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What Sells the Best on Etsy – Discover What to Sell

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Are you wondering what sells the best on Etsy

If you want to start a Etsy shop to make some money then the first question that comes to mind is “what should I sell?”

In this complete guide I am going to go over exactly what you need to know to find the best selling items on Etsy. 

I will show you all my tips and tricks to discover what’s popular, what’s trending right now, and help you to get ideas of what you should sell in your Etsy shop. 

There are general items that tend to be the best selling Etsy items such as party supplies, personalized items, stickers, women’s Jewelry, home decor, ect. I really don’t want to give you just general ideas of popular categories.

I want to teach you how to find the exact best selling items to start your Etsy shop and get sales fast. 

What sells the best on Etsy?

I sold 2 different products on Etsy and ran a full time successful Etsy business for over five years. You can check out my shop here if you would like (it’s no longer open due to a fire in 2018) but you can still see that I made over 8,000 sales.

The first product that I sold was hand painted signs and then I transitioned from selling signs to wall decals. 

Both times that I found these products I used the exact same tips that I am going to be showing you today.

If you want to be successful on Etsy then it’s very important that you pick something that is actually selling. 

Now let’s get started! 

#1 Check out the Etsy website

If you go to the Etsy site and scroll down, you will see a “popular right now” section. This is a great place to get started. This section will basically tell you whats trending right now on Etsy.

This section is great to get ideas of something that you could make right now and just put up for sale to get your shop started.

It’s just not great for deciding a long term option since some of the products in the section can change with the seasons or depending on whats going on in the world. 

Let me give you an example. Check out the photo below and find where I highlighted the section you want to be looking for.

You can see that what is really currently trending is facemarks and hand sanitizer and that is because it’s April 2020 and no one wants to get sick with the virus.

what sells the best on etsy

If you already know how to sew it would be a great idea to sew some masks and put them up for sale. You would probably sell them quickly and it would be a great short term product to get your Etsy shop started.

Depending on what happens with the virus in the future, people may not need masks 6 months from now, so it might not be a great long term option. 

Think short term popularity (but still profitable) for the items that you might discover here.

#2 Start searching and look at the number of reviews

Have you always been good at making soap, or maybe you love to make party decor and are a pro with a vinyl cutter?

The reason that I got the idea to sell signs on Etsy is because I made one for my house and loved it. Sometimes an idea or passion that you already have might be a great place to get started.

You just want to make sure you do your research to find out what sells the best on Etsy. Make sure the thing or things that you are thinking about making are actually getting sales.

For example, lets say you are thinking about selling candles. What you will want to do first is go to Etsy and do a search for candles.

If you look at the photo below you will see that the majority of the results show reviews with less than 1000. This doesn’t mean that it you couldn’t make it a profitable Etsy shop from candles, it just means they might now be as popular than other items on Etsy. 

sell on etsy

Next I did a search for wall decals. Since I sold thousand of these I already know that they are popular. I just wanted to show you a idea of what a more popular item will look like in the search results. 

Look at the screen shot below. Now you are seeing that most shops have reviews over 1000. Some even have 5000+ these are the kind of reviews you will see when you come across an item that constantly sells good on Etsy. 

start etsy shop

These are the kind of results I am looking to see when I am picking a item to sell. What I would do next is dig deeper into this item. 

#3 Look for total shop sales 

Next you will want to click on one of the results that you are interest in. Now you will click the shop name in the upper right. 

sell on etsy

This brings you to the shop homepage as you can see in the photo below. When you are on the homepage you will look at 2 things. The total number of sales which is (66,491) and when the shop was open. 

etsy selling

Since its now 2020 this shop has ben open for 5 years so if we divide total sales by years open then we come up with 13,298. This means that on average this shop is selling about 13,000 items per year.

Then if you break this down, you can even figure out the average sales per month. Divide by 12 months and you get 1,108 sales per month, which comes out to be about 36 sales a day. She is doing great!

These numbers tell us that wall decals would be a great idea for selling on Etsy. You want to try and find an item that is getting at least 10 sales per day.

#4 How many people have this item in their cart? 

The next thing that I look at when deciding what is popular is the red writing on some of the listings that says “x number of people have this in their cart”.

If you look at the photo below you will see at the bottom where I have highlighted the words “5 people have this item in their cart”

When you are searching for best selling items, looking to see how many people have it in the cart. This can to narrow down popular products even more.

So we know that wall decals sell good on Etsy, and now we know that space wall decals might be trending. 

how to sell on etsy

—> Check out this seller from the screen shots she some super cute wall decals!

Next, we are going to discover more about what kinds of specific items are selling in a certain shop.

#5 Click on total sales 

Anytime you are on a shop page you will see a total sales number to the left. Sometimes this number will be clickable to where you can see the past sales, or some sellers have it set to private. 

best etsy selling products

Find a shop that sells the same product that you might want to sell and click on this number to see what items they are selling the most. This will give you an idea of what products to start making first. 

#6 Track Sales in a Notebook

I would do this for at least a week before deciding on my product to sell. Pick a Etsy shop that you love and that is selling the exact item that you might want to sell. 

Just make sure they are selling the exact item only. If you want to sell candles, then don’t pick a shop that sells candles and soap, pick one that sells only candles. 

Now you want to get your notebook out and write down the shop name, date, and total sales. I normally track 2 shops in my notebook. One that is a larger established shop and one that is smaller (around 1000 sales). 

Now each day for a week at about the same time go back to the shop and record the new sales number. Then you can calculate how many sales per day are being made. You want to find a product that is selling at least 10 sales a day. 

I know that this is a long tutorial and might be a bit confusing but I hope that it helps you to find what sells the best on Etsy. 

Head on over to Etsy and start doing your research to find your perfect product to sell and get your Etsy shop open for business. 

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