100 Summer Instagram Captions for Your Photos! 

friends having fun in summer

Sunshine, swimming, tans and warm summer nights. The best memories are made in summer and you will need the perfect captions for posting your photos. 

I’ve got you covered with this complete list of captions below. From swimming, beach days and sunsets on the lake, summer is without a doubt the most fun season of the year. 

When you are ready to share all your photos you are going to want just the right words to capture the season. 

Feel free to use these summer captions and quotes for posting all adventures! 

1. It’s summer, let’s act like it. 

2. Summer state of mind.

3. Good times and tan lines.

4. Sunny side up.

5. Girls just wanna have sun. 

6. Summertime vibes.

7. I am in love with summer.

8. Tan in progress.

9. Sandy toes.

10. Smells like summer.

11. Paradise found.

12. I’ve got sunshine in my soul.

13. Waking up on a summer day is the best! 

14. Dear summer, I love you.

15. Living that summertime life. 

"tan in progress" quote

16. Sunsets are better in the summer. 

17. Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s summer. 

18. Making the best memories this summer. 

19. Cheers to summer. 

20. Summer days, summer ways. 

21. P.S. I love you summer. 

22. Summer…. I am already looking forward to next year. 

23. Blue skies, sunshine, everything’s fine. 

24. Summer is the season when I feel most alive. 

25. Life is better in the summer. 

26. Hello grilling season. 

27. Everything is fine when there is sunshine. 

28. Wake me up when it’s summertime.

29. What time is it? Summertime! 

30. So much sun, so little time. 

"forever chasing the sunshine" quote

31. I am dreaming of a never ending summer. 

32. Ice cream is the most important food group. 

33. Just something about those summer days. 

34. A summer I’ll never forget. 

35. Sunshine on my mind. 

36. The only B.S. I need bikinis and sandals. 

37. Food, friends, and sunshine. 

38. It’s tan o’clock. 

39. Life is better in flip flops. 

40. Sunkissed. 

41. Hello summer.

42. Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat. 

43. Flip flops, summer, ice cream, sunkissed, bare feet and salty hair. 

44. Just a summer kind of girl. 

45. Endless summer. 

"summer feels like one epic weekend" quote

46. Sweet summertime. 

47. Tan and tipsy. 

48. Create your own sunshine. 

49. Lake mode. 

50. Hello sweet summer. 

51. Follow the sun. 

52. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream on the beach! 

53. Live in the sunshine. 

54. The sun and the sand with a drink in my hand. 

55. Life is better in flip flops. 

56. Splashing into summer like….

57. Every summer has its story. 

58. It’s not a vacation…. It’s a lifestyle. 

59. Good morning sunshine! 

60. The beach is always a good idea. 

"that summertime feeling is the best" quote

61. Be grateful for good friends, hot sun, and clear water. 

62. Summer is the best excuse for lazy days. 

63. Staying cool in the pool. 

64. Vacation mode: ON.

65. Nothing but sandy skin and summer smiles. 

66. Keep calm and lay in the sun. 

67. I dream of a summer that lasts forever. 

68. Dreams are made of summer. 

69. Never stop chasing your summer. 

70. Tan lines fade but friends are forever. 

71. Summer is all I want. 

72. I’m ready for summer nights. 

73. Dear summer, I’m waiting for you. 

74. Make summer your adventure. 

75. I am a better person when I am tan. 

"dreaming of a never ending summer" quote

76. Happiness is a summer afternoon. 

77. Summertime and the livin’ is easy. 

78. Friends are the sunshine of life. 

79. Just trying to live in the sunshine. 

80. Stay salty. 

81. All you need is ice cream. 

82. Summer nights and city lights. 

83. Falling in love with summer. 

84. Summer is magical. 

85. That summer feeling. 

86. Summer should get a speeding ticket. 

87. Sun, sand and a pineapple in hand. 

88. Hello, summer. 

89. Less Monday, more summer. 

90. Happy times and sunshine. 

"create your own sunshine" quote

91. Best. Summer. Ever.

92. Hey there sunshine. 

93. Forever chasing the sun. 

94. Living for sandals and sunshine. 

95. I’ll be chasing sunsets all summer long. 

96. If the sun is out, so am I. 

97. This weather has me living my best life. 

98. Sleep in the sun. 

99. Summer feels like one epic weekend!

100. Bright days ahead.

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