyou Ice Skating rink is one of the best places in Northern California to check ice skating off your winter bucket list. 

Not only is the outdoor setting and view incredible, but it’s also one of the largest ice skating rinks in the area. 

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