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Stairs to the Beach: Pebble Beach Dr. Crescent City, CA

pebble beach crescent city ca

If you are visiting Crescent City, CA then you need to make time to drive down Pebble Beach Drive.

It is one of the prettiest beach drives in town. 

Pebble Beach Drive is a road that winds along the beach and has a bunch of connected coves and pull outs where you can stop and enjoy the views, or get out and walk down to the beach. 

One of my favorite places to explore along Pebble Beach is the parking area that has stairs to the beach. 

It is a local favorite spot for people that are hunting for agates and exploring tide pools.

It is one of the best agate beaches in the area. 

Here is all the information about the stairs to the beach to help you plan your visit. 


Check out this video that I made of this great Crescent City CA beach. It even shows the agates and crabs that I found when exploring the tide pools.


I have included the location coordinates above to the exact location of the stairs. I have also included a google location map below.

pebble beach crescent city ca stairs

You can see above the there is a paved parking area with a large rock.

Once you park you can clearly see the entrance to the stairs.

There is also an informational sign about whale watching in Crescent City.

Each year in the winter and spring whales migrate from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic. 

The best months to spot whales are May to October.

I didn’t spot whales when I visited this last time but I have seen them from this spot in the past, so keep an eye out for them! 

There is a bench and some amazing views near the parking lot right at the entrance to the stairs. 

bench along pebble beach drive

One thing that you should do before you visit is check the tide table.

When the tide is in you will not be able to get down to the beach because the water covers up the entire area at the bottom of the stairs. 

Make sure you go here and check the tides and plan your trip when the tide is out. 

stairs to beach crescent city ca

As you walk down the stairs you will see a spit where there are 2 more sets of stairs.

One to the right and one to the left. 

If you go down to the left it is a smaller and more rocky beach.

It is a perfect spot if you are wanting to explore the tide pools. 

stairs to the beach

I walked down to the left first and found some great agates and explored the tide pools.

I spotted a bunch of crabs and it was fun looking through the tide pools. 

After I explored the left side I went back up and over the the right side of the stairs.

This is the more popular side as it is a popular walking spot and a where people go to hunt for agates. 

stairs to beach

When you are down on the beach make sure that you know when the tide is coming back in as it can come in quick and the entire area gets covered in water.

bottom of stairs along pebble beach

If you do have enough time before the tide is coming back in then I would recommend walking down the beach to the second set of stairs. 

stairs to the beach

We walked down to the other stairs and its a really neat spot because it has a rocky ledge and there are some really pretty beach flowers lining the stairs. 

second set of stars along pebble beach

This is also a popular surfing spot, so you might see some surfers out there on the waves. 

flowers on pebble beach crescent city ca

You can either walk back down the beach to the first set of stairs to return to the parking area, or you can walk up along Pebble Beach Drive and back to the parking area. 

view of ocean crescent city ca

We walked back along the road and there was some amazing views.

There are also a few spots with benches up along the beach so you can stop and enjoy the views. 

walking along beach in crescent city ca

The stairs to the beach on Pebble Beach drive are always open.

It’s a great free thing to do in Crescent City, CA.

stairs to beach crescent city california

If you are going to be visiting I would recommend checking the tides and making time to go walk down the stairs.

I hope you enjoy your visit! 

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