Sledding at Snowman’s Hill Near Mt. Shasta

Snowman’s Hill in Mt. Shasta is a great free place to go snow sledding. Many people from Redding and Northern California make the drive to this snow tubing hill each winter. 

This was our first time going, and while it did get very busy, we had fun! Here is everything that you need to know about visiting.

Quick Facts 

  • Parking is Free
  • Located along Highway 89 across from the entrance to Mt. Shasta Ski Park. 
  • Elevation is about 4,478 feet. 
  • Information is from our visit in 2021.


It is located on CA 89 between Interstate 5 and McCloud, California. It is about a 1.5-hour drive from Redding, Ca. 

The snow tubing hill parking lot is right across the street to the entrance to Mt. Shasta Ski Park. 

snowman hill sign

It’s very easy to find. You can see the parking area next to the road sign from the highway. 


There is a small parking area that is regularly plowed. The parking area has an outhouse-style bathroom. 

The parking area is fairly small, so if you want to get a good spot you should try to get there early. 

The Sledding Hill

The hill is about 300 feet in length. It is also fairly steep so when you do get going you pick up a lot of speed. 

It’s a long walk up to the top of the hill, but the fun you have sledding down makes it worth it. 

bottom of snowman's hill near mt Shasta

We arrived early about 9 am and we were the first ones there. We spent a few hours sledding on the hill and playing in the snow. 

People slowly started showing up and before we knew it the hill was very busy. It was fun when there were only a few people there, but once it got busy we had to watch out for all the other people. 

When you get going on the hill it’s hard to slow down and there were a few people that ran into each other and even got hurt. 

Since this is a large and fast tubing hill it’s best for older kids. There was a small hill near the entrance and next to the bathroom area that would be better for toddlers and younger kids. 

If you don’t want to go snow sledding this is still a great spot to take the kids to play in the snow.

Someone had even built this cute snowman while we were there. 

snowman and and girl standing by snow hill

Planning Your Trip

Try to plan your snow sledding trip after it has freshly snowed. Snow sledding conditions are best when there is some powder on the ground. If it hasn’t snowed in a while the conditions can get icy which can be dangerous. 

You should first check the weather report for the area, and you could also check the Road Cam to make sure the road is clear. 

If possible, I would recommend trying to visit on a weekday or get there early in the day to avoid crowds. 

When can you sled here? 

It sits at 4470 feet in elevation so it gets a lot of snow during the winters. Depending on the amount of snowfall for the season you can normally snow tube from mid-December through mid-April. 

What are the closest towns?

After all that snow tubing you will probably be hungry, cold, or ready for some hot chocolate. The closest towns to the snow sledding area are Mt. Shasta, CA (20 minutes) and McCloud, CA (17 minutes).

We drove to Mt. Shasta after we were done sledding and spotted this incredible rainbow on the way into town.

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Final Thoughts 

Honestly, we had a lot of fun tubing at this snow hill. It was very easy to access, had plenty of parking, and it was nice that there was also a bathroom. 

This is one of the best places for snow tubing near Redding, California, and we can’t wait to go back for some more fun. 

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