65 Universal Studio Captions For Posting Your Best Photos!

universal studio captions

Looking for Universal Studio Instagram Captions? Universal Studios is the perfect place for an epic family getaway. There is a reason millions of people visit these incredible theme parks each year. 

If you are visiting any of the world famous theme parks you are definitely going to be experiencing an epic adventure. 

You are also going to be taking a ton of photos! When sharing all your fun photos, it can be hard to think of the best caption to use before you hit post.

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Universal Studio Captions for Instagram

1. Life is more exciting at Universal Studios.

2. I’m never leaving….

3. Universal mode: Activated.

4. Thank you Universal Studios for an incredible vacation! 

5. Everyday is a good day to go to Universal Studios. 

6. It’s Universal Studios day! 

7. All smiles today. 

8. Making the best memories at Universal Studios.

9. My home away from home.

10. Take me to Universal Studios.

11. Fun times, here we come. 

12. Today…. I am a star. 

13. Find me on the studio tour. 

14. Time is precious, waste it wisely.

15. You had me at Universal Studios!

16. A day spent at Universal is my favorite kind of day.

17. Feeling all the movie star vibes. 

jurassic park dinosar

18. Everything is better at Universal Studios. 

19. Why travel the world when we can go to Universal Studios?

20. With my favorite people at Universal Studios. 

21. This is where the magic happens. 

22. So many rides, so little time.

23. Best day ever! 

24. I am either at Universal Studios, or I’m missing Universal Studios.

25. Universal state of mind.

26. When all else fails, go to Universal.

27. Money can’t buy happiness, but I can buy a ticket to Universal studios. 

28. Today’s good mood is sponsored by Universal Studios. 

29. Greetings from Universal. 

30. See you in Hollywood. 

31. Weekend getaway to Universal.

32. Live is short, go to Universal Studios! 

33. Making the best memories in Florida. 

34. This place has my heart.

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water ride at universal studio

35. Fun at Universal.

36. Feeling like a VIP.

37. Universal Studio selfie time.

38. A day filled with long lines, movies, and memories to last a lifetime.

39. Alexa, Take me to Universal Studios.

40. This is where the fun begins.

41. Universal Studio…. let the day begin! 

42. Can I just stay here forever?

43. Universal Studio has my heart.

44. Live life and enjoy the ride.

45. Time spent at Universal is never wasted.

46. At my favorite place in the Universe! 

47. My goal is to ride all the rides.

48. Dear Universal, I miss you everyday.

49. Some call it Universal Studio, I call it my favorite adventure. 

50. Universal Studio calories don’t count.

51. Amazing time with friends at Universal Studio.

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candy store

52. I feel like I am in the movies.

53. Universal Studio once again….

54. I am done adulting, let’s go back to Universal.

55. And the adventure begins. 

56. Universal Studio is always a good idea. 

57. Living my best life. 

58. This is my kind of adventure! 

59. If the question is about Universal Studio…. the answer is yes! 

60. Life isn’t all about movies and rides. But it should be! 

61. Everyday is a good day at Universal Studio.

62. Hollywood vibes.

63. Sometimes you just need to take a trip to Universal.

64. Life is better when you’re in the movies. 

65. Just another day in my favorite place.

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