50 Zoo Captions for Instagram That Will Make Your Photos Go Wild!

woman and boy feeding giraffes at zoo

If you are looking Zoo captions, then you are in the right place! Everyone loves a day at the zoo. Where else do you get to see some of the coolest animals around? 

A day at the zoo is both entertaining and educational. Zoos are the perfect place to create some fun memories with family and just enjoy walking around and interacting with the animals. 

The zoo is even more exciting for the kids. They just love getting to see animals in real life. The best thing about the zoo is that it makes adults feel like kids again! 

From getting to see wild animals like lions and tigers up close, to having fun watching the monkeys and chimps. Of course we can’t forget about the penguins and all the other fun animals!

One thing is for sure, that you will be snapping a ton of photos. When you are ready to share your pictures, you will need the perfect instagram captions. Feel free to use these captions for you photos!

Zoo Captions

flamingos at the zoo

It’s a zoo here! 

Safari mode. 

Wild one.

Meet me at the zoo. 

Lions and Tigers and Bears- OH MY! 

Watch out zoo, here we come. 

Zoo keeper. 

I love animals more than humans. 

Time spent at the zoo is never wasted. 

It’s a jungle out there.

Don’t worry Owl wait. 

Stand tall like a giraffe. 

Just a girl who loves animals. 

Who knew there’s so much to do at the zoo. 

Don’t feed the animals. 

If you need me, I’ll be at the zoo.

I am all about my animals. 

a lion

Come to the zoo with me. 

Never miss a chance to see the animals. 

Just another day at the zoo. 

Happiness is a day spent with the animals. 

As colorful as a peacock. 

Welcome to the zoo!

Going wild. 

Keep calm, and spend the day at the zoo. 

Having a wild time at the zoo.

It’s wild and crazy here. 

Fun at the zoo. 

Don’t feed the animals. 

Take a walk on the wild side.

Who knew I’d make friends at the zoo. 

Life is short. Go to the zoo.

Monkeying around. 

My best friend may be an animal.

baby penguin at zoo

Be as playful as a dolphin.

Hanging out with these animals today. 

Where the wild things are. 

Born to be wild!

Zoo vibes. 

Dear zoo, I think about you all the time. 

Be brave like a lion. 

Suburban safari. 

Welcome to the animal kingdom. 

Not all classrooms have four walls. 

Life is better when you’re surrounded by animals. 

This is where the fun begins. 

Anytime is a good time to go to the zoo. 

Find me where the animals are. 

Spending the day at the zoo with my crew. 

You’re never too old to go to the zoo. 

Happy as a hippo. 

blue and gold macaw

You had me at let’s go to the zoo. 

Zoo selfie time.

Flamenco party. 

I am having more fun than you. 

Get Otter here! 

All creatures great and small. 

It’s all happening at the zoo.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. 

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