100 State Fair Captions to Make Your Instagram Post Fun!

state fair captions

Looking for the best captions for your state fair or carnival photos? In this post you will find a complete list of fun captions.

From deep-fried foods to carnival rides, there is something for everyone at the fair. After your day of excitment, you are going to have a ton of photos to share.

Make sure you find some creative captions to add some fun to your Instagram posts. Feel free to use the state fair captions below!

1. The fair is where you get cotton candy.

2. Cotton Candy. Corn Dogs. Ferris Wheel. Blue Ribbons. 

3. It’s my favorite time of year, Fair time! 

4. Life is like a county fair.

5. Step right up! 

6. Funnel cakes, livestock, carnival games….it’s a fair time!

7. Anytime is a good time for the fair.

8. Find me at the ferris wheel.

9. Fun at the fair.

10. State Fair: Where the prizes are big and the completion is fierce.

11. Fair is when you get cotton candy.

12. If you need me, I’ll be at the fair.

13. I am just here for the fried food.

14. Happy fair season.

15. This is my happy place.

16. The sky is the limit on the ferris wheel.

17. Rides and neon light.

18. There is something that feels so all-american about a county fair.

19. The Fair: It’s just a small town throwdown.

20. Warm nights and shiny lights.

21. The only place where you can get all foods on a stick.

22. Am I tall enough to ride this ride?

23. If lost, can be found at the cotton candy station.

24. Fair selfie time.

25. There’s no better view than from the top of the ferris wheel.

26. Popcorn over problems.

27. My love for you is as sweet as cotton candy.

28. Incredible views from the ferris wheel.

29. Fun for the whole family at the fair.

30. Dear fair, I look forward to you every year.

31. Cotton candy on a stick.

32. Life is like a carousel, all you have to do is stay on.

33. Happiness is a day at the fair.

34. Live life, and enjoy the ride.

35. A day filled with long lines, fried foods and a whole lot of funnel cakes! 

36. Ridding high on the ferris wheel.

37. Carnivals bring out the child in everyone.

38. I am just here for the cotton candy.

39. Taking a spin on the ferris wheel.

40. Deep-fried and delicious.

41. Life is short, go to the carnival.

42. Time spent at the carnival is never wasted.

43. Getting lost in the carnival.

44. Corn dogs and cotton candy, the perfect fair combo!

45. Next stop: the bumper cars.

46. I’m just here for the popcorn.

47. Funnel cakes are my soulmate.

48. Let’s ride all day! 

49. Remember to be like a kid in a carnival.

50. Look no hands! 

51. Nothing is sweeter than fresh cotton candy.

52. State fair: where tradition meets excitement.

53. Carnival calories don’t count.

54. Get your fun on.

55. You had me at Carnival! 

56. Do what makes you happy.

57. Adventures await.

58. Going to the fair, I hope I win something!

59. Don’t look down.

60. Life is short, eat cotton candy.

61. Race you to the bumper cars.

62. I am already ready to go back.

63. Anytime is a good time for the fair.

64. Sweet as cotton candy, bright as the moon.

65. Life is short make it sweet.

66. This is my favorite time of the year.

67. Again! Again!

68. Up and up into cotton candy colored skies.

69. The place where the cotton candy never runs out.

70. Carnival vibes only.

71. The sights and sounds of the state fair.

72. Be right back, I am getting more cotton candy.

73. This is where the fun begins.

74. A ticket to fun and feelin’ young.

75. Life is a beautiful ride.

76. It’s not the ride, it’s who you’re riding with that matters.

77. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

78. Rides and neon lights.

79. Where the fun never ends.

80. Step right up!

81. Making memories at the fair.

82. Dreams taste like cotton candy.

83. State fair vibes.

84. Living my best life.

85. A picture perfect day.

86. Ferris wheel selfies.

87. Up, up and away we go.

88. Where good time never end.

89. Summer nights and ferris wheel lights.

90. Did someone say funnel cake?

91. Just a small town throw down.

92. Everything is lit in a state fair.

93. Fun times here we come.

94. Come one come all…. Step right up!

95. This was more fun when I was younger.

96. Happiness is an all day wristband.

97. Where the fun never ends.

98. The fair, where the food is as big as the fun!

99. Always say yes to the carnival.

100. Carnival = The best fun I have ever had  in a parking lot.

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