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The Ultimate Snowboard Trip Packing List: Ski and Snowboarding Essentials

Your first time snowboarding or skiing can be exciting but a little scary at the same time.

Since you don’t know what to expect then you have no idea what you should pack.

Making sure that you have everything that you need will make your trip even more exciting.

Here is a complete snowboard trip packing list to make sure that you will be prepared.

ski and snowboard trip packing must haves


Since you are going to be in the cold snow you must make sure that you stay warm and dry. You should try to find a waterproof and insulated ski jacket.

Waterproof Ski Pants

You will also need some waterproof snow pants. Invest in some good comfortable ones that will last you awhile.


If it is your first time snowboarding you might not be ready to invest in a snowboard.

Fortunately, most ski lodges offer rental equipment so that you don’t have to purchase your boots, ski, and snowboard.

If you do decide to purchase a snowboard for the trip don’t forget to get a snowboard bag and lock.


You will want to make sure that your hands stay warm in the icy cold mountain air.

Make sure you invest in some quality waterproof snow gloves or mittens.

Either will work, just make sure that they say waterproof before you purchase.

Sweaters & Jackets

When you are hanging out at the lodge after your done skiing you will want to have sweatshirts or jackets to stay warm in.

Since most ski coats are bulky and it might be dirty or wet from wearing it all day you will want to have backup options for keeping warm.

Warm Hat

Find a warm snow hat. There are a ton of different styles and colors just find something that is comfortable and covers your ears and forehead to keep you warm.

Base Layer

When you are spending the day skiing down the slopes you can get cold and wet fast.

That is why you should alway have a thermal base layer.

You can wear this base layer under your regular clothes and put your ski clothes over, or just the base layer and your ski clothes.

Snow Boots

Since ski and snowboard boots are very uncomfortable to walk around in, you will need some snow boots.

Find a pair that is comfortable so your feet will stay dry even when you are off the mountain.

Water Proof Socks

Most ski shops carry ski/snowboard socks. They are a bit different from traditional socks since they are very insulated and made of a water proof material.

They are also taller. Most ski socks cover your feet and your calf’s.


When the sun comes out you will want to make sure that you have sunglasses.

Not only are they good for protecting your eyes against the sunlight.

The sunglasses also help to keep your eyes dry from moisture in the air and keep them warm so that you don’t have cold windy air blowing right in your eyes when you are skiing down the hill.


This is another must have for a day on the slopes. This is also something that many people tend to think that they don’t need.

It’s actually easier to get a sunburn in the snow since the sunlight reflects off the white snow and bounces right on your face.

You will want to apply it before you start snowboarding even if the suns not out yet.

Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get burned.


Nothing makes your lips dryer than cold air and wind.

You should bring some good quality chapstick and keep it in your ski jacket pocket so that you can reapply it all day.

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Snowboard Trip Packing List

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