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75 Sunflower Quotes and Captions to Make Your Life a Little Brighter!

Sunflowers just make life more happy! They are some of the tallest flowers, sometimes taller than me, and they are beautiful. I love how their large round blossoms of yellow pedals rotate toward the sun. Sunflowers are a symbol of good fortune and happiness. These Sunflower quotes and captions are going to make your pictures really stand out. 

woman holding sunflowers in field

It seems like everyone loves Sunflowers these days. Since they only blossom during the Summer, and early Fall they have kinda become the unofficial flower of summer. They are the perfect cheerful flower to remind us of brighter days ahead and that we should always look toward the light.

sunflower field

From warm summer days and wide open sunflowers basking in the sun to fall Sunflowers blooming just steps away from our favorite pumpkin patches, there is just something so fun about seeing a Sunflower. 

sunflowers growing by barn

The blooms themselves look like big yellow suns with rays of sunshine! This beautiful bright flower brings joy and inspiration to people all over the world. What better way to share the beauty of a Sunflower than by snapping some adorable photos. 

smiling woman with sunflowers

The only thing that people love more than Sunflowers in Summer is taking photos of these flowers! Getting pictures next to these bright yellow flowers is like a Summer bucket list requirement. I am sure that you have seen all the pictures of people posing in Sunflower fields in cute summer dresses. 

flowers in field

To make your Sunflower photos shine a little bit brighter, I have put together all the best Sunflower quotes and captions. With the list below, your life (and your Instagram feed) will be just a little bit brighter… because it is time to shine! 

Sunflower Quotes 

  • Be a Sunflower so even on the darkest days, you will stand tall and find the light
  • Advice from a Sunflower: Be bright, sunny and positive. Spread seeds of happiness. Rise, shine and hold your head high -unknown
  • Wild like a flower, warm like the sun
  • Here heart bloomed Sunflowers so she would always face the light -Gemma Troy
  • True friends are like bright Sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time
  • She was a wildflower in love with the Sunshine
  • I would prefer a Sunflower over a dozen roses any day….
  • We’re all golden Sunflowers inside -Allen Ginsberg
  • She’s a Sunflower, strong and bold and true to herself. Not as lovely as a rose but also not a fragile -Unkown
  • A Sunflower soul with rock’n roll eyes, curious thoughts & a heart of surprise -Unknown
  • She may be a rose dipped in gold, be he prefers Sunflowers -Katrina Nutter
  • Her heart was the sun to her Sunflower that she followed to blossom -Unknown
  • The road to freedom is bordered with Sunflowers -Martin Firrell
  • You look as beautiful as a Sunflower and charming as a rose
  • Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look at the Sunflower -Vera Nazarian
  • If roses tried to be Sunflowers, they would lose their beauty; and if Sunflowers tried to be roses, they would lose their strength -Unknown

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Sunflower Captions

  • Choose to let your light shine bright
  • Peach. Love. Sunshine & Sunflowers! 
  • There is sunshine in my soul
  • You are golden
  • Sunflower child
  • If I were a flower…. I would be a Sunflower
  • You are my sunshine
  • Were Sunflowers that are waiting for the sunshine
  • Sunflowers are true happiness
  • I am just a girl who loves Sunflowers
  • You are the summer to my Sunflower
  • Just a wildflower in love with the sun
a sunflower and a rainbow
  • I am just here to see the Sunflowers
  • Sunflower vibes are my favorite
  • You are gold, baby. Solid gold. 
  • Sunflowers are always smiling
  • Spread some joy like the Sunflowers
  • You are like the sunshine to my Sunflower
  • I have a Sunflower soul
  • Be beautiful and follow the sun
  • Just to have one Sunflower would make me really happy
  • Summer is blooming
  • Sunflowers are my weakness!
  • No rain, no Sunflowers
  • Like a Sunflower, live by the sun

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sunflower growing

Inspirational Sunflower Quotes

  • Turn your face toward the sun and shadows will stay behind you
  • Sunflowers follow the sun… but did you know that when it’s cloudy and gray, they face each other and share their energy. Imagine if people would do this. 
  • Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey
  • Sunflowers are facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there. -J.R. Rim
  • Be a Sunflower in a field of roses -T.F. Fox
  • Sunflowers show us the beauty of staying connected with all that nourishes and sustains us -Unknown
  • The sun will rise and we will try again
  • When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom. -Unknown
  • Facing the sun is a choice a sunflower makes every single day -Indhumathi Nagarajan
  • Despite knowing they won’t be here for long they still choose to live their brightest lives… Sunflowers -Rupi Kaur
  • Stand close to the people who feel like sunshine
  • Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace
  • Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine
  • Be bright and cheery, be big and bold, be strong and resilient. Know your roots and be hard to miss in a room -Unknown
  • When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine
  • Always look at the brighter side of life, just like the Sunflower which looks upon the sun not the dark clouds 
sunflower with sunglasses on

Sunflower Field Captions

  • Let’s get lost in a field of Sunflowers
  • A sea of golden blooms
  • Happiness is finding a field of Sunflowers
  • Sunflower fields are always a good idea
  • If you need me, I’ll be wandering the Sunflower fields
  • There is nothing to be sad about in a Sunflower field
  • You are my favorite Sunflower in the field
  • They are not so perfect, but they are all so beautiful
  • A Sunflower field is like a sky with a thousand suns -Corina Abdulahm-Negura
  • You belong among the Sunflowers
  • There is no place like a field of Sunflowers
  • Spread seeds of happiness
  • Sunflower fields & Summer vibes
  • Yellow blooms as far as the eye can see
  • I love you more than all the bees in a Sunflower field -H.C.
  • Never let a good Sunflower field go to waste
  • Fresh breeze, warm sun, and a field of golden flowers
  • Always stop and see the Sunflowers
  • Honey Bees and Sunflowers please!
  • A Sunflower field is my favorite kind of field
  • Look for things that feel good, like Sunflower fields

I hope that these Sunflower quotes and captions for Instagram are just what you need for all your cute photos!